My Dark Hidden Paradise

My Dark Hidden Paradise

By:  Sriste__author  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Twinkle twinkle little star .... how I wonder where you are... my love my love...I am your lover... how I wonder where you are.. " ....she shivered in his calling....the sound of his wings made her body shaken up.....her helpless condition ...his devilish chuckle made the "Hidden paradise" more dark... Raphael Ralph ....the most handsome man among all girls of Australia...his blackish blue eyes , brown hair , heavy brow , pointed nose made him devilish handsome...for every boy he was their idol...for 5 to 50 years old female he was their blind love...Raphael Ralph was the most famous and successful actor in whole Australia movie world...He was the CEO of Ralph Production Company.....He was handsome ,sweet for his fan...But the living Devil for his Enemy...he had Another identity except his acting career...he was the one and only pure blooded president of Vampire Council....behind his handsome face another scary face was hidden... Marriott Keerthi kyler... senior Paranormal reporter of most prestigious newspaper in Australia..calm...cute...decent girl...she was half Bangladeshi and half Australian ...her family stayed in Bangladesh...she was researching on supernatural being for years.... What will happen when she will find out that the Country's most desirable actor was the leader of them ...what will happen when he found out that she was his mate...when she will refuse him ....he will be the most cruelest being for her...The Contract marriage will be their token of new life.....what will happen when he will find out that they were mate in previous life...some mystery will come...some mystery will be solved ....let's see what will happen when both world will be connected by moon Goddess.... #CEO #Bad boy #Vampire #Mate #Contract marriage ...Hate & Love - Dark Hidden Paradise ️

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6 chapters
Glimpse of Devil & Angel
Glammering light...lovely sound of camera....Many shining Stars from Australia Movie world... came in the Big Award Function .....After sometime a black Audi R8 came in red carpet...driver came and open the door....Whole chriping sound became silent....all girls heart was thumping loudly...all journalists and cameraman were standing there holding their breath...A long leg slide down with shining shoes in red carpet...his shoes taping sound echoed the whole red carpet...a Greek God came in shimmering black coat...his arranged jelled hair jawline...knitted brow...pointed nose..perfect body made all girls craved for him...He stood up from car and pushed his coat back ....all camera started flashing...his smirk....his rising brow...his hands every pose his devilish handsome face came like a diamond....In the crowd of reporter ....someone was frowning at hi
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The half sick of Shadows at Night
///Guys...little author note...i updated..guys check out the related pictures of this chapter and character in my Instagram sriste__author..I will upload many chapter related picture so that you can imagine the story /// A big mountain with dark green the top of that there was a big castle...from far away the castle was looking like a fairy castle ...but when you will come little closer you will get the vibe of danger...when you will come little bit closer will see the dark cloud circle around the mountain...the white cloud with long mountain's huge castle looked like there were living many angels like Harry potter...but it's not real things ....because which you can see and which you dream that's not the reality.... The Thedas Shadow Castle °°°° The castle of black soul with Many powers...the whole castles were surrounded by black soul...the whole mansion was occupied by one Prince and t
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The knot of Mysterious Vanish
The busy City...🌇The busy office of  ' Daily issue ' newspaper...Chattering , laughing , fighting , discussing ....the whole office was filling with fourth floor of office building was calm and sound noise...Suddenly elevator sound echoed ....then 'Jhun jhun Jhun' the sound came from elevator....the worker of this floor all stood up happily because their senior cheif reporter came in office after ten days of break ....everyone bowed to her and welcomed her with a heart warming smile...she giggled and nodded at them...then her assistant Adam said "Hello Apii how r u???" 😍....she smiled then ruffled his hair and said "first class"😉 Adam smiled at his his two years work life he met the sweetest boss ever...he was junior in her University ...then she became his boss too...when the first time he came to the department she said to call her Apii not madam ....(Apii means sister in Bangla) ...❤️
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∆∆ The First Sense of eternity ∆∆
"Maa see this ear ring is okay with this saree???" ...The shout of Keerthi was heard from her room...her Mother was cooking dinner....she also told "If you don't show me then how I will know ...come here you lezy ass " ..Keerthi sighed and took her full ear ring box then came out of her room....she showed a big jhumka (Ear ring) to Her mom and said "See it's okay na???" ..🤔🤔Her mother suspeciously asked "Hey Girl ...what happened tell me...where are you going ..don't tell me you got a bf ....I won't agree on some English bf...I will get you a bangali bf..." 😬😬😬..Keerthi rolled her eyes while wearing the jhumka and said "Nooo I am going to an award function for an case..don't think much...I will not marry...we will be together don't worry ." 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Her mother put the spoon with a thud and said "Did I give birth to you for making u Nun????" ...Keerthi laughed and said "Ha ha then....if I am here...then from where I will get bangali all English man
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∆∆The Hidden Dark Body∆∆
After the award ..... One girl came out from the car in jeans and black shirt....Adam became surprised by his boss's another version...he called her in the middle of award so she came out and changed her cloth...he told her "Aapi ....are you sure???" ...she nodded and said "We have to take risk ..sometime Minion ..let's hope ....because there were many from my list...if someone became extravert they will attack for sure..." ...Both waited for one hour one was seen ...but suddenly they saw one girl was taking one guy behind the auditorium....Keerthi said hurriedly "give me's time Minion " ..Adam awkwardly said "Apii they are going to do their romance.." ...Keerthi rolled her eyes and zoomed their video and said " Look at the ring in her hand can know the meaning ." ...he nodded ...then Slowly she came out of car and went slowly to the back side of auditorium....she sprayed an spray and leaned in wall silently...after that what she s
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∆∆ The Entry in Dark Blood World ∆∆
Keerthi was sitting in her cabin while playing the CCTV footage....her eyes were hard ....she looked at the video again and again ...she was feeling something was missing ...but couldn't detect this ...she whispered "I am feeling something us happening but I am not able to catch this...oh God much close ..I was so close to open the knot...someone put water in my's okay whoever you are will pay soon...because Marriot Keerthi kyler is not the person who will take her defeat easily..." ...her thinking trance broke by Adam ..he came and found the sad and moody Keerthi....he said sadly " Aapii" ...She stood up and said "Minion ....I am going to house early...take care of everything " ... She went out of office and went to cemetery...there she sat in front of one place ....she closed her eyes and said "Papa...I couldn't...I am sorry .." ..Her father's dead body couldn't be found but his blooded shirt , his specs everything was buried here for her moth
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