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Amelia is shattered, meeting with an ex from six years ago, at an event. She, however, returns to the same apartment after some time for a job, since funds are needed to secure the life of her mother. Things turn out well between Eddie and Amelia, one last time and an uncertain relationship begins, indirectly. Eddie is happy to be with her once again, not until the arrival of his ex-wife, Jenna. Amelia, sensing she cannot cope with a rude woman as Jenna, quits her job and heads back to her home. Eddie becomes unhappy once more. Fate happens and it is discovered that Chloe, a daughter Jenna claimed to have for him, is not his. He is now determined to go for Amelia again, but Amelia on the other hand, may not be willing to return with him. Find out in the enthralling novel what fate holds for these individuals.

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13 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Her stomach bubbled at the excitement she felt. What was this happening to her? Amelia wondered, stretching out her legs on the wide couch she was seated in. She glanced at the screen of her phone, smiling. Who would suppose she would show up in this country soon? Just like that. Well, it happened. Her line of business could be treacherous. The agency she works with across New York, in Florida had solicited her to handle the cooking of an event by next week. She was delighted at the news and unhappy at the same time. Her schedules for the weekend were ravaged, but at the same time—nevertheless, she was going to meet with her loved ones, and her best friend, too.After a year of not setting an eye on them.Amelia swallowed from the glass on the table next to her and nodded, the juice was well-refined and happened to be one of her favourite fruit desserts. Unexpectedly, her countenance changed at the thoughts of contemporary developments—she sat up, then heaved a sigh. Why did she t
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Chapter 2.
They assembled in the kitchen on the supposed date, with Amelia wandering around, inspecting the ingredients, and checking out the file she was given back in Florida to make verification. The meeting held at her house last weekend was useless. Who the hell fixed the meeting? It was of no use, she had supposed from the onset and confirmed when it came out as she expected. What was there to talk about? Nothing, other than a short introduction and her, reading out the plans to them. Plans she read out to them moments ago. Well, it didn't matter.Chicken, fish, potatoes and desserts were to be made for the event. Her worry was the number of guests they were said to cook for, not less than a hundred had arrived, but they still cooked. When would three hundred people get to the venue, anyway? She admired the house greatly, by the way. It was the perfect setting for a home. The kind of home she imagined herself, and him…having whenever they were married. If they were, but they weren't.
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Chapter 3.
Eddie Thompson sighed, stamping his feet on his office ground. James was seated opposite him, with a glass of champagne posing comfortably on the office table.This was the long-awaited day, and half of the guests had arrived. Excitement rushed inside of him, with a misty feeling he could not express. "We should leave already," James said. "It has been announced that the show should begin.""Yeah." Eddie nodded. He rose to his feet, drank up the champagne in James's glass and made for the door. Ten years of handling his father's business. Four years before his death and six years after his death was not an easy aim to accomplish. Pride rose and fell in his chest while Eddie proceeded to the main hall. There were people everywhere in his apartment, known and unknown that he cared for his properties, going missing."Ask the workers to keep all hands on deck, and avoid any of my stuff missing," he muttered, only to James's hearing. "I know the price they are worth, do your job. Man."Ja
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Chapter 4.
Her hands dropped at the sight of him. She thought of him moments ago, back in the kitchen, and here he was—moping at her."Amelia—" her name proceeded from his mouth, causing another stare at his face. James and the guest who smiled, changed countenance at the latest development. "Hi, good day," Amelia said rather, putting up a more professional smile. "I am Amelia Johnson, one of the chefs said you sent for me.""Yes, Amelia," James nodded, leaving his boss out of the talk. "I'd handle it." He said rather, watching Eddie leave the space."Yeah," James coughed this time, adjusting the long tie on his neck. "Our guests love your cooking and one of them would love to keep in contact with you."Satisfied, Amelia beamed again. She let out a sigh, the urge to turn around and look at him, overwhelming her. "How do I go about it? Email or home number?""Email, please," the guest who waited to speak, spoke up, smiling. "I am Henry."Same name with Dad, she wanted to say. But on second thoug
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Chapter 5.
Their problems were far from being solved. It seemed so. What was happening? And why now? Frustrated Amelia heaved a sigh, sitting up on the long couch. Several days ago, she met with an ex. A man she would never want to hear from or speak to anymore. Her stomach coiled at the thought of being with him again, and she heaved a sigh once more. The last time she checked, she didn't come down from Florida to meet with Eddie, and now that it happened. She would end it by moving back to Florida and continuing her contract with the agency she works with. But would she go? She doubted. From the look of things, Tonia's health was getting worse, and Henry's payment could not cover the hospital bills. It meant only one thing, Amelia would need to help with the bills. How on earth was that possible?It was the weekend in New York and a free day for Henry. He stayed back in the bedroom with her Mom since she got up from the bed this morning. She had brushed her teeth only, leaving a cold bath
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Chapter 6.
