Alpha's Cursed Luna

Alpha's Cursed Luna

By:  Alora Sterling  Updated just now
Language: English
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Eleanor Raven, 17, is known as the alpha's young wolfless daughter. Thus everyone treats her like some garbage not worthy of respect and honor. Little do they know, she has a secret that makes her the most dangerous werewolf alive in the United States. A month before her 18th birthday, the Alpha decides to give her to the notorious warrior Alpha of Red Silverwood Pack, his greatest enemy to break the ice and remove tension between the two packs. Threatened by her father, she is forced to go along with his evil plans and become a bait. But what happens once the god-like Alpha Alexander turns out to be her mate and discovers her dark secret? Will he accept her, or will he toss away their bond? Check out my other books!Born To Be My Luna (COMPLETED)ALPHA HUNTER (COMING SOON)

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144 chapters
ELEANORIt was on the night of my 13th birthday, when my whole world, and my perfect life as the Alpha's daughter unpredictably turned upside down..I staggered on my way inside my room. Groaning, I let my body flop down on my king-sized bed, shuddering in extreme, sudden pain. From the corner of my eye, I saw that there was a full blood moon tonight. Suddenly, I felt unexpectedly cold and breathless. It felt as if my mind and body didn't want me to get anywhere other than the comfort of my soft, fluffy pillow and my bed in this long busy night. Sighing, I shut my eyes trying to get some sleep. All of a sudden, I felt the most excruciating jolt of pain shock me as if I've been struck by a bolt of lightning, making me groan out in the sudden pain. It's like something within me has awakened, relentless and desperate for release. Whatever it is, it was telling me to get up and ditch the covers of my bed. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temple while performing small circles on both sides
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ALEXANDER The sun felt warm and soothing on my skin in the morning. I leaned on the railing of the balcony of my room, lighting a cigarette on my hand before taking a long whiff for the addictive taste to get into my throat and lungs. I don't know why but I couldn't get enough of this in my system. Besides, I can enjoy it without taking any risks. In other words, I won't die. One of the perks of being a werewolf. I thought to myself. After I was done, I put off my cigarette and hopped in the shower. I changed into neat casual clothes then exited my bedroom. All the werewolves I passed by lowered their heads and greeted me as a sign of respect, while I kept my head held high with pride and dignity as the current Alpha of Red Silverwood Pack. "Alex!" A young female voice called out to me from a distance. Sighing, I turn my head to the side before forming a fake smile. "Hi, Vera." The girl's name is Veronyka, but she specifically told me to call her with her nickname "so that it does
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3 ELEANOR PRESENT DAY..."Eat you filthy human! EAT!!" I choked as she shoveled a thousand meatballs into my full mouth. Barbara pulled my hair back harshly while Paula held my arms tightly from the back. Her foot pushing me on the back of my legs to the cold hard floor. I couldn't move and my knees were starting to hurt bad from being forced to kneel when they had decided to intentionally throw my food tray and pass the blame to me for knocking it over. I could feel the tears that had escaped from my eyes fall down the sides of my face.From the corner of my teary eyes, I saw Sabrina standing frozen in one corner nearby. She's my best friend. WAS my best friend before what had happened. She suddenly averted her eyes and turned to the other table where her new friends were sitting at. She sat down and laughed with them while they all pretended to be ignorant of what was happening around them.Their nonstop laughter grew louder and blended with Barbara and Paula's chuckles, clearly re
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ELEANOR There was something different when I glanced around my room. I knew I was leaving, yet why does it feel like a mountain of rocks was weighing on my tiny shoulders? The suffocating feeling of despair and grief took its toll in my heart. So many childhood memories, followed by so many more images of me sobbing on my bed as my wounds and bruises healed. Every time the healing process would happen too fast the pain will feel too strong and eventually, my body often becomes too exhausted, sucking out every ounce of energy left inside me. ‘We’ll be okay, Ellie. I promise you that.’ I stood in front of the mirror and studied myself with it. Sighing, I look at my reflection through my wolf's eyes. 'Are you saying we should just...go rogue?' Ares nodded. Her grit and determination oozing off from her through her bright golden eyes. Taking a deep breath, I shift back now I'm standing up at the edge of my bed. "Okay." I glanced at the red velvet dress Mike had just thrown at my fa
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ELEANOR “Daddy…” I whisper, still in disbelief. “Get her changed, Mike. Make sure she looks a million dollars before the enemy arrives or so help me…” Dad gave Mike a meaningful look then pointed a finger right at me. Mike didn’t say a word but gave him a nod in response. Dad turned around, his hands on his pockets as he walked back towards his office without sparing me another glance. I stared at mom who seemed to have forgotten about me and just returned to the couch, reading her magazine. “Mom. Can you at least tell me what’s going on? Is it true?” I yelled out in frustration. Mike grabbed me from the back, gripping both my wrists to take under his full control. “Mom!” I called out but she didn’t look back and continued reading. Like she didn’t give two shits about me at all. “Please, mom” It was my last ditch attempt to gain her full attention. My voice squeaked a little and with a sigh, I dropped my head. My mother suddenly lifted her face up to look at me straight in the
