Love For A Thousand Years

Love For A Thousand Years

By:  Lady Sakura  Completed
Language: English
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"A thousand years is all it takes to see you again. A thousand years of pain is all it takes to pay for my mistakes. And a thousand years is all it takes to return to our rightful places.~" Set in an ancient dynasty, a lonely princess fell in love with the enemy's king. Princess Everly fell in love with King Dominique, the ruler of the enemy's kingdom. Both of them sacrificed everything for their forbidden love. Until a war evoked causing King Dominique to lose his life to save the princess. Left in despair, Princess Everly decided to follow him in the afterlife until the Moon Goddess appeared in her sight. The Moon Goddess took pity on their unforgettable love and gave Everly a chance to meet her love once again. Everly has to find the reincarnation of King Dominique before the red moon appears for them to have their second chance in love happen. Failure to complete the condition will result in her existence vanishing forever. Everly accepted it wholeheartedly since she's confident that his reincarnation will still fall in love with her. But what if the love you knew changed? What if the man you once loved is different from the man you knew? Would you take the risk to fulfill the love you once had or move on and accept that you two aren't destined with one another?

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139 Chapters
Chapter 1: Goodbye My Love
"Your Highness, please! We have to get you out before the enemy's army comes into your chamber. We don't have much time left. They are already attacking the crown prince's palace!" A young maiden dressed in a maid's uniform frantically told the woman standing in front of the window. Despite the chaos happening outside, her face speaks the complete opposite. Sounds of swords clashing and blood spilling on the ground surrounding the whole place. However, the woman's pearly white face and her lips as red as an apple don't have a reaction of fear at all. A gentle smile formed on her pink lips, and a feeling of tranquility was clearly shown on her beautiful face. "Where are father and mother?"She asked as she walked towards her walk-in closet. "They have already left the palace, your highness, together with the crown prince. I heard from a servant that they are heading north." She sadly said as she followed the princess. "Your highness, they must h
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Chapter 2: King Dominique
A young man wearing a black mask stood outside of Amsterdam's princess' chamber. Carefully scanning his surroundings, trying to look for the person he was looking for. One soldier approached the man and bowed respectfully. His hands clasped together and with his head faced down, he reported, "Your Majesty, our men failed to capture the King and Queen of Amsterdam. But we managed to track them. They are heading north." The man moved his gaze towards the soldier. His eyes squinted and behind his mask, a frown was clearly showing on his face. "What about the crown prince?" "The crown prince is with them. Before our soldiers break through the crown prince's chamber, they managed to escape him first, together with the King and Queen. But don't worry King Dominique, our men are already heading north to capture them." "What about the princess?" "No one has seen the princess, Your Majesty." King Dominique rashly took his sword and pointed it toward th
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Chapter 3: Deception
The whole forest was cloaked in darkness. The lamp that is held by King Dominique is the only light illuminating the road they are taking. Trees stood still like statues, no leaf dared to fall from their branches as they ran through.King Dominique held Everly's hand tightly, not letting go. Sounds of men approaching drew nearer to them. Dominique cursed silently and moved his legs faster than they already were.Everly looked puzzled at his sudden actions but didn't voice anything. She didn't manage to hear anything aside from the eerie sound of the forest. Her hearing wasn't trained for the military, so it's not a question why she didn't hear the approaching danger.A thin layer of sweat covered the nape of her neck. While keeping her breathy steady, she asked for the second time. "Reyl, what is really happening? Why are we running away?""D*mn it! Someone followed me." Dominique cursed under his breath. He stopped for a moment and glanced around the pla
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Chapter 4: Everly Park
Camera flashes popped from every angle. "That's it, Everly! Look at the piano in front!" Everly is currently having a photoshoot for her album. She will be releasing a new single by next month, so the photos taken today will be used for promotion and album covers.Everly followed the photographer's instructions. Her hand grasped the piano keys while her eyes looked at the piano gently. "Perfect! Continue having that kind of emotion!"She changed into another angle and threw a gentle smile. The theme of this shoot is sunset, so we are doing it outside. An array of colors set about the sky, from purple to orange, is clearly shown in the image.Its stunning scene clearly reflected the calm and gentle appearance shown on Everly's face. "Okay, one last shot!" Rows of flashes were directed towards Everly. A very beautiful smile curved on her lips, her eyes shining brightly, and her long wavy hair that reached her waist gently swayed in the wind."Perfect! Let's
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Chapter 5: Secrets Of The Heart
