Blood and spells

Blood and spells

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Elena Marshall, the product of a dark lord vampire and a fierce Alpha is forced to paddle through her travails whilst fighting her attraction to Cassius. *** A one-night stand between two synced yet different creatures awoken the long-buried curse that was chanted a Millenium of years ago by the most powerful lineage of witches who got wiped out by the creatures of the dark. Seventeen-year-old Elena is more concerned with school work and practicing magic spells behind her parents than pandering to quarter politics and quests for power between the four factions; the vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. An elder witch soon begins to mutter about a prophecy of doom that is bound to cause havoc and death. Her entire world is thrown into disarray. Irrespective of the danger looming ahead, Elena is undoubtedly drawn to her mystery mate. An allurement is the last thing she needs but how long can she resist and deprive herself of that sweet magnetism?

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65 Chapters
Letting the mouse out of the bag
#Supernatural World##Los Angeles##The Forest#Letting the mouse out of the bag♥Elena's POV♥Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.All my seventeen years of existence on earth has been filled with trials and quest thrown my way irrespective of whether I'm prepared or not.As the rightful and legitimate heir to the great Marshalls, the overall ruler of the vampire kingdom and leader over all supernatural realm in Los Angeles, I always remain a target to spite my family, split us apart, or die unjustly.It is quite alarming that all my life, right from when I was an innocent foetus, people always try to kill me. The witches tried to use magic, The vampires attacked my pregnant mom, The alpha. The ancestors were also against me like I was some big mistake or an abomination that doesn't deserve to roam this earth. Even just bearing the surname 'Marshall' means inheriting my Fa
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Such a nice fragrance you are wearing
Elena's POVAt this point I was beginning to lose it...A dramatic and sluty Suzy in a hot brawl with a blunt ass and tomboyish Hilda wasn't how I planned to spend my day. The wind blew through the forest with a powerful passion, scattering old fallen leaves as if they were banging a door like a chaotic drum beat with no fingers or hands and then frustration in full dosage kicked in."Enough!" I declared and a chilly wind slammed the both of them to a rock, and the forest became quiet again. It was my magical powers, it was surfacing. My Iris went from black to blue and black again."I can't keep going to school and hiding behind my parents to practice magic." Tears welled in my eyes as I walked towards them."I will be eighteen in the next three months, my werewolf side will be activated and then what next? I need to prepare myself, Hilda."Susan nodded in acknowledgement and muttered, "Her powers will be too much to handle then and it can kill her if
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Sluty Suzy and bulging muscles
The quarter is like an ancient castle built with the finest yet oldest bricks and pebbles from thousands of years ago before human existence.Its windows were as shy eyes, large to welcome any ray of sun. The rock walls belonged right where it was as if perchance it had grown up right from that hallowed ground. It was as if it had been called into existence to protect those who came to dwell within, to quell the elements and allow heat to build from hearths into the inhaled woodland air. It was built perfectly for vampires. The walls had little or no cracks despite how many battles and wars have been fought in it. It holds memories that reek of ancient history, secrets, love, betrayal, death, happiness and sin. It is a lair perfect enough for the supernaturals.At every sharp corner of the quarter, we have vampire guards stationed everywhere to protect the household, but my favourite bodyguard is Daniel since he monitors my chamber and he has always been diligent and loyal
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Law and order
#Trials and executions##courtroom##justice#An entirely unwelcomed surprise.♥Elena's POV♥Laws are important, but they can only be effective if the people know about the particular law, and rule number one of the supernatural states: No killing or slaughtering of vampires.In accordance with the noise and the crowd gathered outside the quarter, it was clear that they all demanded justice which had nothing to do with what went on in a courtroom, and more of what came out of it.We were all gathered in the official courtroom of the quarter and I could tell everyone was itching to spill one thing or the other. Father was sitting at the seat allocated to the judge and trying to get things kicking in motion, while mom stood right behind him to serve as the queen of the vampires and the alpha of the wolves."Can we all now be quiet?" Dad asked rhetorically with his strong baritone voice which instantly silenced the indistinct whispe
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Final verdict and xenophobia
