What it's Like Being Ours

What it's Like Being Ours

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Didi and Titi are basically living the same lives, but with little tweaks. Two similar women, one who knows what she wants, and the other who's hesitant. Titi falls in love with a man who also turns out to be a powerful demon? When she finds out, will it affect their relationship and her feelings for him? When Didi crosses paths with Kaivan, an enigmatic man with a magnetic presence, their connection is instant and undeniable. But here's the twist: Didi is human, and Kaivan is about to discover that she is his fated mate, and also his brother's? As their worlds collide, they must navigate the complexities of love, loyalty, and the supernatural. Join Didi and the Titi on an enthralling adventure where passion and destiny intertwine, and the boundaries of what it means to be human are tested.

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1- Didi
"How do I look?" I spin around and give her a free show of my outfit. The beads sown to the dress make clacking sounds as the hit each other, and I adjust the top which had no sleeves. Janelle Brown, my best friend since second year at college, sits on my bed, her legs crossed and an half empty glass of wine in her hands as she accesses my outfit.I'm wearing a short blue dress, extended at the front and back with beads made into the form of a rope, little round silver beads that shimmers with the room's light. I usually never wore dresses like this, but in Janelle's words, I had to dress to kill. Literally kill my date with hotness. The dress made me slightly uncomfortable because it had no sleeves and it felt like it would just drop any second, but Janelle says as long as the rope behind is tied tightly, there's no way the dress would fall down."Gorgas babe!" She grins at me, no, at my outfit. "He's going to be drooling when he sees you, babe, I swear. I like what you did to your
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Chapter 2-Didi
Just like I had thought, I'm definitely under dressed!I stare around me and gulp nervously. Everyone around me is looking so sophisticated and.... wealthy. The air scents of expensive wine and has sounds of gentle chatters. I clutch onto Kai's hands tighter, then release it immediately like I've been burned."I'm sorry," I apologize. It hasn't even been a minute! And I'm already making a fool of myself.Dear lawd."It's okay, baby" He chuckles, pulling me by the waist closer to him. My heart does a freaking backflip because of the nickname. Baby....it always sounds so sensual coming out of his mouth.I'm someone's baby! Oh my lawd."Come on." He pulls me with him towards the desk, a calm look on his face. We stand in front of a red hair girl in a uniform, the tall wooden desk being the only barrier."Good evening, Sir. Good evening, ma'am. Welcome to Orion Restaurant , how can I help you?" "Reservation for Mr Arnand." Is all he says. The girl nods and types something on the comput
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Chapter 3-Didi
"We?" I furrow my eyebrows at him. Did he just say we? Our?Again I'll say, What the freaking hell is going on?!"Yes," He nods his head, "We. Kaysen and I.""Wait. Hol'up hol'up, let me understand this," I wave my hands as I sit up straight. I use my fingers to point at myself then at them as I speak. " You want me," I point at myself, " To date the two of you. At the same time." They nod."Are you sure you aren't high?" They both laugh like I had said the funniest thing ever."Why the two of you wanna hang out with the same girl?""Hang out?" Kaivan chuckles."Honey, no. We want you to be our woman. Meaning," Kaivan pauses as his brother takes over."We both date you, we both get to kiss you, buy you things, make you feel good-," Suddenly, Kaysen's hands are on my face, stroking my cheek, and Kaivan's hands are under my dress, caressing my thighs then trailing upwards until his fingers are brushing my clothed sex.Holy shit."Fuck you," Kaysen leans into me, his lips close to my
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Chapter 4- Kaivan
A few weeks back;~Kaivan Arnand's Point of View~This week has been an exhausting one. I desperately needed an effing break. So when my brother suggested he'd take over while I take a walk outside and get a little fresh air, I took it without a second thought.I've been cooped up in my office for the past few weeks, signing, making calls, trying to put everything in order because it seems my employees are incapable of it. I also fired six people this week, from the IT department and the finance department, because they simply chose the wrong time to mess up. The frustration and annoyance I had kept in me was released onto them and in the blink of an eye , six of my staffs were gone."Just go out for some fresh air. Get some coffee, go to the park or something," My brother had said to me. And that is exactly what I am doing.The moment I step into the Café, I'm greeted with an heavenly scent and the beautiful view of civilians chattering softly amongst themselves, drinking, eating an
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Chapter 5- Didi
I arrive at my office just in time to find Kace already pacing the floor nervously, his gaze instantly lighting up as he takes in my arrival. I could feel his excitement, almost taste it."Tell me everything, Kai," He demanded immediately, his pale blue eyes dancing with curiosity and anxiety. The old oak door slams shut behind me with a resounding bang, emphasizing his sudden demand.Taking a seat at my office desk, I grinned widely, chuckling at the anticipation on Kace's face. "Easy there, brother. You'll meet her soon," I replied, attempting to cool his flaming excitement, although a part of me shared the same elation he exuded."But... But what's she like?" He pressed, coming closer and settling in the seat in front of my desk."She's amazing," I breathed, the thought of Didi causing my heart to quicken in a way only she had been able to accomplish in such a short period."She's sweet and vibrant," I added, describing the taste of her smile. "The captivating scent that seemed to