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ELEANOR I saw how his eyes dropped down to explore my body and ass tightly hugged by the revealing dress. I would have thought he was undressing me with the way he looked deeply into my eyes down my frozen body. He had deep cerulean eyes, like the calm blue ocean where the moonlight dances beautifully in the night. His hair was a striking platinum blonde, shoulder length and tied in the middle pulled upward, resembling a warrior god. It didn’t take me long to notice he had pink sexy lips too. He licked the corner of his lips when he caught me staring at his delicious— What am I thinking? Wake up, Eleanor! I mentally shake my head. Don’t get carried away now. I couldn’t believe I was fantasizing about a guy I literally just met! I wanted to slap myself in that moment. My gaze dropping to the floor. I saw Dad smile at me like he usually does in the past and holds my hand, bringing me forward to face the god-like man. “Eleanor, this is Alexander Wade. Alpha of the Red Silverwood Pa
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ELEANOR The room fell into an awkward silence and some members of the pack dropped their jaws. Alexander was gazing into my eyes the whole freaking time, and it was making it extremely difficult for me to focus and formulate a feasible plan. “May I have a word with your daughter? In private?” He requested. A small gasp escaped my lips which I kept solely to myself. Dad gave me another threatening glare before he nodded and moved himself out of the way. Alexander motioned his hand for me to follow him to a more private place. As soon as we got into an enclosed space, in a guest room I believe, the Greek God pivoted to face me. “Hey. It’s okay.” He started. “Huh?” What do you mean it's okay? I cocked my head, pulling my brows together closely. He then crossed his arms over his chest before taking one huge step, looming closer towards me, making me gulp and bit my tongue unintentionally. A stinging pain flashed inside my mouth, but I bit that pain before I let out an unwanted wh
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ALEXANDER ‘MATE!’ Loki and I reveled at the sight of our beautiful mate. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The girl’s utterly drop-dead gorgeous. She had long dark brown hair that cascaded down her back way past her tiny waist. Fair, smooth looking skin. VERY large breasts and fucking thick thighs I want to lick and caress while we make fucking love. But it was her eyes that held my most attention. They were blood-red, and she was looking at me with those deep gorgeous eyes with a hint of fear and confusion and shock. Alpha Victor pushed her towards me, making my wolf growl internally. ‘He should watch hoe he handles her’ Loki said in a threatening manner. When he introduced her to me I knew my eyes were glued to her face. I licked the corner of my lips as she bit her own. I wonder what those plump little lips of hers taste like? Excitement coursed through me as I pictured her on my bed. Legs spread wide to welcome my entrance. I pushed those thoughts to the side when I realized t
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ELEANOR After what almost seemed like an eternity-long drive, we finally arrived at a huge modern building located at the center of a populated city. Elijah, whose name I learnt from their conversation with Alex while I was watching the passing trees out the window, opened the trunk of the car to pull out the only baggage the omegas from my pack had arranged for me before I left. I immediately rushed to him and gracefully reached for my own stuff. I felt bad thinking about Elijah carrying such a huge luggage for someone like me. Someone who would potentially ruin their pack. That I couldn’t take. My hands accidentally grazed Elijah’s skin when I heard Alex speak from behind me, making me jump in surprise. I turned around and looked at him, frowning at me like I just committed a terrible sin. And for some reason, I felt guilty, which is utterly ridiculous to even think if. “Elijah will take care of those” He glared daggers at his beta with his sharp eyes. Shaking my head, I refused,
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9 ELEANOR "What do you mean had?" I ask, meeting his gaze. "I had a mate, but she...died." He said those words so slowly as if he would break if he went on too fast. A gasp slipped from my lips so I brought my hands to my mouth. Alexander's mate is dead? "H-how?" I ask, suddenly feeling nervous to know the cause behind his mate's death. A mate's death could drive werewolves insane to the point of seeking their own demise. That is how serious it breaks you when your mate bond is forcibly torn apart. You love the other too much you won't be able to make it or accept that the other has gone. Looking at Alexander now, he looks perfectly fine and confident when he stood in the meeting room, but I certainly did not know he had lost his mate. "Killed. Someone from an enemy pack. We're still failing at finding out who the killer is, so the case had since remained unsolved." He looked at me unsure. "Oh" Was all I ever was able to say. Wait. If Alexander's mate died, then that means...
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