By:  Jessie Davis  Ongoing
Language: English
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At what point is a dream no longer a dream, but a reality? Dreams begins with the magickal, recurring dream of Abby as she is immersed into a world of magick and fantasy.

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16 chapters
Laylan 1
Around her neck hung a silver, full moon pendant in honor of the Moon Goddess, in all of her grace and beauty, reigning over the seas. Around her revealed right ankle was a gold pendant of the Sun God, his majestic presence reigning over the forests and lands. Her long, straight, pure white hair hung to the small of her back and tucked behind her pointed ears, opening her perfect face. Her high cheekbones accented her large, bright eyes, her left eye of dark emerald green and her right eye of deep, royal blue. A slender nose ran down to lush red lips. In her Cion-made clothing with her perfectly tan complexion and tone muscle structure, she stood tall upon the cliff's edge. Her top was light tan and wrapped around her bust while her skirt was fixed high on her right hip. A beautiful, white unicorn strolled up next to her, standing majestically to her left; his bright green eyes were piercing against his brilliant white fur. His name was Artimous; he was the leader of all uni
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Abby 2
“Abby,” a soft, familiar voice sounded in my ears. I fought opening my eyes, desperate to see the face of the stranger in my dream. But to no avail could I hold onto the dream in my mind, it disappeared into the darkness. “Abby, Baby, it's time to wake up.” Reluctantly, I began to open my eyes. My dream had passed and the hope of finally seeing my stranger's face today was now gone.For as long as I can remember, I have had the same dream, it almost haunts me. It's always the same. Laylan with her long, pure white hair hanging to the small of her back, tucked behind her pointed ears, opening her perfect face and her high cheekbones that accented her large bright eyes, her left eye of dark, emerald green and her right of deep, royal blue. She's always standing on the cliff-side peering out on a land I had never seen. Artimous; a beautiful, white unicorn; and Greagan; the leader of the elves; would always join her looking exactly the same ev
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Laylan 3
Laylan sat on a log near the shore of Beskal looking out at the sun. She was thinking about things that had happened since arriving to Cion. She had met all of the elves in Beskal. Had seen the unicorns run in a herd across the Scarside Plains. She had been hiking deep into Crystalwick Forest with Lucassius. Ah, Luke. He was sweet and very wise. He had helped Laylan in understanding the magick of Cion and the creatures that lived there. He had even taken her out swimming to meet the mermaids. Laylan had caught herself looking at him, taking in his perfect profile. His blond hair that always laid just right over his shoulders. They had locked eyes a few times but then in an instant, it was over. She was going to start training with him soon, learning to fight. She didn't understand why she would need to fight, Cion was peaceful, but she figured there must be a reason. “Are you well, M'lady?” Lucassius asked as he approached her. “Yes, Luke, I am right
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Josh 4
I walked into the house, it had been a long day at work and I hadn't had a chance to talk to Abby all day. My day started late after being awakened by Abby's tossing and turning throughout the night. I could only assume after hearing her talk in her sleep that Laylan had made her return. In my disappointment that my brilliant scheme to help her out with the normal intrusion of Laylan in her dreams not working, I drug myself to work. Being a Thursday meant that it was going to be a pretty uneventful day which left plenty of time for me to think of other ideas. I had hoped for an improvement but instead of being four or five months between her dreams, as it usually was, we had actually shortened it to a little over two months.At lunch, I had sat down with Mitchell and tried to confide in him about any ideas that he may have for me to approach this problem. He seemed to understand what I was saying a lot better than I thought he would have. He mentioned Veda having an alter ego
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Laylan 5
The sun broke in through the linen over Laylan's door. A quiet, soft breeze moved through her room to her bed. A soft, masculine voice traveled with the breeze to Laylan's ears, “Wake up, it is time.” Laylan opened her eyes and felt his presence in the room. “Good morning, my lord,” she tenderly replied as she crossed her room to her staff. It was sparring day with Lucassius. She had been training hard, and she was determined to beat a much older and experienced opponent. Lucassius had survived many years in the Mortal World before coming to Cion. His training and skills were far beyond her own experience. She reached out and grabbed her staff from its corner spot in her room. She examined it quickly; its braided threads of different colors wrapped the top, with a small, vibrant red ribbon chain with a brilliant, blue feather, given to her by a Ribon. The Ribons were beautiful birds of vibrant reds, blues and greens. Their songs were of even tones and lovely tunes to
