I didn’t waste any time; I called Nate right now. “NATE!! DID YOU SEE THE FUCKING NEWS!!” I screamed. There was a pause on the phone. I knew he had to collect himself from internal bleeding.

“Okay. Now that I could hear again. Calmly tell me,” he said.

"Dude, Henry is dead!"

The mind filled the empty silence. Only breathing was the only thing that came through the phone. This will take some time to process, so I waited. "How in the fuckery fuck did that happen??? He was the one that told us about the fucking theater being closed. That was fucking fast as hell" How? Who is bold enough to kill in broad daylight? Is this the same person who has been kidnapping women? While talking, my phone buzzed.

BFF Aria: My plane will be arriving; I hope you are there to greet me; love.

Aria's Baby Girl: I will be leaving the house now; I will give you the biggest hug of your life

I hung up the phone and grabbed my bag. As I drove to the airport, my thoughts bounced off the halls. I couldn't stay sti
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