Marry Me, Madison

Marry Me, Madison

By:  Ayinne Eiram  Completed
Language: English
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The church was full of different kinds of majestic decorations. A theme of white and gold, the color that is perfectly expressing both purity and prosperity. Indeed, it is really f*cking wonderful. But then... On this fre*king wonderful day who would have thought that a mere guest like me who was forced to attend this d*mn wedding of my damn stepsister will become the bride??! “She is right here. The… bride is here. We shall start the ceremony, Mr. Morgan” “Is it her?” “Y-yes. She is the one you will marry.” “Wait what, me?!”

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    Madison POV The church was full of different kinds of majestic decorations. A theme of white and gold, the color that is perfectly expressing both purity and prosperity. Indeed, it is really f*cking wonderful. A wonderful place to exchange vows for eternity. Tch, But then... On this fre*king wonderful day, who? Tell me who would have thought?! Who would have thought that arggh! A mere guest like me who was forced to attend this d*mn wedding of my damn stepsister will become the bride??! "Gavin Morgan, do you take Madison Wilhenberg, to be your wife and promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Will love her and honor her all the days of her life, till death do you apart?” “I do ” “And you Madison Wilhenberg, do you take Gavin Morgan to be your husband and promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Will love him and honor him all the days of his life, till death do you apart? " I blankly stare at the priest.
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    Chapter 1
    I am Madison Wilhenberg. Some call me Maddie for short. To be honest, I have hate in that last name of mine. If there would be a time that I can remove it in my name, I would gladly do so. I hate it up to that point. Since it was from my father, the very reason why 'she' left. When I said 'she' I was pertaining to my mom. The one who promised me that she will stay. The only person whom I always trust. She promised that she won't leave me. But then she failed that promise. She break that very promise the moment when a piece of news rushed into our manor. News that states that... "Master! The lady, Madam Miranda... is gone!" It was like a snap of a finger. Everything changed. Everything turns... dull. 'Maddie, you look so beautiful as always' 'I am beautiful because my mother is~' 'Where did you learn how to use such flowery words huh?' 'But mommy I am just saying the truth...' 'My my, you are making me blush and feel shy' 'I love you, Maddie' 'I love you too mommy~'
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    Chapter 2
        My hand moves on its own. I didn't know that I can do such a thing to a man who I just met but... he is no ordinary guy!He is dangerous..."Are you going to slap me?"I can't help but feel numb. His voice... he whispered threaten on me yet you can't hide the fact that it is domineering. As if he lived having authority in everything he says. It was as if he is mocking me. Threatening that if I hurt even the slightest hair of him, I would be good as dead.I gulp. Why did I even get entangled with a man like him? His eyes are dull. As if he finds no interest in anything he does.  But, he wants to do it with me! Why does he look as if he loses nothing if he does it with me or not? I can't freaking understand him!My frown suddenly disappeared the moment my eyes met his gaze.  "Know your place"I will start up for a little.  He sounds as if he knows everything
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    Chapter 3
       ' Sweetie always remember that mommy will always love you'     'Of course mommy, I know that you love me and I love you so much very much'    'Mommy loves you the most'      'I love you the most too mommy!'    ' Madison, be a good girl. You can do it, right?'     'Of course mommy. Madison will do her best to be a good girl'    ' That’s my sweetie'                'Wait mommy where are you going?'            'I will leave you'            'Mommy?'            'You are a good girl, right? You can live without mommy right?'
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    Chapter 4
    “I can clearly remember how I reminded you to not go in those places I forbid you… am I not correct?”   His voice was cold but then it turns colder. I can’t remember what is the reason but he did say those terms in the rules he created. That damn HUSBAND of mine…   Madison, just… keep it still. You can find your way out of this place. Just believe.     “Master Gavin, I shall excuse myself"   Gavin just glare at the poor servant. He look at her as if she was some dirty insect who show itself in front of him.    “Gavin--"   There was a frown on his forehead. I can clearly see that his face turns sour.    “We are not that close if I may say. Stop calling me by my name"   That was his words.    I can’t believe it. He gave me this dress… we kissed in the church! Are we not that clos
