Discovery of You

Discovery of You

By:  Allie H.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laurie moves away from home after a tragedy takes the lives of her family. She meets Kate and they form an instant connection. Laurie soon discovers that there is more to the woman than meets the eye.

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25 Chapters
Chapter One
The front porch creaks as the weight of the heavy box lands on the old wood. Laurie looks up with a heavy sigh as she looks the house over, taking stock of all the repairs that would need to be done. The overall structure was fine, but the house itself was old and even she had to admit it looked straight out of a horror movie at night. The windows needed a good cleaning, the paint around the structure was worn and peeling, and the wood was old, not dangerously old but old enough to warrant a once over by a professional.Of course, if the circumstances had been different, she would have purchased a newer house. A better house. One with less sentiment attached to it. But Laurie couldn't. This house was the last thing she had left of her family. An inheritance that should have gone to her sister, Dana had she not died with the rest of her family.It has been a month now. A month since the accident had ripped Laurie's family
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Chapter Two
“So, is this your house?” Kate gestures towards a house that was definitely not Laurie’s. They had been walking for the better part of an hour and this was the third house Kate had shown her. Not that Kate had anything to go on really. Laurie’s instructions of “over there, I think” or “that tree looks familiar” was probably no help at all. Laurie sighs. “Nope.” It was dark, she was getting really cold and quite frankly, the woods were starting to freak her out a little. “Are you sure it wasn’t the last one?”  “Yes I’m sure, I know my house.”  “Well, you did just move.” Kate gets a glare for that one.
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Chapter Three
Kate had woken up feeling uneasy. She had slept on the couch, having given her room to Laurie. She didn't mind but had found herself resisting the urge to sit outside the door of her room just to watch over her. It was an instinctual thing. Her kind was protective of their mates and seeing as she had just found hers and Laurie was human, that protective instinct was multiplied tenfold. Logically, she knew Laurie was fine, she was sleeping in her room for god's sake, but she couldn't help how she felt. Kate glanced at the clock she had on top of the fireplace mantle. 9:57 am. It had only been a few hours since they had gotten back. Their search for Laurie's house had been a bust but she wasn't too sad about it seeing as the other woman was now sleeping in her room. Wearing her clothes. Kate was practically preening at the thought. She hadn't gotten much sleep though. The sheer knowledge that Laurie was in the other room was enough to keep her up. Kate hadn't put much
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Chapter Four
It had been a little over a month since Laurie had moved into her new home. Over a month since she'd met Kate. She had stayed with Kate another day before her fever broke and she had taken her home and every day since Kate had come to visit. At first, it had just been to talk and help Laurie unpack. But a few days in, she had taken to fixing things. And by things she meant damn near everything in her house. It started with small things like oiling a door hinge and helping assemble a shelf. Then two weeks ago Laurie had gotten back from the grocery store to find Kate on her roof, fixing a leak she had been complaining about for days and nearly giving her a heart attack. The irony wasn't lost on her. A few days after that, she had helped Laurie paint some of the rooms, and the day after, she helped Laurie fix the sink. Alright, Kate fixed the sink, she sat there and handed her whatever she asked for. At this point, Laurie wouldn't need to hire an
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Chapter Five
Laurie opens the door and walks into her house, heading towards the kitchen with Kate following close behind.  "You know where I keep 'em. I'm just gonna get in the shower real quick." Laurie says before making her way up the stairs. Kate had spent enough time in Laurie's house to know where everything was and her mate had never shown signs of being uncomfortable with her in her space so Kate had gotten comfortable moving around. She made her way around Laurie's kitchen, grabbing a muffin from the jar Laurie had kept out in the middle of the island and moving to start making coffee for them, taking bites out of the muffin as she went.  Kate was highly impressed with Laurie's creations and was only too happy to be her 'test subject' of sorts. Her mate loved to bake. She was damn good and Kate was not shy about showing it. She had given Kate a batch of cookies to take home and Kate had made the mistake of bringing them over to Iris and Nate's
