Sold to Him.

Sold to Him.

By:  Miss L  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You have been promised to the grandson of a business partner. There’s no need for college. You’ve already wasted enough time fooling around at school” My brother's face pulled into a twisted grin. “You are part of the business deal. You wouldn’t want all of the employees who depend on us for their jobs to suffer would you?” That was it, the day my life changed. I couldn’t be selfish, I had to take care of these people, my family, in every way possible. My brother has seen fit to run our late parents' company into the ground, living a lifestyle he didn’t earn. Now I have to marry a complete stranger as part of some twisted business contract. I’m only 18. I just graduated high school. I’ve only had one semi-serious relationship that went up in flames. How was I supposed to be the wife of a very publicized, womanizing billionaire?

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73 Chapters
Reece “Wait, Wait, Wait!” Fabian exclaims. We have had a rough year and our clients are not all paid in full, which has left us strapped. “How is that my problem.  Learn to manage your company and, I suspect, your spending habits.” I barely lift my eyes from the documents in front of me. “You have twenty four hours to produce the balance of the loan or I am taking your company, Fabian.” I say low and slowly to make sure he gets the full effect of my threat. “You know that I can’t do that.  Even liquidating everything I own would not produce the amount my company owes.  Is there anything else that I have that I can offer as repayment?” “Are yo
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Lindsey   I was so nervous and I had no idea why.  This guy came for me, I really shouldn’t have anything to prove, but I really felt like I did.  What if he took one look at me and decided I wasn't worth his time or effort? What if he was old and ridiculous? I wasn’t a gold digger and would refuse right on the spot.   I allowed my brother to bring in a stylist considering I had nothing left in the house, but I did stop him when he started making suggestions that would make me look more like a drag queen than a socialite. I went with a blue knee length dress that was sleeveless.  The bodice was form fitting, but modest and the skirt had a flare to it allowing for ease of movement.   I can’t believe I am going through with this meeting.  I hated everything
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Lindsey   After Reece drops me off I walk slowly through my apartment not really paying attention to anything in particular. I walk past the living room where my roommate and closest friend is sitting on the couch waiting for me to come in a spill. I walk down the long hallway to my bedroom walking in and closing  the door, I lean on it and just slide down, starting to have a small panic attack.  I can’t believe I am going to go through with this.  What the hell am I thinking.  I have plans for my life and they definitely don’t include getting married in a week.   There’s a light knock, “Linds, you ok?” Angie asks me, muffled through the door.  I can’t answer yet, I’m focused on my breathing and trying not to shed tears. “Lindsey, you need to let me know how you’re doing, otherwise I’m going to think the wors
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Reece I had noticed a car following me from Fabian’s house as Lindsey and I were driving around.  I wasn’t sure how they found me so fast, but they always seem to. I also noticed they didn’t follow me as I left her apartment.  I’m glad I had the forethought to have James tail us just in case there was a problem.  This was already complicated enough without the paparazzi scaring her off too. I got hourly reports from James while I gathered all the things I wanted Lindsey to have.  I had my lawyer get her a copy of the contract as well as all the documentation she would need once we were married, the paperwork seemed to be endless for women who just want to change their name. Knowing her brother, I wasn’t sure she had access to family funds, so I set her up with an account in her name a
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Reese   “Just answer.  Inside or Outside?”   “Outside”   “Favorite Color”   “Purple, like indigo, not pastel.”   I laugh. “Favorite flower?”   “Forget-Me-nots and Hyacinths”   “High Heels or flip flops?”   “Neither, barefoot.”   “Dresses or Pants?”   “Depends on the occasion, I wear both”   “Favorit
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Lindsey By the time 7pm rolls around I am in a black pinstripe romper. The top fits like a vest, high in the back with a deep ‘V’ in the front.  The pants are comfortable, but not too baggy.  I am going to have to recruit Bandon and Anton together more often.  My light brown hair looks soft in big waves like a 1950’s pin-up model.  Anton even got my hair into one of those fun victory rolls. My make-up was light and classic, with just enough to highlight my caramel eyes and a soft pink lipstick.  The jewelry was just as simple.  Little silver teardrop earrings and a delicate chain necklace with a matching teardrop charm that went well passed my cleavage into the romper.  To finish the look I had on bright blue heels with one thick strap across the toes and a strap around my ankle. I know I’m not ugly, but this outfit and the hair and m
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Reese She looks at me with concern in her eyes, but I continue to step back from her. I try to cover up the awkward moment by telling her to come and eat. “One of the things I failed to ask you was your favorite foods. So I brought a variety. I hope that’s alright with you?” I give her a small smile. “Sure,” She takes a breath and looks like she’s making some sort of internal decision. Whatever it is she walks over to the serving table with me. As she’s choosing I’m trying to take mental notes. She takes a small piece of chicken, several different kinds of vegetables and a few fruits, then she grabs the whole bread basket and walks over to the table giving me a side gl
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Lindsey This just got real. I’m sitting in the back of the car, James is driving me home.  I can’t stop looking at the ring. This is happening and there is no looking back now.  I’ll have to call Ralph in the morning and fill him in.  I hope he understands I couldn’t just let the company fall because Fabian has no idea what he is doing.  Those people are like family to me. James slows as we pull toward my apartment building. “Miss Carter, I don’t wish to alarm you, but there are about 15 paparazzi outside your building right now.  I’m going to continue around the block, while you decide what you want to do. I have already alerted Mr. Raines.” &
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Reese   I don’t know what I feel for Lindsey, protective for sure, she’s already been through so much in her young life.  There’s something else though and I don’t know what it is.  She seems to always be at the front of my thoughts, like part of my brain is forcing me to consider her when I make decisions.   It can’t be love, I’ve only known her for a few days, but I can’t deny that there is some level of protectiveness that has woken up inside of me when it comes to her.   I made several phone calls to put extra security around her apartment and to put my PR people on top of finding who is leaking information about my connection.  My first guess is to always look inside  my company to the people closest to me.  You never know what someone’s price i
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Reese   “Holy, motherf***ing s**t!” Is all that runs through my head.   The most beautiful woman is standing in front of me with nothing but this short dark blue sweater that is form fitting, barely hits her mid thighs and is hanging off one shoulder.  Her hair is down and still wet from her bath and no make-up on.  I thought I was a goner last night when she was all dolled up, but this is the end for me.   “What?” she questions softly. Looking around, like she has no idea what has my attention. Which, now that I think about it, she may have no idea what she is doing to me.   “Nothing.” I recovered lamely “Did you enjoy the bath?” I ask, trying to regain my focus and turn back to making breakfast. I try to
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