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She was just a 24-year-old woman trying to cope with her negative surrounding which was suffocating her. To keep herself away from that unwanted suffocation she moved out of her house lying to them that she is going to meet attend her friend's wedding. At one moment of her life, she was standing before the very beautiful sight and at another moment she found herself hostage in a building with her kidnapper who claims to be her husband. One stupid decision of her life has put her in that situation and a captive life is never be a good one but she is a strong woman, not the one who knelt in surrender, she will die but never compromise with a new change that happened to her life. --------- trigger warning beforehand, this story has mature stuff so, read it on your own risk ----------

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36 Chapters
The moment his chopper landed, he climbed down from it without any delay he moved in. Since every guard of his security is in dead sleep he walks into his garage.He starts his one of the best motorbikes, its roaring engine shook everything around it. With a smirk over his face, he slides down his helmet's glass to drove out to follow the GPS.He is furious at the same time proud that his wife is a true worrier.Unaware about anything kashvi, she is driving her bike at twenty-thirty speed because the road is not like highway roads, it's freaking mountain road which usually is very narrow with twist turns.And in dark it's getting more difficult for her to drive, she doesn't want to see herself falling in the valley so, being a smart woman she chooses to ride at slow speed than rushing high.On the other hand, the devil is a pro in driving in mountains. He is coming near to kashvi without her knowledge." Just one more turn of this road
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Chapter - 1
 Kashvi's Pov.:-I stepped out from the airport to look for my name card in the waiting crowd also that enjoying the wind flying my hair and dress.My eyes roamed around in search of my name and there it was . one man was flying my name card while looking for me. I giggled at his childish free nature.I waved my hand high to catch his eyes on me. He too waved back when he saw me. While reaching to him I studied his personality. He got some good features with a buildup body like a fighter body man. I got some wrong vibes from him by looking at his face which was looking kind of dominating with beards but I reasoned myself saying ' perhaps it's just my illusion '.After introducing ourselves to each other and sharing formal greetings. I walk with him . he placed my luggage in the car with that I sit in my seat and he drove the car to drop me at my destination.
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Chapter - 2
 Kashvi's Pov.:-I am sensing wringing the neck in breathing. My ears ringing by the continuous sound of beeping.Struggling to open my eyes but they are feeling weighty to open them. After several failed attempts I opened them to instantly closed them back within a seconds after opening them.Due to sudden lighting over my eyes which blocked my sights and pulled tears out from them, it blurs my vision for a while.In the meantime, my body cried in pain. My lungs region is aching seems like its ribs are not anymore guarding my chest organs.I opened my eyes in fear of being dead but when I opened them only the white wall, silently beeping room welcomed me.I tried to move my neck and face to look beside me but I couldn't move an inch as pain build up in my head causing my eyes to be watery. I am laying on the bed like my bod
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Chapter - 3
 Kashvi's Pov.:-" Auhh " I again cried in pain when he completely thrust his complete length inside me.Although my eyes rolled in my eyes socket and my body is out of breath, my body is in shortage of energy but still, I dare to fight with him. I am not ready to submit like a weak woman.However, he is my legal husband but only in papers because he doesn't hold any right over my heart or soul or me because I haven't accepted him as my husband and after this act, I won't accept this animal in future also.I twist my leg in that way to kneeled him on his stomach. He hissed in pain while removing himself from me.I punched on his pain emotions dripping face. I dragged my body away from him while he holds his bruised eyes where I have punched him.I got up with difficulty becoming blind towards my pain because it's not
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Chapter - 4
