Him Vs Her

Him Vs Her

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Alexandra, or as she prefers, Alex is a seventeen year old delinquent with a liking for trouble and deviance. A teenager with a rap sheet and a tendency for poor anger management, she is known for illegal street fighting and gang activities. Now attending one of her father's schools for closer supervision, she has her mind set on bringing him down to his knees. There was only one thing standing in her way, and it was Alec Hawford. Her rivalry and biggest competition. Things just got real. Secrets will reveal themselves and questions will be answered. You might say, hell will break loose with the two enemies under one roof. Understatement of the century. Lets just say Satan better start getting his resumes ready, because there is a new devil coming to town.

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    55 chapters
    Alex (P.O.V.)We were back in America now, specifically New York, with the gang and we were currently looking for an apartment for the lot. Kyle and I have our dorms and of course Richard's house.Speaking of which, I kind of forgot about mother dearest. I wonder how she would feel and what she would do if she saw Kyle. Not that she would truly care, the whore is probably busy opening her legs to strangers.Just then a thought popped into my head. What if Kyle and I paid her a visit and really mess with her head? I am not sure if Richard spread the news, but this will be interesting if she does not know about his return yet.Today we were supposed to go to Richard's car dealership to borrow a couple cars, but I am thinking that maybe the gang can do that while Kyle and
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    Chapter One
    Alex (P.O.V)Ugh! Monday mornings have got to be the worst experience of all the days of the week. Something about it just automatically make you feel lazy and unproductive. I would rather stay in bed all day than to go that hell hole nerds call school.  I hate school, then again, all you do is sit around all day and listen to old people ramble on and on about things you do not really want to know.And the next thing I hate, are the people that try to interact with you. Have you ever just not fucked with anyone, but people still claim that they fuck with you? It is the most ridiculous thing ever. The interesting part about it all though, is that no one will not even dare to look at me. I am what society would label as a deviant or a bad girl. To me I am just a regular teen doing what she wants, when she wants to.My name is Alexandra, but I prefer Alex. I am seventeen years old. I like to party and I street fight. I do not date because if o
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    Chapter Two
    Alex (P.O.V.)I stared blankly at Alec for a while as murderous thoughts raced through my mind. The number of things that I wish I could do to him. Violent things of course. "You are right, I would break a nail, but you want to know something Alec?" I asked with a smirk. Knowing exactly where my rage was taking me. "Yeah, and what is that?" he asked watching me in suspicion. I chuckled menacingly. Oh boy. "I wouldn't mind breaking your face" I said as I swung my foot and hit him across the face. His eyes widen as he screamed and wiped the blood off his face and held his broken nose.What a little bitch. "YOU BITCH!" he yelled.I guess we know who has a limited vocabulary."I have been called worst by better" I said smirking. The teacher took this time
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    Chapter Three
    Alec (P.O.V.)I was not expecting that at all. She is a good kisser too. As I thought about what happened, I absentmindedly touched my lips. The fuck? Did my balls just retract into my stomach or something?While I was busy thinking about Alex and that kiss, I heard a chuckle."What are you laughing at?" I stared at him.."You were thinking about the kiss, weren't you? I know for a fact that I have been trying to call you for five minutes" he said amused."I-I am n-not thinking about that" I bent my head trying to hide my face."Yeah? The tent in your trousers says otherwise " he said smirking at me.I blushed from embarrassment. I got up to leave."Not so fast you. You are suspended for two weeks for causing trouble. I have called your parents. Please have a seat" I sighed and sat down none the less.I rolled my eyes."Do you know what school Alex is going to attend?" &n
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    Chapter Four
