The Half Mate Bond

The Half Mate Bond

By:  Reyana Segal  Completed
Language: English
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Aylin, the unwanted princess of the werewolf kingdom, was hidden from everyone because her father was ashamed of her. She had accepted her destiny of being trapped inside the room with no kindness. But she misunderstood the power of a moon goddess when rogue vampires attacked the palace, leading her to meet the new dawn of her fate. Shaking her awake from her dream of grief when a handsome man with forest green eyes watched her as he had found something treasonable holding her in his embrace. The problem was way more complex because she couldn’t feel the mate bond, and he wasn’t ready to accept any mate or ready to mark her as his. Will their relationship survive this half-mate bond? or it will rip their expectation from each other? Her life flips over learning about his fear which was daring to crumble her delicate aspirations. But the sun rises again, giving her courage to find herself, letting her introduce herself to a secret of her existence. A secret that lurked new enemies to stand before them to fight, attacking their core beliefs when they found out she carries a broken piece of moon goddess soul in her. Will their love surpasses the boundaries drawn by their half-mate bond to unite? what were the reasons Rowan didn't want to mark his mate but wanted to keep her by his side? Will they willingly fight with their fears or loose their motives in the darkness of the time?

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65 Chapters
Chapter 1: Princess Of Werewolves
Chapter 1 The Princess of Werewolves Aylin’s Pov,  How breathetaking it is! I wish I could stay; or see it from a closer distance. I relaxed over the window, cherishing the cluster of twinkling lights from far as they were fighting the darkness of the vicious forest. Even the sky was clear, radiating the elegance of the moon sheltering the kingdom of our night creatures.   They were the lights coming from one of the closest pack. It was in deep woods between the valleys, where three mountains intersect near the gorgeous ranges of the waterfall. Aquadrian river showered a lot of bliss on them. The shining lights give me moral support to push one more day in this prison. I consider myself quite fortunate; at least I could see magnificent scenery from my room. The palace of the werewolf king builds over the top of the highest mountain of t
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Chapter 2 Worry of War
Chapter 2: Worry of War “A war? Tae, aren’t you exaggerating?” I was surprised and looked up at her putting a knife away. She turned, emptying the glass of wine in one go with a serious face.  “I really don’t know, dear. The current situation is really unpredictable, I have already told my family to move far away from the palace.” She took my hand with her cold ones. She was scared, her hands were trembling and sweaty. If they declare war against us, the first place they will attack is the borders. Her family may be in a dangerous situation, but I am sure my father has taken care of all wolfs surrounding the borders.  “Calm down Tae. I don’t think a few rogue vampires can drive to war.” I tried to keep my face relaxed, giving her a convincing smile, and her face softened a bit. I was sure, she wasn’t aw
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Chapter 3: A Gift From Mother
CL Chapter 3 A Gift From Mother “Tae, what’s going on?” I questioned, keeping the silver blade instantly back in the ark and getting up instantly. My heartbeat escalated, making me hear them in my ear like a drum. Is the silver knife my mom left me? “Princess, it’s for your safety. Please keep the knife with you.” She requested, keeping her distance from the ark. Pleading me with her eyes. I left the knife over the ark and walked towards the window further. The air from the room got dense immediately, making breathing difficult. She followed me and took my hands turning me to face her.  “Dear Aylin, Alone you can touch the silver. You can use it for your protection. The Queen and I just want you to be safe and sound. Is that very much to ask?” Tae questioned whi
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Chapter 4: Heading Towards The Fate
  Chapter 4: Heading Towards The Fate   My blood froze hearing her words. I couldn’t understand what I should do in this condition? She was drenched in sweat, breathing barely. She was looking here and there while creasing her forehead.    “Princess Aylin, let’s go. You need to leave right now.” She dragged me with her, pushing everything around her way. The urgency was dripping from her terrified eyes.    “Attack? Who attacked us?” I asked in my baffled way, trying to cope with her speed. Do they have armies to attack the palace directly?    “Rogue Vampires, take the silver blade with you.” She dashed into the wardrobe,  she was frantically searching for something through all clothing. I pulled out the knife and that small pouch of needles, wasting no more time.   I took a few steps back as I saw her running towards me, hol
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Chapter 5: Dreamy Nightmare
