This Ain't A Fairy Tale

This Ain't A Fairy Tale

By:  Ennaira1011  Completed
Language: English
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Anna Marie Marcelo is like any normal college girl who dreamed of a fairytale-like life but ends up accepting the reality that she is a farmers’ daughter and that’s just it. This made her study hard and work harder for the dream she wants to achieve shortly. Together with her friend Margie Rose Domingo, they both face the reality of their boring, normal yet contented life. A sudden change happens to Anna that causes a stir into her normal life. She will find herself wearing gowns, expensive dresses, and high-class pieces of jewelry and dine in the finest food chains and get to meet handsome but arrogant prince charming. Almost like a fairytale story… a Cinderella story, but THIS is not a fairytale story. Cole Lyrus Pilkin is a cold handsome businessman behind his parents’ back who always goes against his decisions. His relationship with his parents is not so well even during his childhood that he starts becoming a rebel to them. His life starts to get messed-up upon meeting the woman who is the heiress of their adoptive grandfather, their so-called cousin who grew up in poverty. With her appearance, all hell breaks loose yet Cole starts getting drawn to her. What will he do? Who will he choose between her and his parents? This is a story you will love, join Anna as she faces the trials of being the so-called heiress surrounded by many handsome princes that are ready to take her fancy just for her inheritance. Will she be able to find true love or not? Will she wait to be saved just like what those fairytale princesses did on all the fairytale books she had read?