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Chapter Six
 "Do you wanna stay for dinner tonight? It's been a few days and I'm trying out a new recipe." Laurie asks Kate as they load groceries into the back of her car. Kate hadn't been over for dinner in a few days. She had told Laurie it was because she had a family thing, and really it was. There had been a full moon and it had been best that she was away from Laurie for a few days. Now that she'd found her mate, it was damn near impossible to stay away from her. Kate had already been on edge from the moment she met Laurie and the full moon took every ounce of control she had and shoved it out the window. Kate loved the feeling of letting go and shifting, but the full moon made it so werewolves had little to no restraint over their baser instincts. It was also when they were at the peak of their abilities. She wanted Laurie so bad it hurt. It
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Chapter Seven
It had taken almost the entire day but Kate had taken Laurie to every place she could think of. They had walked through almost the entire town and at this point, she was sure Laurie was familiar enough with the place that she wouldn't be in danger of being lost or putting herself in a bad situation. Kate had made a point to tell Laurie about the sketchier places. Eventually, Kate ran out of places to take Laurie that didn't involve exposing herself and they found themselves walking aimlessly through the park."Are you tired? Do you wanna go home?" Kate asks as Laurie stops to sit on a bench. It was late afternoon and they had been walking the entire time, with the exception of stopping for lunch. Kate was sure Laurie had developed an addiction to the milkshakes at the diner Lucas's mother managed."No, I'm good. It's nice out here." Laurie sighs, patting the space beside her.Kate slid down next to her, close enough that their shoulders were touchin
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Chapter Eight
"I'm taking her home.""Please don't.""But she's adorable." Laurie whines, cradling a cream-colored puppy to her chest like one would a baby. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, happy to let the puppies climb all over her."You said that about the last eight." Dogs. The last eight dogs. The cats were another story. Kate was sure had she not been blessed with the reflexes she had, she would have several scratch marks on her body."She's so fluffy." Laurie coos lifting the puppy at eye level."God please don't let her get a dog," Kate mutters under her breath as Laurie picks up another puppy that had been pawing at her leg, setting the one she already had on her lap.Kate was slowly regretting taking Laurie to the animal shelter. Seeing her mate with the little animals had to be the most adorable thing she had ever witnessed but th
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Chapter Nine
Kate led Laurie towards a booth, hand resting on her lower back as she eyed the bar's occupants. Out of all the places they had passed, she hadn't been expecting Laurie to choose this particular establishment.It wasn't that it was bad. It was nice. Great actually. The drinks were amazing and they served decent food. Kate had been here countless times with her friends.That was the problem.The people who frequented this bar weren't exactly the most human. It wasn't glaringly obvious if you weren't looking but she knew that staying here with Laurie probably wasn't a good idea.She had tried to steer Laurie away but her mate was set on going to this particular bar and Kate couldn't refuse her without looking suspicious."What do you want? I can go get it." Kate says as Laurie settles herself on one side of the booth. Kate had picked the one in the bar's line of sight, wanting to be able to see Laurie even when she left to get them their
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Chapter Ten
The drive back to Laurie's house was quiet as neither one of them said a word.Laurie sat in the passenger seat of her car still reeling from the events that transpired less than an hour ago, not quite believing what she had just witnessed.Kate had thrown someone across the bar without so much as breaking a sweat. The way she did it made it seem like it took no effort at all. Kate who she had only ever known to be calm and gentle had nearly killed someone for trying to make a move on her. Yes, she was admittedly in a bit of trouble but Laurie had not expected Kate to react the way she did.Her strength surprised Laurie. No matter how hard she had tried, she couldn't get Kate to budge. It was like trying to move a brick wall. Laurie knew Kate was strong but what happened was different. Kate should not have been able to do what she did. It just didn't make sense.There was also the fact t
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