The Hybrid

The Hybrid

By:  Fantasy Angel  Completed
Language: English
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Selene is the hybrid daughter of Nicholas and Aiday Serkan. Phoenix is the son of a wizard. What happens when tragedy strikes? Will Selene and Phoenix be forced into marriage like Selene’s parents? Will Selene be able to handle the darkness that lives within her? Will Phoenix be able to confess his feelings for the young hybrid? Will he be able to help her through the trying times?

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19 Chapters
Chapter 1: Selene
Claire comes into my room and opens my curtains, I groan and hide under my blankets, “Good morning, Princess.” She told me; I raised up and smiled at her,  “Morning.” She smiled and started picking up my room, “You don’t have to clean my room, I’m almost twenty, I can handle it.” Claire gave me a small look, “It’s my job.” She told me simply, “Your parents are downstairs in the dining hall; I believe they wanted to discuss the ball for your birthday on Saturday.” I nodded and got up and began getting dressed, “Oh, and you have a dress fitting at midnight.” I mentally screamed,  “I have plenty of dresses, I can just wear something I already have.” I told her but she went to make my bed and completely ignored me as she worked. I smiled and slipped on a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. After brushing my
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Chapter 2: Selene
I walked out to the garden to see the tall red head, smiling; I called out to him, “Phoenix Mackenzie!” He turned to face me with the biggest smile on his face as he pulled me into a hug, “I can’t believe you’re home! How was the trip to Scotland?” I asked as we sat on the bench looking over the garden, his face beamed with joy, “It was incredible! Father took me to Inverness which was absolutely gorgeous; we went to other places as well, even managed to find my two hundred year old grandmothers’ grave. It was unmarked so it was pretty difficult, but we found it nonetheless.” He told me, I smiled and grabbed his hands. We were close when we were younger, but then his father took him away to practice his magic in their homeland, Scotland. Phoenix and I were devastated, but after he left, Mom and Dad managed to talk my Aunts into moving here with Amber. That was ten years ago.  Read more
Chapter 3: Phoenix
I followed Selenes’ father up to the office, he opened the door, “Close the door and have a seat.” He told me; I did as he asked. I was normally not scared of vampires, but this was the king of the vampires, so I was nervous. I waited for him to say something, out of respect for his rank. He was looking over some papers before turning his attention back to me, folding his hands on top of his desk as he stared me down; I could feel a small bead of sweat roll down my face, “Phoenix,” He started, I perked up immediately, “the arrangement your father and I have concerns you and my daughter.” I tensed, “What do you mean, your majesty?” I asked,  “Nick, please.” I nodded, “And what I mean is, your father and I think it might be best to join us, like the vampires and werewolves.” My heart was beating fast as the thought of what he’d say next ran through my brai
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Chapter 4: Phoenix
I stepped into my bedroom and went straight for the shower. After I dropped Selene off at her room I came straight home to rest. That beautiful hybrid has my nerves and thoughts all over the place and it drives me crazy, the good kind mostly but every now and again the bad kind. I stood in the shower letting the water run down my body, washing away almost every stressful thing from my mind. I washed up and got out. Once I had some pants on, I started looking for the nicest suit I owned for the ball tomorrow night; I’m Selene’s fiance and that means that I need to make a good impression, which I planned to do. I’m not about to embarrass her. Picking a traditional black suit, I placed it on the hook on the outside of my closet and grabbed a pair of dress shoes, placed them in the chair right next to the closet, then climbed into bed and dozed off thinking about Selene. I woke up around six when my father kn
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Chapter 5: Selene
I sat on the ground while Phoenix paced around, I was in shock of everything that just happened. My parents...they’re dead. I held myself, but I felt something running on my hands, I looked down, blood. My mothers’ blood. “Hey,” Phoenix said softly, taking my hands in his, “it’s okay. I swear to you, that woman will pay for what she’s done.” I nodded my head, “Now then, if you’re ready, I’m going to warp us to the house with the others, okay?” I nodded; Phoenix pulled me up and we warped to the meeting place.  We walked up the stairs, but Phoenix stopped, “I’m going to place a protection charm around the house, I’ll be a few minutes. Go on in and I’ll be right there.” I nodded and went inside the house. I looked around the old house, the floors creaking with every step.  “Amber?” I whispered, “Chris?”  Read more
