The Banshee: Mated to the Alpha

The Banshee: Mated to the Alpha

By:  Jess angel eye  Updated just now
Language: English
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Raised by a single mother, Clara lived life as a normal high school student, until she turned 18 and her life bagan to change. "Come find me princess" He said, trailing his nose along her neck, taking in her scent. she felt his warmth on her skin, making her whimper, Clara shivered as she stared back at those smoldering silver eyes that made her heart flutter. Soon, she was pulled back to reality. Was it only a dream? But things turned real when Clara discovered who she really was and the woman she had called mother for 18 years was hiding a big secret. Her life became a lie until the man with silver eyes stormed into the hall and shouted "Mate". Perplexed, Clara didn't know what to do. she had enemies who wanted to destroy her and they would stop at nothing just to take everything she loved away from her. Will Clara accept her mate? How will she cope in this new world she found herself in?.

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83 Chapters
18 years ago in Mystic falls.   The evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange ting to the sky.   But a certain group of people were in no mood to bask in it's warmth.   The atmosphere was thick and dense with pressure for the incoming war. A war born out of hatred and betrayal.   Inside the Queen chamber stood two women and a baby.   "Here, everything you need is inside this bag. take her far away from here, where no one will ever find her, but if things turn out well, you both can return ``.said the woman. Her emerald green eyes reflect guilt, pain and sadness.   Read more
Again, she found herself standing in this strange dark room. Silently, stood a tall figure, staring down at her with those smoldering silver eyes, eyes that sent shivers through her body.No!she screamed internally as he walked towards her and subconsciously, she took a step back. She continued to retreat until her back hit the cold wall. He smirked and she gulped.Suddenly,a warm fingertip brushed her chin and she flinched. She wanted to move away from him but she couldn't. Her body betrayed her.As his warm finger traced down to her neck, she shut her eyes, hoping she could wake up from this nightmare. Having this stranger so close to her didn't go well. Suddenly she felt a tight grip around her jaw, he raised her head, so she was facing him."Look at me," He said.But she shut her eyes tightly. "Open your eyes" He commanded. His grip on her jaw tightened.her eyes fluttered open and her eyes widened upon seeing how close their faces were to each other.she could clearly see the ou
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Final examinations
"Pens up" said the teacher, and Clara finally took a breath of relief. Exams are over and her birthday is just a few days aways. She was excited that she could finally go on vacation with her friends. After Packing her books into her bag, Clara headed to where her besties were. Hey guys, how was the exams" she asked, Staring at their faces, Gina had a frown on her face, Raya was smiling while Kyle just stood there expressionless. She guessed today's paper didn't go as smoothly as they all expected, judging by the look on Gina's face. "Let's go get some snacks and soda," Clara said, trying to lighten the mood. "Sure, i really need to chill" Raya said with a smile, she was someone who would never let go of the opportunity to eat. Raya was a foodie, she would salivate at the mere mention of food or snacks. They walked to the nearest diner, which wasn't too far off from the school. The diner was small but very clean. The floor was black and white In check patterns, the tables wer
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18th birthday
suspiciously, Clara stood aside and watched them, but they were still unable to notice her presence.They were so engrossed in their whispering that they didn't even notice her and Clara was getting irritated just by watching them. something was definitely going on. Clara decided to interrupt.Ahem!! she let out a fake cough to draw their attention and it worked. Good morning sweetheart " Her Mom greeted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR CLARA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.Surprised,Clara hands flow to her mouth. Tears crowded her eyes. it was her birthday today and she didn't even remember. she was so lost in the recent nightmare's that she even forgot her own birthday. She felt really touched by their care. Clara managed to sniff back her tears but a few tear drops escaped from eyes. "No sweetheart you don't have to cry, today should be a happy day for you" her mom said, wiping the tears off Clara's cheeks. Clara closed her eyes to regain he
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Mystic Falls
