~ Evan~

I sat down in my chair once my sister and Kevin left. My mind is in a bind with the words she had said. Did they check her computer for hints or clues? What will be on her laptop that will help? The only thing she has is files– I hope. Who has she been messaging? I begin to tap my desk with frustration. Maybe… I should. No, wait, I shouldn't. That is still her privacy. However, Ellie saw something we didn’t.

I sat there like a lost puppy, trying to figure out what to do. As I was lost in thought, Ryan came through the doors all happy and shit. What is he so happy for, and why is he not home?? Somehow he got permission to stay late to finish his presentation. When did interns get night shifts?? “Easy, especially when seven younger siblings run around the house. I can’t get anything done with them. A night shift won’t hurt.” He stated.

Since he is here, I can use him for something. "Hey Ryan, you want to do some snooping with me?" I asked in a weird tone. His eyes lit up with i
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