Mafia Psycho

Mafia Psycho

By:  KATHLEEN HAYAT  Completed
Language: English
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DARK ROMANCE!My back hit the wall, I was trembling in fear because of his close proximity. He was so angry that his veins were popping out from his neck, his jaw was clenched. I didn't dare to look at his eyes."Look at me!" He roared.I didn't muster the courage to look at his evil eyes so, I kept my head low, squeezing myself in to the wall. His hot and raged breath was fanning my face. In an instance he moved closer flushing his body against mine. A whimper left my mouth and I put my hands on his chest to create some distance but he didn't even budge."M-mov-e away." She stuttered badly.The next moment he punched the wall so hard just right next to my head, and I close my eyes in fear as new set of tears welled up in my eyes.The next thing he held my jaw with his one hand and jerked my face up.My eyes met his and.............

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125 chapters
Copyright © 2020 by KATHLEEN HAYATAll Rights Reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any mean without the cons
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When I woke up my eyes felt heavy, I tried to move but my movements were restrained, I can't move my hands and legs they were tied with a rope. I panicked, and opened my eyes adjusting to the surrounding, which seems to be unfamiliar. Then all the memories of what happened came like a roller coaster in my head. I remembered what happened. I looked around and there was no one in the room. Everything was quite luxurious. Then suddenly the door opened, and came in the guy, who looked familiar as if I've seen him before, but when my eyes met his, a chill ran down my spine and I gulped. He was the same guy who bumped into me in the alley. How can I for
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Before, leaving Andrew came closer to me. I shrink back on thinking that what he'll do now.But he leaned closer and unties my hands and
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A sudden thought of running came in my mind. I looked around the room and saw a window. I went towards it and tried to open it . But it was locked. I tried to open it with my hairpin like in the movies I've seen but it wasn't working. I went to the washroom and there was a window at the corner, which was open and I can pass through that easily... I went down from the window with the help of bed sheets which I tied together and with the help of it, I made it to the ground. I removed the dust from my clothes. And looked up on the upper floor and saw...... ANDREW.....Read more
My eyes went wide on hearing this he didn't even let me speak and through me on the bed. My face first hitting the bed. I didn't even get time to react he pulled me by my ankle towards him and start hovering over me. I pushed his chest hard, but he held both my wrist on the side of my head. And he leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face to the side and his lips landed on my cheek which trailed down to my neck. I started struggling and was crying loudly now.My cries and struggling has no effect on him. He bit my neck hard sucking and nibbling on it with his teeth, I let out a shriek of horror. I was trembling like a leaf in the hold of the beast. All I felt was fear towards him.
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Chloe (POV) :My head was paining badly. I slowly started to open my eyes.I woke up in a room which was different from the previous room in which I was kept. It was bigger
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Chloe  POV:He left after saying those words. I felt numb as if my life has stopped. I can't even breath properly.My knees felt like jelly and I fell on the floor
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Today as always Jess brought my dinner and left. I ate my dinner. I didn't have any cloths here to wear. So I wear the guy cloths in the cupboard of this room. Which, I think is his. I had fixed the couch in front of the glass door of the veranda. Taking in the beautiful view. The whole day I just kept sitting there and looking at the view. And sometimes tear slipped my eyes thinking about my life and I just sat there crying whole day.
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"Because of this stunt of yours. We will marry tomorrow." Andrew stated.I stared at him with fear all over my face. This can't happen. He can't ruin my life. And I stared at him pleading with tears in my eyes.But he just movesRead more
"I don't accept Andrew Williams as my husband." I yelled.I said it on his face. I was feeling confident. That now I will be safe. Safe from this monster.Everyone looked at me shocked as if I've committed a sin.
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