The Immortal Prince

The Immortal Prince

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Tomorrow, we don't have to speak of this again." I hardly know what I'm asking. I just know I want whatever it is. He watches me with an intensity only he is capable of. "Put my hand where you want me to touch you." **** Vaela should never have gone up that mountain. She should never have tried to find the Immortal Prince. But she did, and now she's mortal in a land of immortals, fighting to find her mate in order to save her own life. Yet the enigmatic Prince trying to save her life is getting in her way. How can she concentrate on finding her true mate when she is confined to his home, unable to resist him? Unless, of course, he is the answer to all her problems. *Mature Content! Read at your own discretion!*

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38 Chapters
~Vaela  My feet scuff over rocks, gloved fingers gripping slick ice as I climb.  "Can you wait up? I'm going as fast as I can and am seconds away from breaking my ankle." Turning, I look over my shoulder. My friend and companion for this trip, Eyla, struggles up a particularly steep part of the cliff, bundled in layers of clothing to the point I can't see her face.  "We are nearly there," I assure her, prying my numb hand between two slabs of rock, hoisting myself up onto a ridge.  "Exactly, so wait up." With two feet planted on the flat edge of the ridge, I look out over the vi
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~Vaela  Morality is a punishing thing.  Been there. Done that. Died young, spent nearly a century in death before arriving here. The immortal realm, where I am to live out a not so immortal existence, as I shall eventually die. The name must have sounded nice in its creation.  The only true immortality belongs to the pure-bloods.  Dark, twisted individuals with magic beyond their means. Magic to crush realms, to torture and abuse. Eyla’s voice echoes through my subconscious, jolting me from my vacant thoughts.  "No...No, no Vaela, tell me you're lying." She’s at
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~Vaela  "Ah!" My palms slap over my eyes, the image of the man burned into the back of my eyelids. "Who are you?" The voice questions. It’s a deep, rich sound that spreads over me, slightly accented.  I’m imagining this.  I must be. There is no conceivable way that I just saw a tall man with silver tattoos standing at what I now realise is a doorway. Thankfully his bare chest was all I got an eyeful of, and not any lower down… My fingers part slightly as I peek through them. I am not imagining this.  The man is now fully dressed, which took him only mere momen
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~Vaela  Just as he’s about to leave the room, I call for him to stop. “I know you’re immortal and all, but you don’t have anything for me to tend to my wound?”  Both Hale and I’s eyes drop to the wound. Frankly, it’s disturbing, and if I don’t disinfect and wrap it, the fire isn’t going to end up being enough to save me.  “Follow me,” he instructs grimly. I scramble after him, surprised as the warmth of the fireplace follows me from the room. It still hasn’t managed to get under my skin yet, to warm the deepest parts of me that are currently still glacial.&
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~Vaela I don’t know how long I slept for. I wake colder than I was before, despite my proximity to the fire. Aside from the crackling of the flames, which I believe is stoked by magic, the foyer is silent, and lacking any Pureblood’s. Sitting up, I rub my eyes. Should I wait here, or should I seek Hale out? If I seek him out, it means I have to talk to him. Not that he isn’t interesting, or hasn’t been somewhat nice to me, he’s still utterly terrifying. Read more
~Vaela Will and Eyla walk apprehensively behind us, fumbling through the shadows toward the entrance to Hale’s home. “Boyfriend?” Amusement is laced tauntingly in Hale’s voice as he walks closely in front of me. “I know you heard...” I mutter under my breath. "Ex." “Interesting.” There are endless alternative meanings laced in his tone that I'm not going to begin unpacking. I glare at his back. “Shh&hell
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~Vaela "I don't like him." Collapsing down onto the couch, I tug a blanket over myself, glaring at Will. I’m too distracted by this strange feeling of loss that has settled within me. It feels wrong to have left the cave, to have left Hale. "You're not meant to, he's a Sin,” Eyla responds, pushing past him to come sit next to me on the couch. Will’s jaw is set in a firm line, a distasteful look swirling in his eyes. "The fact that he was acting like he was going to see you again, Vaela."&nb
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~Vaela Vaguely, the sound of knocking on the front door can be heard past my hateful staring up at the ceiling, yearning for those moments I took not being sick for granted. “She’s in the bedroom," Eyla murmurs. She sounds so far away, and yet so close. Despite all the throwing up I have done, the dizziness still haunts me, my vision spiralling wildly. Time no longer makes sense. Days could have passed for all I know. A figure appears at the doorway, the edges of them slightly blurry as I sit up a little more to observe them. Hale.
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~Vaela Consciousness, for once, greets me sweetly. Blinking blearily, I look up into large brown eyes staring down at me. "Eyla..." "Good, you're awake. I was starting to worry." She rests her hand against her chest, like she had been literally sitting over me monitoring my every breath, which I wouldn't put past her. I sit up, letting her adjust my pillows behind me. "Where's Hale?" Read more
~Vaela "Do you have to leave?" Clinging to Eyla, I rest my head against her shoulder. After a few days, Eyla and Will have to return home for their own commitments, and although they can come back soon, I'm devastated. Alone again with Hale? The thought haunted me all last night, leaving me restless and without much sleep. Eyla pats the side of my head. "Trust me, I don't want to." "Neither." <
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