The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

By:  Periwinkle   Completed
Language: English
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Samantha is a beautiful young lady with lots of dreams. She was from an average family that’s why she study really hard to become successful. Charles is a businessman who manages the largest bus company at a very young age. They first met in the bus station owned by Charles. After getting to know each other, they became lovers. One year has passed when Charles decided to propose to Sam. Unfortunately, Sam ran away after he proposed. Sam was only 21 years old at that time. She was not ready yet. After that incident, Charles left the country. They met again after three years and got back together. However, Charles has a new lover who will do anything just to separate them. Will their love conquer everything?

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Sam, will you marry me?”Samantha Wilson was only 21 years old and just graduated from college. She did not expect that her one-year relationship with Charles would lead to this marriage proposal. She was really surprised.Although Charles Davidson, a 25-year-old businessman, is really an outstanding man. His family owns the largest bus company in the city. She knows he could give her everything. However, she is not ready yet. She is still very young. She has a lot of dreams and wants to achieve so many things in life on her own.“Say yes! Say yes!” Shouted by the crowd present in the restaurant.Samantha was confused. She did not know how to answer. Pressured by the crowd, she responded."Charl
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Chapter 2
Charles slightly curved his lips. “I just stopped in front of you, then you instantly hopped in my car. What were you thinking?”“I’m so s-sorry I booked a grab car just now and I thought it was you.” She was very ashamed at the moment. After she apologized, she opened the door to get down.“Running away again?” He raised a brow.Sam blushed after she heard those words. “Where are you going? Let me take you there since you’re already in my car.”She looked at her phone. “Hmmm...the grab car I booked will be here in few minutes.” She told him as an excuse.“Why I feel that you are avoiding me?” He stared a
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Chapter 3
“Sam, our new CEO is Charles,” said Cindy.“I heard it, you don’t need to repeat it,” Sam replied in low spirit.“Good evening everyone! Thank you for that wonderful introduction. It’s very heartwarming to hear those good words. I am looking forward to work with all of you. I will make it short as I know that it’s getting late already. Let us work hard together for the further success of the company. Thank you!” Everyone clapped again their hands.Meanwhile, Sam did not know what to do. ‘How am I going to work with him? Should I resign? No, my hard work will be put to waste if I resign.’ She left the party dispirited with Cindy.“So, are you excited?” Cindy teased her. She did no
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Chapter 4
“You are really good at escaping.” Sam heard Charles’s magnetic cold voice from behind.“Huh?” She froze for a moment. ‘I will just get the financial statements.’ She wanted to say.However, Charles suddenly grabbed her waist and turned her back into him. Her eyes widened in shock.‘How did he get here in a flash?’ She thought.“Your habit of running away is not good, Sam,” Charles whispered.Sam felt his warm breath into her ears. She couldn’t react at the moment as her heartbeat ran so fast. Her body froze but her mind was telling her to hug the man that was just an inch from her.
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Chapter 5
Henry left after an hour."Sam, Henry is a good man. I think it's about time-""Mom, here we go again." She doesn't want to hear what her mother was going to say."I am not ready yet. And it is better for us to remain friends." She does not want to enter into a serious relationship again. Aside from the fact that she’s still in love with Charles."Because you still can't forget Charles?" It was more of a statement rather than a question. Her mom knew it as well. "Mom, you should rest now. It's already late." She's obviously avoiding the topic.The next morning, Sam filed a leave to accompany her mother in the hospital. She has no choice as Richard was now graduating from college.Her phone rang. She picked it up to answer. The caller was from an unknown number."Hello?" "Where are you?" She heard the familia
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Chapter 6
Charles couldn't help to smile upon thinking of what he did that time.Sam was really hard to handle. She is an elusive and independent woman. She is in charge of her own decisions and does not rely on anyone unnecessarily.While Charles was used to being chased by women. Every woman he met always try their best to climb up his bed. But Sam was different from them. She even avoided him several times. That made him more attractive to her.'...'After he checked the Financial Statements and other reports, he found out that the company was operating smoothly. MY Corporation was built 9 years ago that is engaged in selling mobile phones, tablets, and laptops imported from abroad.As time went by, it became the leading company in the industry with 50 stores across the country and 10 service centers. Over the years, gadgets turned out to be not just a luxury thing but a necessity to people's liv
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Chapter 7
When they are about to leave, they heard a soft female voice from the other table.“Charles, you’re also here.” That was Kelly. She just came when she saw Charles. Her eyes lit up in excitement.Kelly looks so gorgeous in her simple pink dress matched with her colorful accessories. It emphasized her glowing skin and sexy body that looked refreshing to the eyes.Kelly Young is a famous supermodel at her age of 26. She's the only daughter of John Young. Her father owns the largest real estate business in the country.She smiled brightly while approaching them. She simply looked at Sam from head to toe.“K
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Chapter 8
A couple of minutes later, Charles arrived in his office with the usual cold expression on his face. Right after he accompanied Kelly to her car, he asked his assistant to get a copy of the surveillance camera in the cafe.After 30 minutes, his assistant emailed to him a copy of the surveillance camera. He immediately opened it.As soon as he finished watching the video, his expression became dark.At first, he thought that Sam deliberately threw her cup of coffee on Kelly as she was jealous of her. However, he knew that Sam would not do it unreasonably. That’s why he asked for a copy of the surveillance camera.And it turned out that Kelly was the one who approached Sam and intentional
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Chapter 9
Sam and Robert were walking in the hallway when Charles suddenly called her."Where are you going, Ms. Wilson? Our meeting will start in 30 minutes." Charles said with his deep cold voice."Meeting?” Sam was startled. She was not aware of the meeting. While Robert furrowed his brows."Didn't my secretary inform you that we will have a lunch meeting with another client at Grand Hotel?" He was irritated by her reaction.She thought of it deeply but she could not recall that they have a meeting. However, she turned and apologized to Robert."I am so sorry Robert. I overlooked my schedule today."
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Chapter 10
“Let’s forget it... By the way, when are we going to receive the stocks of the MY14 series? She changed the topic. Cindy, as Purchasing Manager, is the one handling the procurement of products from MY Head Office in America. “It will arrive by the end of this week. Speaking of, are you going to the midnight launch?” Cindy asked her as she seldom attends this kind of event.“I’m still thinking about it.”“You should attend this time. It would be our grandest launch ever. And I heard Harvey Johnson will be one of our new influencers.”Harvey Johnson is Sam’s greatest celebrity crush. He is one of the most popular actors duri
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