After packing her bag set for tomorrow trip,Clara took a quick shower and changed into her pajamas, then climbed into her bed and under the thick blanket. Without wasting any time she drifted off to Dreamland.Waking up the next morning, she went to take a peek at herself in the mirror.She could see the dark circles that surrounded her eyes. She sighed, tired and exhausted, she wasn't able to get the beauty sleep she hoped to have.She had the same Dreams over and over last night. the same man, telling her '' To hurry up and that he was waiting for her.But the strangest thing is she has begun to develop feelings for this unknown person.His voice was like music to her ears, she could feel his warmth, His scent, he smelt of mint and spring,It was so intoxicating,it felt like a drug to her.Clara could feel her heart beating faster than usual, just by the thought of the man in my dreams. You must be going crazy Clara" she mutter
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Clara and her friends settled in just fine. After a few hours of unpacking, They decided to go out to get some groceries. they needed to stock the fridge and all. Clara stepped out with her friend Raya, leaving Gina alone to sort the rest of the things that needed to be sorted. They boarded a taxi that Raya ordered and they both headed off to the grocery store. Clara stared out from the window, she  could see the beauty and serenity of the environment. It was calm, the weather so warm, the air was fresh and free from toxins.  Clara could already feel herself enjoying the warmth and comfort this place brought to her, the feeling of home and security, she felt all her worries slipping away along with the wind. Read more
Evil plot
Court her and make her fall in love with you, she may be a banshee, but her powers are uncultivated. She is more like the humans and she will be unable to sense the mate bound for now. I have sent someone to tail her, we have to keep her away from her people. It will be easier if she doesn't learn about her Origin. Annette said, an evil gleam apparent in her eyes. Annette knows Xander wouldn't refuse, He has always been power hungry and a greedy wolf. Xander nodded his head as his expression became distant. Two years ago….. Pius Ethelwulf, the alpha of the Mystic shadow pack, was seated with his twin sons. "I have decided to retire from my alpha duties, Skyler, in two weeks I will be handing over everything to you" Alpha Pius spoke. What! His son's exclaimed in unison but for different reasons. Skyler was surprised by their father's sudden declaration, and the thought of shouldering the responsibility for leading the pack. He wasn't too prepared, he sighed. Xander was shocked
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The calm before the storm
Skyler stared silently at Xander, totally uninterested in anything he had to say, after all he knew what he was here for. At first Skyler was disappointed and felt betrayed by his brother's actions and tried to talk some sense into him. but after being in chains and in constant torture for almost 2 years. Skyler had given up on him and his love for Xander had gone sour instead. A smirk appeared on Xander's lips, as a result of seeing Skyler in chains. First he sent his fist across Skyler's jaw, intending to cause pain. but Skyler's nonchalance agitated him even more and then he continued to send punches and kicks at Skyler until he was exhausted. Skyler took those punches without making a sound, he wasn't going to give Xander the satisfaction of hearing him wince in pain. "Someone is acting all strong and mighty," Xander scoffed. "But you and I know, you're nothing but a weakling. Wait till I get the alpha title and everything I deserve, then I will surely grant you death" Xander
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Clara made breakfast as her two friends were horrible cooks. She made scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. Gina helped heat up the milk while Raya remained seated at the dinning, waiting for Clara to bring out the dishes.   They had small conversations while eating breakfast. It was only then that Clara  realized she hadn't made a call through to her mom since her arrival in Mystic Falls.   Wiping her finger clean, she quickly walked to the living room, grabbed her purse and brought out her cell phone.   She called her mother's number, it rang for some time before it connected and Clara heard her mother's voice from the other side of the phone.   "My goodness Clara, you scared me," her mother said. <
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Skyler's plot
Clara and her friends got home already  exhausted and tired.   Dropping the shopping bags with a thud, All three of them slumped down lazily on the sofa and yawned.   "No offense but I'd really appreciate it if you guys do your shopping without getting me involved next time," said Raya as a matter of factly.   "Fine!   "Bringing you along isn't much fun either" said Gina, rolling her eyes.   Clara nodded, agreeing with Gina on this. She yawned harder before getting up on her feet. Saying goodnight to her friends, she walked back to her room.    As tired as she was, Clara didn't fail to ta
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