 Kashvi's Pov.:-I was planning about my escape when he walks out from the bathroom only in a towel around his waist showing his v line clearly plus hard chest, well build-up six-packs.My eyes moved up to his upper body where I noticed some tattoos, especially on his chest.He has a beautiful body which every man desired and let me tell you boys sweat in the gym for such a good body however, here what is the use of it, in reality, he is an animal.His strong buildup self kind of intimate me to freak out with the thought of what he is up to?He is ample in my direction at the edge of the bed where I am sitting causing me to freeze like a statue in my place, no movement, no breathing, nothing!Bending down to reach my level for coming face to face. He chins up my face to take hold of my eyes in his." What ar
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Chapter - 5
 Kashvi's Pov.:-" Kashvi!.. Kashvi!.. where the heck are you? " I heard his roaring sound coming near with passing seconds.I can hear his heavy banging steps on the floor causing my heartbeat to bang in my chest rhythmically with his banging fast steps.Jolting up from the dining chair to seek a shelter where I can hide from him I panicked.My eyes grew round and big when I found him standing before me with a furious expression, shuddering in an uneven fast breath.I tried to step back but he fixes my body to the ground by holding my back head hair yanking them backwards causing me to close my eyes and sniffed my nose as it started to run due to weeping.something happened to him because his grip disappeared from my hair to hold my face in his hands, gently!" Why? Why are you so stubborn kashvi? can't you
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Chapter - 6
 Kashvi's Pov.:-It's been a week since my fake act, I am trying to pretend cool in his presence but let me tell you, it's really, hard to act completely opposite towards the person whom you hate to the extent that you can kill them at any time.Nevertheless, here I am still courageous to act as a good wife, although I don't like it even a bit.But it would be worth watching when I ran away under his eyes by using his trust with cursing it down under my feet.Currently, I am laying on the bed engaged in a tight grip of the devil who is busy sucking my neck, shoulders, ears, face and not to forget my lips by hovering over my body with caging my hands with his.While I am laying silently letting him do whatever he wants since I know that he wouldn't cross this line more than this." It's already seven in the morning, do
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Chapter - 7
 Kashvi's Pov.:-My nose can smell a smell of soil, plants, nature while my ears are ringing with the twitting sounds of birds, the roaring of wild animals, the bustling of some insects.I opened my eyes when I felt cold and uncomfortable soon after that realisation knock on my brain's door. I found myself in the same shelter under the root den in which I passed out, out of fatigue. I keenly looked around to look if anyone is around me or not." Thank god I am safe " I thanked my stars.By god, grace path is all clear. I walk out from there not knowing where to go, as I had lost my way the previous night while running back into this forest.My throat is dry, I hiccuped, my body is asking for water then food as after the continuous hiccups my stomach too gurgle asking for food.But I walk with eyes, ears open, all
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Chapter - 8
 Kashvi's Pov.:-It's been three days since his disappearance. he hasn't come back from the time he walks out and flew away in his chopper.I am doing good although now I am not allowed to step out from the building but can roam in the whole building for which I am glad.The new maid, well what to say about her. she is quite strict to me, always rule over me with her commands meanwhile I, don't want to be rude to her so, I am accepting her every commands silently.What! She is doing her work and for my good whatever she is saying so, I am accepting her without firing words in her direction.Since his absence itself, a majority of my brain cells plan another plan for an escape. Therefore, I am doing it from the time I was forced to return.Currently, I am sitting at the dining table having my dinner in all silence.
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Chapter - 9
 Author's Pov.:-' What did he just say? ' kashvi's brain asked her in confusion meanwhile the devil himself lost in her mouth by sucking, roaming his tongue in her mouth.Kashvi's face frowned in disgust, the more his tongue roam in her mouth, the more she feels like puking in his mouth but for that, she should have eaten to puke out.She pushed him when he left her lips after satisfying himself an evil smirk never left his lips causing kashvi to fear him.She closed her eyes as her head is spinning. It took her a good minute to calm herself.' it's not like he never has kissed me before but why I am feeling this much dizzy only by his kiss. why I am getting weak more and more with passing days? It's not like he is a real demon who just suck my soul out and due to that, my body is shaking for its loss!Gosh, kashvi! Every sane p
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