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Josh 6
“Where are we going, Josh?” Abby asked. I had blindfolded her before we left the house. I had some surprises in store for her. “Josh?” she said, a bit more assertively this time.“You'll see. If I tell you now, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?” I answered her. My own excitement was getting to me. I had been doing a lot of prepping for this trip and now I could barely keep myself still. I kept catching myself pressing a little harder on the accelerator.As I drove my mind wandered to her dreams and how they were beginning to turn into full short stories. I kept wondering why they were doing so. Was it her imagination doing this? Or something else? I had been contemplating it for a while now. I knew she had just had another dream the night before because she was writing this morning when I came down for breakfast. Her hair was even down and still a mess. She hadn't even cooked breakfast like she normally does.We finall
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Abby 7
I stayed afloat looking at him as he gazed dreamily into my eyes. He seemed off in his own little world.“Well, are we going? Or are we gonna float here all day?” I spouted off playfully. At that, Josh seemed to snap back to reality.“Oh, yeah, well, let's go,” he turned and began swimming toward the island. The raft tied securely at his ankle, dragging it behind him. I swam and caught up to him. We continued swimming side by side toward our romantic getaway.I could feel the cool water flowing down my body and legs as I moved. As I swam, images began to circle in front of my eyes. I could see women in beautiful, clear, blue water. Their vibrant golden blond, earthy brown, fierce red and midnight black hair shined in the bright sun. These women, though looking human, jumped and skimmed the surface of the water. As they did, I could see the true difference between them and me. Their scaly tail fins shimmered orange, blue, green and pink in
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Laylan 8
Laylan snuck out, late at night, to explore on her own. The big, full moon peered down at her as she walked swiftly toward Crystalwick Forest. She didn’t know where she was going, she just needed to go. She trusted her urges when they were this strong. It was almost as if she was compelled to walk, compelled to go somewhere. Before long, she was standing at a waterfall, she knew deep inside, there was something on the other side, though she wasn’t sure what. With a deep sigh, she stepped into the waterfall. Her eyes were closed tight as she felt the shift in the air around her, and other than the lack of magick flowing around her, she could hear the difference as well.The forest that she had left had been noisy, especially near the waterfall, full of the sounds of Cion. But this place was strange to her ears, it was noisy but the sounds of the forest were more tame. There were little chirps of insects all around her. What sounded like a ‘who, w
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Abby 9
I woke in wonder. Who was this Zelimir? What did he mean by brother of light? What were they planning when Laylan looked through the window? And what was Ketheras? I asked myself question after question. I laid in bed pondering everything that I had seen in my dream. The man, Zelimir, who led her to the cabin. The red-headed woman, Grezelda, who spoke of faye and spells. Of Ketheras, whoever that is. It was dark magick that she spoke of, but is there really magick? After a while of reflecting, I finally hoisted myself up to start on my tasks for the day. I finished my tasks within a few hours, then sat down to write of my dream. The dream of Laylan racing and meeting a brother of light, whatever that was. He was very good-looking, and he seemed to have a good heart. There was something about him that was familiar though. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew there was something. As the day went on, I decided to watch some movies
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Laylan 10
“Faster, Artimous,” Laylan yelled to her best friend or at least favorite unicorn. She was riding across the Scarside Plains outside of Beskal. In response, Artimous pushed harder and rode into Crystalwick Forest with such speed that the trees bowed from the force of the air around him. He galloped on; his mane fluttered back into Laylan's angelic face. Her own white hair was floating back. In her ears she could hear only his hooves hitting the ground and the twigs giving way to his body.They ran deep into the woods and came to the waterfall. Without warning, Artimous leapt into it and emerged into more vast forest that Laylan recognized, and she could sense the difference.Artimous slowed his pace and Laylan sat up. She looked around and saw that the trees around them, no longer radiated of Cion's glow. The trees were dark, angry, and full of pain.“Where are we, Artimous?” She gasped, though she knew the answer. She no lon
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