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    Chapter 5
    I have been thinking about what Gavin said when we had breakfast. It is true that being his wife would benefit me. It would benefit the both of us. I heard that in order for him to inherit the company given to him, he must first get married. The solution he got is… marry me. It is true that he doesn’t care who his wife would be as long as they have a good record and won’t interfere in everything he does. I wonder why he doesn’t have any girlfriend… he is handsome… Ah, right. He is a weirdo that is why. “The maid said that it is the library. Did I head in the right direction?” Looking around I saw a big garden outside the window. But one can comprehend that the garden was no longer lively. There are lots of dried leaves and flowers on the ground. I wonder why… it became like this… Ah, let’s not mind about that. Reading books will help me feel refreshed. I wonder if he has many books. He is rich, surely he has a big library… does he? And there I saw the big door that was place
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    Chapter 6
    His eyes are straightly looking into mine. I can feel how deep his breath is. Why is he this close?! "Hey what are you doing?"  That is the only thing that I think of to make him stop from doing whatever bad intention he is thinking of doing to me.  I unconsciously block his body who's getting closer to mine.  I can feel how my hand holds his chest as he tried to corner me into the bookshelf. You can hear how some of the books fall in the ground as I hit it. I tried to grab something that is behind me but to my surprise, it even make me fall.  I am not sure whether I should be lucky that he is holding my hands which makes me stay on foot.    What is he thinking?? I don't know... My gaze locked in his.    Madison keep your cool. Don't get distracted by his face! Surely... he is handsome but... don't! Don't look! Why does he look so much different than he
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    Chapter 7
        Defeated, I failed to find that diary. But… I remember that it was here just a while ago. Ahhh, if not for that Gavin… this is all his fault! I walked slightly stumping my steps wanting to release my anger. I feel bad for not finding that diary. While on my way to where my room is, I halted when I saw the chained room. Curiosity creeps inside me. Who would have their door visibly chained? What the hell is in there? It’s not something dangerous, is it? Maybe I can sneak there if I have a chance. That is what I thought but… it would be more scary if I did find something weird on it.I sometimes watch movies like when the protagonist finds a mysterious room inside the killer’s house and ends up having tons of dead bodies in it. Oh, I remember one manhwa about a killer who likes to peel onions so that the smell of the blood will not reek off him. He liked his neighbor who i
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    Chapter 8
    “My Family?” I was stunned at his unexpected question. Seriously, did he forget that I don’t regard my father and that Mirranda b*tch as my parents? What family is he saying? Is he an idiot or what? Besides... Are they even qualified to be called a ‘Family’? Especially those mother-daughter b*tch duo who made my life miserable? They started talking down on me. Thinking that they could hurt my feelings. ‘Pathetic. You can’t even do this much?’ ‘Maybe that’s why your mother left you’ ‘What a nuisance’ ‘Why don’t you just die? At least you’ll do something right for once’ Stupid bird brains thought that will hurt me. It didn’t even scratch my heart. They just made it into my nerves and annoyed the hell out of me.   Of course, it didn’t stop there. My lovely sister, who was loved by all, acted all pitiful once I fought back.  She actually looked stupid than pitiful to me. Read more
    Chapter 9
        I was confused and interested at the same time. Gavin ordered the maids to clean the table and bring out a bottle of wine and some snacks.         I waited for him to talk more about this deal he was talking about. He stood up, receiving the bottle of wine and a cart with snacks. He asked them to leave us.        “So, you really don’t have a family?”        I looked at him as he opened the wine bottle, asking the same question.        Why is he asking that so many times? Is he making fun of me? Or…        Ah        Is he trying to lighten the mood? Because of what happened a while ago? The- The kiss? Oh...        I started to smile.      &
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