Chapter 76: Ravished by the Vampire King!

Dexter pressed Astrid against the sturdy door, her back arched against the unforgiving surface, their bodies colliding with an electrifying force that sent shockwaves reverberating through the very foundation of the room.

The wood groaned in protest beneath the weight of his relentless pounding, each knock and thud echoing like a primal rhythm of longing.

With a sultry whimper, Astrid dug her nails into Dexter's shoulders as she succumbed to the rapture coursing through her body. "Don't stop," she begs, her voice a breathless plea, "I need you… all of you."

Dexter's response was a guttural growl of satisfaction as he continued to fuck her, their bodies moving in perfect harmony as they chased the dizzying heights of ecstasy together.

Dexter's hands roamed Astrid's curves, tracing the contours of her body with a hunger that bordered on desperation. His touch ignited a fire within her, consuming her senses with a searing intensity that left her breathless.

Her moans, a chorus of need
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