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Chapter 6- Didi
"Such a sassy little thing you are... and so pretty, babygirl. Let's have some fun"They began to kiss me, their tongues darting in and out of my mouth. I could feel the heat from both of them as they rubbed their bodies against mine. It was like electricity coursing through my body. My nipples were hard and throbbing.My pussy was dripping wet.I reached down and started rubbing my clit, feeling it grow harder by the second. I moaned into Kaivan's mouth. He pulled away and looked at me with lust in his eyes. He then leaned over and took my left breast into his mouth.He sucked on it hard, making me gasp. I felt Kaysen take my right breast into his mouth. He too sucked on it hard. "Oh god yes!" I cried out.The three of us were now completely naked. I had never been more turned on in my life.Kaivan moved back up to me and kissed me again. His hand slid down and he cupped my mound. His fingers found my clit and began to rub it. I moaned louder this time. He bit my lip softly. I whimpere
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Chapter 7- Titi
[A Year Ago]How did Damien and I meet?Well, it was a year ago. We met at a night bar and for some reason he was behind the counter, serving drinks. I spotted him the moment I walked into that bar and I felt instant lust. With the way he was staring back at me, I knew he wanted me too. He looked like a dream. He was tall, about 6'4 and had short dark hair and grey eyes that seemed to pierce right through me. His smile was beautiful and his lips were full and pink. "Hey there, " he said, looking up from his phone as I walked towards him. "Hi, " I replied, smiling back at him. I had been trying not to stare but it was hard to do with those eyes. "You look like you could use some help, " he said, putting down his phone and walking over to me. "Yeah, I'm looking for the bathroom, " I told him. "Right this way. " He held out his hand for me to take and I took it, feeling his strong grip. We walked into the ladies room together and I suddenly found myself pulling him into the bathr
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Chapter 8- Didi/Titi
Kaycen wasn't as patient as Kaivan, he wanted his mate to be in his arms right away, he didn't care to understand how Didi felt about all this. How confused and hesitant she was about two men wanting her at the same time. She also had no idea they weren't humans and she was their soulmate. Kaivan knew this and understood, that's why he wanted to take things slow . "Kaivan -" "You need to calm the fuck down, Kayc. I want her just as much as you, Kayc. Hell, I need her, but we have to take things slow. Understand that and please let's focus on the business meeting we have with D Black." Kaivan cut Kaycen off saying. "I know, I know, I'm sorry, I'm just so fucking horny!" Kaycen laughed and Kaivan rolled his eyes. "Kayc, we are going to have a problem if you keep talking like that! You're not getting any of her for a while!" Kaivan said laughing."I don't give a shit, I want her now!" Kaycen said. "You can't be serious, you have a meeting tomorrow morning with a major investor a
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Chapter 9-Didi
It was early in the morning and the sun was yet to fully rise when D Black found himself waking up next to the woman he loved. Despite the macho exterior of a robotic man, he was unashamed to say that his heart always felt soft, even vulnerable, around her. His Tiana. His steel grey eyes skimmed over her peaceful face, and the corners of his mouth quirked upward into a smile. This woman had found her way through the formidable fortresses of his heart and made it her own."Gotta leave now, baby," he murmured gently into her ear, leaning in to nuzzle the nape of her neck. A soft sigh of disapproval left her, mumbled protests half asleep. But she rolled over, rubbing her eyes, strands of dark hair obscuring half her face.She rose her head to press a tender kiss to his rugged chin, mumbling an incoherent murmur that meant something like 'Good Luck.'"You're coming back soon, right?" Her eyes peered up at him, dark with the raw, unspoken fear of missing him."Sure thing, honey. I'll be bac
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Chapter 10- Didi
I turned to Kaycen and he had a goofy smile on his face. "What?" I giggled."You're beautiful," he whispered.I smiled and hugged them both."Let's have dinner together," I suggested."Sure," they both said.They took me to their house and I made my way to their kitchen to cook.I first suggested we went to a restaurant to eat, but Kai said it'd be better we ate at their house, he also asked if I could spend the night with them, and I told him I would. I cooked pasta while they watched. After I set the table, I served dinner."This is delicious, Didi." Kaycen smiled."It is," Kaivan agreed."Thank you, boys." I giggled.We ate in silence for a few minutes. Then Kaycen looked at me. "What do you want to do tonight?""Watch a movie?" I suggested."I like that idea," Kaivan said."So do I," Kaycen added."Okay," I said. "But we have to do the dishes first."They nodded and we cleaned the kitchen. After we were done, I sat on the couch and the boys joined me."What movie do you want to wat
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