    Alex (P.O.V.)Ever been so bored that you willingly hung out with your parents? I was honestly losing my mind. It has been a couple days since I left that school and now, I’m just at home with nothing to do. It is now Thursday night and I leave for New York on Monday. I was currently in the kitchen watching my mother make dinner while I continuously ate out of the plate of bacon she had set out on the countertop.“Alex can you please stop eating all of the bacon? Your father needs to eat” She scolded.“There are many things he needs to do and eating bacon is not one of them” I replied as I stuffed more bacon into my mouth.“Continue doing that and you won’t get any bacon for dinner”.“You know you always look prettier with your mouth shut.” With that I grabbed the entire plate of bacon and made my way to the room.I need something to do.Just then my phone ra
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    Chapter Five
    Alec (P.O.V.)The next day...I woke up feeling alert and well rested. I got off my bed and walked into the closet when I spotted something. I took a closer look and saw it was the present from Shawn. I took it and opened it. When I saw what it was, I rolled my eyes.It was filled with condoms.Freaking condoms.I mean come on. It is YOUR niece here.Anyway, I left it there and I picked out my outfit. I decided on black jeans, a white V-neck and my leather jacket. My sexiness is cliché I know. I laid my clothes on the bed and took a shower.After I got dressed, I grabbed my car keys and left for school. When I arrived, I smiled like a kid on Christmas day.This school was not any different. Although the level of slut was more subtle, it was still ther
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    Chapter Six
    Alex (P.O.V.)I laughed evilly while I loaded my stuff in my car. See today was the day I was leaving for that shit hole of a school. It has been a week so far since my father told me about it – also a week since I found those pictures of my brother. He had warned me about my behavior, and I was just going to do the opposite.*Flashback*I turned up the volume on my Earpods and dumped more clothes in my suitcase. I was getting all my clothes ready at an earlier time so I would not have to stay longer in this house.I was just about to pack my shoes when- knock! Knock! The door opened.I turned off the music and turned around to see my father.I rolled my eyes at him."You know there is no point in knocking if you do not ask for permission to enter. I could have been in the middle of some
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    Chapter Seven
    Alex (P.O.V.)"Please tell me you aren't going to school wearing that" Richard pleaded.I shrugged "I'm not wearing this to school”.I then turned on my heel and entered my car. I was about to pull off when Richard said,"Do you even know where the school is?"I smirked."Yes, I know where it is, Kyle had put a GPS on your cars when we were little" I said and sped off.After about five minutes I saw Richard behind me.I smirked and stepped on the gas. Houses and trees zoomed by. I finally lost him. As soon as I pulled into the school, Richard had too as well. I revved my engine and chuckled when I heard the girls screamed in fright. All the guys looked at my car in awe and the sluts adjusted their silicone, I mean breasts.I smirked
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    Chapter Eight
    Alex (P.O.V)I slammed my hands down on my alarm clock and opened my eyes. I looked around and took in my surroundings. I was definitely not in my room.Then everything hit me like a brick.Meeting Alec, the kiss, and fight I had with Richard. I am proud of myself.I smiled.Today is going to be a good day.I slid off my bed and looked at the time. I was five minutes late already.This school was so weird. Each class lasted one hour and because of that I think it would be fine if I arrived a half hour late.I smirked.I stripped off my clothes and entered the shower.I sighed. I felt my body begin to relax as the hot water hit my body. All the tension on my muscles seemed to float away. This is heaven.The warm water trickled down my body as I scrubbed and shampooed my hair. After a bit of time in the shower, I stepped out and dried my skin.I went to my suitcase and opened it. I pic
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    Chapter Nine
    Alex (P.O.V.)When I arrived at the class I just entered. The teacher stopped speaking and turned around.I rolled my eyes. Everyone stopped and stared at me.The teacher was about to speak, but I rose my hands in a stop do not talk to me motion."Detener. Por favor, no hables porque me temo que tu voz es tan molesta que arruinarás mi día entero. Sé que llego tarde y realmente no me importa un carajo. No pienses en mandarme a la oficina porque te arrepentirás. ¿Lo tienes? Ahora muévete antes de que le quite un sombrero a tu viejo tresero. " (Translation: Stop. Please do not speak for I fear that your voice may be so annoying that you might ruin my entire day. I know I am late, and I really do not give a damn. Do not think about sending me to the office because you will regret it.  You got it? Now move before I bust a cap in your old ass.)When I finis
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