Chapter 5: Dreamy Nightmare A warm tickle over my face woke me up from the living nightmare of my life. The heated rays of sun were penetrating from the denseness of branches, making them shine like priceless gems. I was lying on the forest ground, submerged in dirt and dried leaves. The sounds of chirping birds were resonating in unbound walls of the forests, consoling me for my loss. My entire body was aching as I tried to get up. I stood up with great difficulty using the support of the tree, realizing the reason I was running last night. My heart ached remembering the brutal events, screams, and face of Tae weren’t leaving my mind. She did many things, but I never thought she would give up her life. I will cherish this useless life for you Tae and for my mother. I will. Read more
Chapter 6: Decision of The Alpha
Chapter 6: Decision of The Alpha Rowan Selous’s pov, “Rowan, think twice about it. I am not getting any good vibes about it.” Waylen suggested in a warning tone, banging his fist over the table, making a hole in the table as the sound of cracking the table thundered in my office. He was clearly angry with my decision. I knew he would be, as my friend and beta, it was expected from him.  I turned to look back at him, keeping control over my wolf. He never likes to hear someone talking louder than him or me. He lowered his head slightly in respect of his Alpha, but his eyes were still meeting mine.  “I will start preparation, then.” He responded in a mocking tone, glaring at me, showing his unwillingness to do it. Rolling his eyes, he left the office immediately, making loud sounds while taking every step on wooden flooring. We basically grew up together. Only Waylen had the right to talk to me or show his anger at me.&n
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Chapter 7: Troubled Mind
Chapter 7 Troubled Mind Rowan’s Pov, My chest was tightening, escalating its beating uncomfortably, making me worried about the unknown, as something is so close to me. The dim, bright sun was shadowed by the dark clouds. Over hundred werewolves were sitting in front of me holding excited and joyed faces, to witness my marriage with Sharon, the niece of my aunt and I was standing to wait for her to complete the ceremony in an open ground in front of holy chalice. Everything was weird for me. I wasn’t excited nor sad, but some kind of uneasiness of poking in my heart as something wasn’t right. The flow of blood was rushing in my veins as I had taken the longest run of my life. It was the first time I was experiencing something which I wasn’t capable of understanding and I knew it wasn’t regarding this marriage thing. My uncle Silas was standing behind me, to support me in this decision. He looked happy as he was retiring soon fro
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Chapter 8  Endangered Life
Chapter 8  Endangered LifeRowan’s pov,The moon was spreading its peacefulness all across the dark forest, but my heart was in turmoil. It was burning with anxiety and fear of something which me and my wolf couldn’t recognize. My battalions had already sent to help King Vincent on the battlefield under the leadership of the Waylen. It would have been convenient if I went with them too, but that night was the weirdest night of my life. He had already noticed my senses were peaked and the weird behavior of my wolf. Their howl noted they are returning to me. It won’t take long for them to reach me. I have to find it in time or I couldn’t later.Everything around me felt like it was telling me an unknown tale. I was getting drawn to the magnificent aroma of moist soil across the ranges instead of the smell of blood from the east. I looked up at the tip of the ranges peeping out from the depth of the forest. They w
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Chapter 9: The Green Eyed Warmth
Chapter 9: The Green-Eyed Warmth Aylin’s pov, I curl up to the comfortable warmth surrounding me like a cocoon of affection. It was soothing after the impact of freezing water. I pulled that moving source of heat to me, trapping it in my arms. I wasn’t ready to let it away from mbe. Everything felt like a terrible nightmare when I found myself falling into a waterfall, but the warmth made me realize it had already passed and I will open my eyes in my room again.  Subtle blow of air tickling my face, I held my pillow tighter to my chest, nuzzling my face in it. An amazing smell of jungle filled my soul, but I felt suffocated when that pillow tried to hug me back. A firm, naked chest came in front of me as soon as I opened my eyes.  “Ahhhh ‘’ I screamed, getting startled by the man laying in my bed with me. Pushing him far from me, I struggled to grab a night lamp from the nearby bed table and fell on the floor with a loud bang. The l
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Chapter 10: Revealing unspoken
Chapter 10: Revealing Unspoken  Aylin’s pov, “You are what?” Rowan asked in his deep, hoarse voice. Uncertainty was oozing through his words. Involuntarily, his hands tighten around me more and more. I knew he heard it right, so I kept my mouth shut. His eyes were so startled as he couldn’t even believe it. “Human? How is that possible? I can feel you-” He cut himself, watching me with his wavered eyes. He opened his mouth to complete his word but shut it again, loosening his tight grip over me and taking a step back from me. He stood, straightening his body, crossing his hands over his chest, taking a heavy breath. “How do you enter here?” He questioned after a long pause. Enter? Does he think I crossed the interdimensional pathway to get here? How stupid of him could be.   “I am human but haven’t crossed the interdimensional barrier,” I explained, taking a seat over the bed. He didn’t move, but his gaze
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