Chapter 6: Phoenix
I opened the door to see Selene sleeping; she’s been through so much in one day, we all have. There was a small tap on my shoulder, turning my head, I saw Amber standing behind me; closing the door quietly, I turned to talk to her, “We’re ready to go.” She said then looked at the door, “How is she?” I looked at the door then turned back to Amber,  “She’s strong, but she’s gone through so much so fast. I don’t remember her being like this when we were children; back then, she was so skittish, it was so cute.” Amber smiled lightly,  “Phoenix, she’s grown up, she’s not that same little girl anymore.” I nodded, I knew she was right, but that’s what worried me. Selene is strong, I knew that, but she’s the same strong my mother was and even that much strength can’t help you during the trying times; for my mother, it was when she delivered my sister, they
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Chapter 7: Selene
I was sitting in Ambers’ room at her vanity; she heard that Phoenix and I were getting married tonight and insisted that we were going to be married the right way, and Katherine agreed. Katherine and her daughters came in wearing long dresses and had bouquets in hand, “Here we are,” Katherine said as she laid a dress on the bed, “A gentleman came here months ago, asking me to mend this for his daughters’ wedding, needless to say, the union was cancelled and the dress was never retrieved.” She told me; I went over to it and looked it over. It was a simple dress, similar to my dress at the ball but was even more elegant and beautiful,  “It’s perfect.” I said,  “We have a dress for you too, Amber.” Fiona said as she handed it to her, “Thank you, it’s lovely.” Amber told them, “I need to get her ready and t
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Chapter 8: Selene
The attackers bound my wrists and ankles; Phoenix was yelling at them. Greg was on top of me, foundling me; tears were pouring from my eyes, “Oh my, my dear princess, are you a virgin?” He asked me, I didn’t answer him, he nodded to Nathen who punched Phoenix in the face, I screamed, Greg then grabbed my face, “Answer the damn question!” I nodded slowly, “Don’t hurt him,” I begged, “Please.” Greg smirked, going for my underwear, removing it quickly,  “Well then, let’s fix that.” I cried more, “Don’t touch her!” Phoenix yelled; Greg got off of me and started undoing his pants. I fought against the restraints, hard. Nathen punched him again, “NO!” I screamed; Greg got back on top of me and slammed into me hard. Shock, surprise, call it what you will, I didn’t know
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Chapter 9: Phoenix
We walked towards my grandfathers’ home, a literal castle, nearly as grand as the one count dracula was said to have. There were guards, servants, everything you could think of. One of the guards stopped us, “Hault, state your business.” I stepped toward him,  “I am Phoenix Mackenzie, grandson of Lord Fredrick Martens.” I replied, “I am accompanied by my wife, Queen Selene Summer Serkan Mackenzie, and her cousins. We seek refuge and an audience with his grace.” The guard gave us a look then turned to one of the other guards, they spoke for a minute and then, “Alright, someone will meet you at the door to escort you to Lord Martens.” I nodded, “Thank you.” I told him as the gates opened and we all went inside. As the guard said, there was someone waiting for us, a woman,  Read more
Chapter 10: Selene
I laid in the bedroom while studying Phoenixs’ old school books. I practiced a few small spells and while trying a light spell but next thing I knew...boom! Phoenix opened the door and coughed from the smoke, “Selene, what are you doing?” He coughed out, I looked at him from my spot on the bed; when the smoke cleared, Phoenix stared at me then started laughing,  “What?” I asked, Phoenix just continued laughing, “What?” He laughed more as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bathroom and turned me to the mirror. When I saw what he was laughing about I crossed my arms and glared at him, which just made Phoenix laugh harder, “Okay, I get it.” He went over to the shower and turned it on,  “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He said as he started stripping my clothes off, one by one. My breath hitched when he undid my pants and slid them down my body. He smir
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