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user avatar
Great book
2022-05-29 21:22:40
user avatar
Summer Cruise
This is another Cinderella you will love. Good luck to the author
2020-12-04 22:43:44
user avatar
Alicia B
nioce one,
2020-11-09 16:46:19
user avatar
This is a story you will love, the main character is not like our typical damsel in distress Cinderella who only waits for a rich handsome man to come and save her on her misery.
2020-09-23 13:31:17
user avatar
Marilyn Roman
Different and interesting but the occasional gender confusion of she for he is a bit disconcerting
2021-07-14 04:04:20
82 Chapters
Preface: On the present  
 “This sucks!” I utter to myself. I watch the rain dropping beautifully from the sky into the school ground. I am sitting at the very back of the class besides the window, my usual spot in our classroom. Like the others, I am also a backbencher person. By the way, my name is Anna Marie Marcelo; both my parents are dedicated farmers. I have 5 siblings, 3 males, and 2 females. I am the only one studying right now so I have the opportunity to do whatever I like without anyone bothering me since they are all busy back in our province. Like any other middle-class child, I also feel that my life is so boring and worthless.... not until. “So boring.” I sigh as I play with my pen in my hand. Our teacher in Creative Writing is discussing in front yet my mind is occupied by the thoughts of how my life went upside down. “I wonder, how is everyone doing back at home?&rd
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Chapter 1: Confusion and Weird Feelings
 --- October 22, 2017/ 3 months ago --- I and my best friend Margie Rose Domingo are walking to the school ground trying to head our way home. I swear I feel so tired and stressed after that long remedial exam given by our professor since he said that our records are hanging low so all his class stayed late just to comply. The whole school surroundings are now starting to darken but few students are also heading home. “Wow! I can’t believe sir did it again. It’s already late see, it’s already 6:10 and I’m so tired.” I said as I fixed my shoulder bag into my right shoulder, I simply look at my friend beside me seeing her also worn-out face. “Yap talks about much too many reminders for next semester. Did you take that form they had given us?” my best friend and partner in many crazy things Margie Rose Domingo asks as I just nod and look
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Chapter 2: The past and the Truth
 “Okay, if everyone has settled in..... let’s start then.” The man who is in his 50’s said who sits beside the pretty lady who is just silently looking at me. “Before we start let me introduce myself just for the young lady, for Anna’s sake. Ahmnnn my name is Attorney George Miles a friend of Mr. Alvictos William Villaflor and his wife Mrs. Leliana Victoria Renne Villaflor, and I am also their attorney.” The man in his 40’s said as he signs towards the man and woman in front of me indicating that the persons he is talking about are the persons beside him.  I look at my father Mr. August Marcelo as I can see my father takes a deep breath; my mother faces me and looks at me with teary eyes. Okay... WHY are they acting so weird? They never once again NEVER act this way before. My parents are tough to read, it’s hard to read their emotions and they are not those types of per
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Chapter 3: Shock beyond Disbelief
 I am wiping my tears outside the house right at the entrance balcony as I look up to the moon when I heard the door opens. “A-Anna a-are you okay?” I turn to see Michael holding a glass of water handing it to me making me sigh. “Yah! I’ll be fine. Thanks, Michael.” I said with a smile as I take the glass of water he is offering me. I silently drink the water as we look at the moon while we are enveloped with a cold silence which is making me feel so alone despite his company. “S-so, you- you are leaving?” Michael said as he looks at me, I touch my face and feel that it is cold and wet because of my tears. “I… I, guess so.” I said as I take a deep breath. “You’re lucky you know.” Michael suddenly said after a few moments of silence while he looks up to the moon.
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Chapter 4: Sky Mansion and the cold Henry
 -----Present time------ “Hey Anna let’s go, what are you waiting for?” I am stunned by someone’s tap on my shoulder. I look up to see my best friend Rose who looks so pissed. She is wearing our school education course uniform like I am wearing now. Light blue slacks, a light blue blazer that is covering our pink blouse... honestly those who designed our uniforms are crazy. The color is hateful, the cloth is not stretchable and so fit in our body, and the sizes are also sickening. In my uniform, I feel like I am about to suffocate. By the look on Rose's face and how her uniform is tightly wrapping her body... she must not in the mood today. “Oh! Sorry I was just thinking something. How long did ma’am dismiss the class?” I ask as Rose’s eyebrow shoots up. “We are
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Chapter 5: Aunt Carla Xanders and 2nd morning As Zam
 An expensive black car arrives and my mom asks me to go with her to the town to visit her best friend. We stop into a shop and ‘Fabulous X’ is the name of the shop, when my mom pulls me in excitedly; I see that it is a designer’s shop. Many dresses are hanged and displayed. I am amazed and beyond awed as I look into the dresses while my mom talks to the owner who keeps on glancing in my direction with a smile. After a few minutes, they came near me as my mom looks at me with her eyes shining in happiness. “Za- Anna dear, this is Mrs. Carla Xanders my best friend and the owner of this famous shop. Carla this is the daughter we have been looking for all those years.” my mom said as her eyes sparkle with joy, then the woman suddenly grabs hold both my hands into hers taking me by surprise, and then smile at me with her teary eyes. “I-It’s nice to meet you, Aunt Carla.” I shyly said s
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Chapter 6: Victorio Alvares Villaflor III – My cool grandfather
 “I’ll go in and check on her. Henry dear, don’t be grumpy all right. Be kind to her, she isn’t yet familiar with your sudden mood swings. Plus, she is not yet accustomed to her new life as Zam. She needs a lot of time to adjust. Don’t scare her away Henry or she might think of leaving us. Think of the poor Ma’am and Sir.” I hear a woman’s voice. It is not my mother and she has called Henry by name so that must be Nanny Dolores. I see the doorknob turns and the door starting to open. The two are surprised upon seeing me standing there waiting for them to open the door. “Oh dear Lord, dear you frightened me!” Nanny Dolores said as she rubs her chest while I just smile at them. Henry is just standing there like a statue and it pissed me off. This man is really an A and he is like the type of man I like to kick on their groins to give a lesson they won
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Chapter 7: How rich is this family?
 I am walking into the vineyard wearing the heels Henry wanted me to get used to. He sounded like a menopausal mother forcing me to dress like a princess and walk and talks like a princess. Gosh!! He's so annoying! I start to get pissed and my feet are hurting. I am dress in this super-tight party dress and my hairs are now long and straight. I am even wearing make-up, not only that but Henry forced me into a hard diet. He scolded every maid who just won’t do what he asked. For 1 month I know that Anna is slowly fading away. I hated it so much. I sit on the ground and take off my shoes. What killer shoes. Those who invented these shoes must be bored and hates walking. Why make shoes that are so hard to use and walk into? “What the hell are you doing there, sitting like that with your dress? You’re distracting the workers you know.” A voice I really hated said but I just ignore him and never bothered to look up to see his face
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Chapter 8: Appearance of Henry's ex
 “Zam, dear what’s wrong? I thought you are already asleep.” Nana Dolores said as she looks at me looking so worried. “Nana, can I sleep with you? My bed is.... currently occupied.” I said with a tone of jest. “Occupied?” my nana asks confused. “Henry is sleeping there, he fainted actually. He needs to rest and get some sleep; he is not sleeping because he loves his work so much. I just let him sleep in my room. I don’t know where I can sleep tonight; I can’t possibly sleep beside Henry so....” I said and my nana Dolores shakes her head and pulled me inside the room. She let me sit on her bed cover with a brown sheet. It is not fancy as my princess-style bed but I like it here much better. It gives the feeling of just being normal. “That kid, I need to put some sense in his head in the morning. Y
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Chapter 9: Being Zam for once and the encounter
 “What’s wrong dear?” my nana asks looking at me confused as to why I am laughing. “Nana I saw a rated SPG live show a little while ago.” I jokingly said as I let her go. “Oh! Let me guess, Henry and Sammantha? Well! We really hate that gold digger but what can we do, it’s Henry we’re talking about. He is as hard as a rock that you can’t break even though how much you will throw it to the ground.” my nana said shaking her head. “Oh, not a rock nana, he is just like the wrecking ball and his doll girlfriend is Miley Cyrus who is dancing him around.” I said as we laugh, my nana then looks at me. “Oh by the way dear, I got what you asked for. I can also pack your clothes tomorrow. Are you really sure about this? I know you told me before that you are determined but is there a chance that I can change your mind?&rd
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