By:  Ryan Gauexineu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zach Garrett must go to any lengths to avenge the death of his wife and his unborn child. The Kents are the targets for his revenge. Will his vengeance bring him the closure he so desires? How far will he go? Is there redemption for this man in pain? Regrets? Hope? Read to find out yourself.

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6 chapters
Great misfortune had befallen Zach Garrett. After the expulsion of his father from the Garrett family and subsequent death, nothing in his life had gone right. His business slowly went under, he lost all his friends and confidants, and eventually became the laughing stock of Creedmoor City. He had been forced to become a live-in son-in-law after his reputation as a failed businessman had ruined any chances of him getting a job anywhere in the city or other neighbouring towns.His only consolation was the love of his life, Rachel Kent. She was from the Kent family, one of the top families in Creedmoor City. She was one of the top beauties in all of Creedmoor City. Many men had tried pursuing her but she loved and was loyal to Zach. From their university days, they had been inseparable. She loved him despite his woes and had stuck by him even though she was shunned by her entire family.Her parents had died while she was young and had been raised by Grandma Grace Kent. Gra
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No one could believe what had happened.“Do not try to insult my wife. You are the bad seed of the family yet you dare pass the blame to my wife? Don’t test me or else.....”“Everybody quiet!” Grandma Grace roared bringing the entire room to a deep silence. “Zach, you have no right to speak in this family. Even though you are married to Rachel, you have no right to talk in front of me- ““But I was trying to defend –“ “It's not your place to talk in my face or in front of the family. Let me investigate the issue my way unless you want me to compel Rachel to divorce you.” That statement got Zach to go silent in consideration.“So Rachel, what did you do with my money? And don’t give me that same lie that you didn’t steal the money.” Grandma Grace was losing her temper with Rachel and was now shouting.“Grandma, you know me. You know I would not do something as shameful as this.” Rachel said in tears as she knelt in front of Grandma Kent. She could n
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He was back. And he was back with a storm on his heels. He would make all of them pay. The Kent Family would regret ever making him and his wife suffer. He was going to make their suffering long and painful. The loss of his wife to a hit and run after leaving the Kent Mansion was enough to drive him crazy. He knew that the accident was simply not a coincidence.Someone murdered his wife and unborn child.When Grandma Grace heard that Rachel was pregnant she almost asked her to come back. She was merciless enough to let a pregnant woman go to jail but she decided not to report the matter to the police and instead took everything away from them and instead let them live in the streets. She had her died a few days after her accident. With no family around.She died a few days later at the hospital while in a coma. He was never the same after that. He had borrowed some money and left the country to escape the pain he felt every time he thought of his wife. He had se
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Grandma Kent called for a meeting as quickly as time allowed. She wanted to understand why York Enterprises has simply cut off all ties with them. Without the partnership, the Kents would soon be over in Creedmoor City. Their business success was a result of the financial backing they had from the corporation.At the family mansion, Grandma Kent sat quietly waiting for someone to come up and offer a solution. But none of her family members were willing to speak up. To preserve face, James decided to contribute first.“Grandma, how about we sue York Enterprises for failing to honour their previous commitments? They just can’t do this to us. We have been partners for too long for them not to give us any face.”Grandma Kent looked at him in anger, “Do you think am foolish enough not to have considered the thought? Even if we decided to sue them, it would only end in our ruin. After all, our net worth is at most 500 million which is simply pe
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The family was now in shambles as James had failed to convince or even see the new president. The Kent family did not even know where to turn.“We can send the most beautiful woman in our family to represent us in front of the new president. After all, our family has some of the top beauties in this city. We can send Rach-....... Celine.” Grandma Grace's expression changed to one of sadness on the sad memory. “Celine will go and make our case to the new President and hopefully he will show mercy to our company. If this fails, we are all doomed.”“Grandma, I will do my best not to let you down. I will not leave without seeing him.” Celine Kent answered demurely as though she did not want the task of going to negotiate on behalf of the family. She also knew that if she managed to catch the eye of the new president, she might be set for life.The family dispersed and waited for feedback from Celine.The following morning, Celine arrived at York Enterprises H
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Two minutes later, Zach walked into the most luxurious room in the club with blood all over his hand but none on his suit or his crisp white shirt.Big Al was reduced to a stammer as he stared at the man making himself comfortable across the table from him. “Who... How...Who...” He could not formulate the right question to ask this strangely calm man. “Are you here to kill me?” He finally asked once he had gotten control over his tongue.“No,” Zach answered calmly, “As I said, am here to talk.” He poured himself a glass of wine after wiping the blood off his hand using the paper towels on the table. “I am simply here to claim on my investment.”Big Al was puzzled, “What investment? Do we know each other?”“You don’t know me but I know you. After all, you only have your power because of my money. Remember about four and a half years ago just before your rise to the biggest
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