Marriage isn't usually a pathway filled with roses, although weddings always have several bouquets of flowers adorning everywhere. Marriage is oftentimes is filled with sharp-pointed and poisonous thorns and deathtraps and at any slight incident, the two players could get checkmated and beaten at their own game. My parents aren't exempted from folks that thrash things around and I don't need a soothsayer to foresee the tension between them and it all started with the courtroom incident.Have you gone mad? What was that all about, Cedric?" Mom stood with her arms akimbo over Dad."Setting things straight. I can't afford to let them get away with this," Dad replied as he ran his hand through his hair and paced around his private chamber."Why can't you listen to a single thing I say? You have to let the case die down else things might escalate," Mom told him amidst furry while placing her slender fingers on her throbbing head to massage her temple."I have a righ
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You are either quite ambitious or quite mad!
#Quarter##Magic trainning##Supernatural world#You are either quite ambitious or quite madElena's POVThey say that any technology sufficiently advanced looks like magic. But the truth is that there is always a clue to magic.Magic can manifest itself as either science or technology so the gullible humans can celebrate creating a successful theory that is backed up with experiments. Magic can be used for the betterment of mankind and supernaturals. It is the thin thread that binds everything together to make sense. It promotes our evolution or brings devastation upon us all.Those who practice dark art use it for power and control, for abuse, and for the pleasure they feel in causing pain and death. Just like the tragic story of Diego, Harry, and Mary. Mary was eventually served as food to the vampires and they ensured to drain her vile blood till she became a walking corpse and ended up as bones.Harry on the other hand was made to combat
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Magic lessons
Failure has a war of irking me and making me feel like peeling off my skin, getting laid, or doing something completely irrational and spontaneous.I kicked the wall and my toe hit a broken fraction of the glass. I started bleeding but the blood stopped as soon as it started and my cut was sealed back like it was never there."Are you alright?" Suzy touched my shoulders and said with a voice laced with concern."I'm far from that, I just failed my first attempt at a magic lesson." I squeezed my eyes shut and punched the wall till I could feel a crack and then I felt better."It's okay to not get magic right at first, but I can guarantee you that will be a master witch as long as you keep practicing." Suzy twirled me around and said subtly."But how can we continue when I didn't get the first lesson right?" My brows furrowed."We can continue by learning the scope of magic and some history." She stood tall and cracked her knuckles.She led us to
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Looks like you came from a lineage of psychos
#French quarter##Dark magic mojo##supernatural world#Looks like you all came from the lineage of psychos♥Elena's POV♥To be honest, I have had my own fair share of bad dreams. Nightmares like when my brain conjures up monsters in form of witches who suction my soul out of my body, drive me through the ancestral plane, and tries to murder me in my dream world. They sometimes come in form of a vision, a dreadful illusion, or a spiritual war zone.But on the contrary, when reality falls far from our expectations and turns against our favor, we prefer to imagine it as a bad dream and try as much as possible not to snap back to existence because the truth can be overbearing and too much to stomach.I tried to stay calm and tell myself it is some bad mirage that I didn't want to wake up to. But the moment the scenario registered fully, my mind went blank and my body went numb as a stray tear-stained my cheek.There was a huge circl
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What murderous job would you have me do?
The idea of going to hunt down the witch that killed Dan was very thrilling. Hell, everyone looked excited like they were attending a party with free booze, only that the major booze vampires chug down is blood."Wait! Even though I don't understand a thing y'all are blabbing about. Can you at least help me up so I can be on my merry way?" Blondie's voice interrupted our brief merriment.Dad brought out his checkbook and gave the blondie a hundred thousand dollars cheque."Okay, what murderous job do you want me to do?" Blondie stared wide-eyed at father and the cheque and pretended to shoot himself in the head."Forget everything you saw today, forget about losing your job and go start a new life out of LA." Dad compelled the blondie who stood up and looked like his memory was severed before sauntering out of our sight without a word.Mind compulsion is another benefit we enjoy as vampires. It is the ability of immortals like vampires and hybrids to control
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Perhaps a much more subtle approach might do the magic
#Witches cemetery##Dark magic mojo##supernatural world#Perhaps a much more subtle approach might do the magic♥Elena's POV♥Negative actions create negative chaos which is quite synonymous to destruction. Whereas, positive actions create positive chaos and positive chaos is constructive.All my life, I have heard my family talk about war but I never got to experience one so I kinda wished it happened in my lifetime. But thinking over it again made me realize it was a stupid wish.What is war? But the slaughter of our finest at the devil's command. How can we evolve when our best is taken? For Hilda, this feels like fun to her because it is her thing. It allows her to exercise her tomboyish attitude and showcase her tough girl skills.For Susan, she looked conflicted. Fighting against her own kind when she used to be one, a witch. But the paranoia didn't stop her from eyeing a hot dude who kept trying to revive a dead flower bu
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