James walked into the office, shaking his head. Eddie, who cared less, said nothing to him. Instead, he muttered the words he read from the file on the table to himself. "She resigned," James announced, hitting the door shut. Silently, he wandered through to the table side, moping at his boss—Eddie."What, or who resigned?" The man on the seat raised his head, asking.What, or who? Are there objects working in this house or investment? James made to ask but held back his words on a second thought. It would lead to a fight he wasn't ready for, or get fired when he shouldn't. "James?" Eddie called, not looking up to see the younger man's face. "What happened? Who resigned? And from what job did they resign?""Becca," James answered. "The chef we employed last month. Just last month!""Why?" Eddie asked, almost screaming. "Jesus, we've not paid for her service because it's not the end of the month.""Your policy is something they can't bear, Eddie. I must not tell you, you should kno
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Chapter 7.
The morning sun streamed through Amelia's curtains, giving a warm glow. Reluctantly, she sat up on the bed, said a few words of prayer and made for her bathroom.The plan was not to take a morning bath, not at all. But she would, there was a lot to be done on this day and a hospital to visit before she went job hunting. Henry had advised she started the next day after their discussion, but she had tarried a bit. The agency in Florida did as her father had predicted. It was easy peasy and not as hard as she guessed. "But they fired everyone who breached the contract clauses." She said that evening to herself, grateful to God and her Dad for his suggestion. Who knows? She would have terminated a lifetime deal like that. The electric toothbrush massaged her teeth. Amelia spat into the basin, grabbed her towel and shut the door. Breakfast was to be made and taken to Tonia at the hospital. Her father may not have returned home the night before, she knew from the silence existing in the
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Chapter 8.
Realization hit Henry, causing him to sit uprightly on the ward seat. He moped at Amelia, unsure of what to say next."What is it?" She questioned, sitting on the bedside, next to Tonia. "You think I should? After all that has happened."Confused, Henry shook his head and moped again. Amelia, who understood the act, nodded, saying nothing. Her thoughts drifted to why Eddie would want her as his chef, and why his assistant would put a call to him on his behalf.Don't they have chefs in the mansion? A question she forgot to ask James."Think about it," were the last words from him. Would she think about it, even? After the past and silly connection between herself and his boss. Eddie."Do you want to, Amelia?" Henry asked, cutting short her thoughts. "Stark Investments is a huge tech company in the city, and I'm certain Eddie Thompson would pay you well.""He is my ex, Dad," she told him. "This is enough reason to refuse the offer. Whether or not it is huge.""I don't want you going to
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Chapter 9.
"We shall visit the main office today. Get the car ready." Eddie announced on the arrival of his man, James who veered around and left on his order.It was a new week, a chef was yet to be seen as a replacement for the old lady. Eddie was frustrated already, and tired of eating the meal Ma. Rose prepared. "It is ready," James walked back and said to the man, leaving the door again when he was called back. "What has been done about a chef?""I reached out to the woman last week, there was no good response from her.""What woman?" Eddie asked, shutting the system. "What woman does not want to work for me, we pay very well.""Every existing woman wants to work at the mansion. Not Amelia Johnson.""She refused the offer?" He asked James. "Yes." The other man nodded. "I've sent out emails to agencies to see if there is someone that can be released. Male or female.""I want a female for the job, James. I've got a daughter to protect. Speaking of my daughter, where is Chloe?""Ma. Rose got
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Chapter 10.
"Serve the meal." James walked into the living room, with Eddie who walked from behind. They would have late lunch, from the look of things, since the meeting at the office took a while. Coupled with other checkups that had not taken place for a while, and should take place.Eddie was mute. What was he to say, anyway? James must have done the interview the perfect way it should be, he knew from the look of things, and a smiling Ma. Rose that the meal would be worth it.He didn't have to show his excitement at the table, at the same time. Mashed potatoes with vegetables was the meal she decided to make from the list. It was on the timetable, besides. Amelia greeted the men, rushed out of sight and returned with clean glasses for water. "How was it, Mr. James?" She questioned the excited man.James, who was unready to hold a conversation, plopped down to one of the seats and turned to face her for a moment. He looked away and faced his plate the next moment, then said, "It went we
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