As the rain continued to pour down heavily, Everly thought back to the dreadful night in the past and to the one moment when she met the unexpected event that led to her current situation.Before he closed his eyes for the final time, he smiled and said, "Everly, my love... Don't cry for me. Always remember that I love you, now and forever. If there's a next life, I will still love it. Goodbye, my love." Soon he slipped away into his endless sleep, surrounded by the darkness of the trees and the cries of his beloved Everly. Deep aches cascaded in her heart as she watched him die in her arms. She tried waking him up again but he wasn't opening his eyes. The pain of losing someone felt like pins creeping along with her every being. A great sob escaped her lips as she hugged his cold body tightly. "Why?! Why did you do that?! After all the lies you told me, will you just leave me alone?! Reyl! Why?!" She wa
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Chapter 6: His Eyes
The sound of a cellphone ringing broke the silence inside the room. Sunlight shone through the curtain as Everly slowly opened her eyes. Feeling disgruntled with last night, she moaned for more sleep. The continuous ringing stopped her from going back to her slumber.She reached out her hand towards the phone. With her half-closed eyes, she answered the call. Her groggy voice resounded, revealing that she had just woken up. "Hello?""Don't tell me you're still in bed?" Her manager's high-pitched voice answered. "Hurry up Everly! It's already 8 in the morning and your flight is at 10. Hurry up! We're almost near to your apartment."The call immediately ended. Her eyes squinted shut, trying to ward off the sunlight that filtered through the curtains. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table and saw that it was already 8 in the morning.With a deep sigh, she walked out of her bed. She rubbed her eyes, trying to ward off her sleepiness. Before going to t
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Chapter 7: Glimpse Of His Voice
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your destination. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened and keep the aisle clear until we are parked at the gate. The Captain will then turn off the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, indicating it is safe to stand. Please use caution when opening the overhead compartments and removing items, since articles may have shifted during the flight. Thank you."This announcement had woken Everly up from her deep slumber. Finally, they have reached their destination. She yawned slightly and rubbed her eyes slowly, trying to wash off her drowsiness.As she looked out the window, the plane was already preparing to land. "Put on your coat, the weather is colder here." Her manager spoke and she was sitting beside her.She nodded her head and brushed her hair, which was slightly in disarray, using her fingers. "What time is it?" She asked as she glanced outside. It's sti
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Chapter 8: Mall Event
Darkness invaded the whole city streets. Snow is still falling but not as heavy compared to yesterday. In a bustling street, where tall buildings and shopping malls are built.Crowds of cheers and a long line of people are slowly gathering at the entrance of one of the biggest malls located in the area. People are holding different kinds of banners with Everly's name printed on them.There are some who hold signage with her pretty face placed. Today is the fan signing event for Everly's newest album. Armed guards in uniform are stationed in the center hall of the mall.A mini stage is built at the forefront and a long table is stationed at the side where people can have a meet and greet session with Everly. Everly hasn't arrived yet at the venue but the long crowd of people waiting for her is already gathered."And that's a wrap everyone! Good work", the director said after the last stage performance was rehearsed. Everly is currently having a rehearsal a
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Chapter 9: Headache
That question made Everly pause for a moment. ' Has she fallen in love? It's a big yes. And now she's still searching for that lost love she once had.'Gazes of people looked intently at her, waiting for her answer. When the host called her name once again, this broke her dazing self. She laughed slightly before answering. "Uhm, sorry for that. I was shocked by the first question. Hahaha."The people laughed at her response. This gave her a chance to sigh in relief. She didn't notice that she was lost in thoughts after hearing that question. Luckily, she managed to hide it immediately."Well, it was really a shocking question. It was my first time hearing a fan boldly asking an artist about her love life. Hahaha," The host wisely added."Hahaha, I know. So, for that question, have I ever loved someone that I'm willing to die for? Uhm, the answer would be yes. I had that kind of love once."The crowd went crazy after hearing the answer. Sho
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Chapter 10: Hospital
As soon as Everly's manager entered the room, she found her lying on the cold floor. She instantly walked down and grabbed her in her arms. "Everly! Everly! Wake up!" She tried tapping her face but Everly didn't make any response. Her breathing turned rapid as she worriedly looked at Everly's pale face. She shook her body trying to wake her up. "Everly! Wake up!" A staff member heard her scream and went directly to the room. He looked shocked to see the unconscious body of Everly in the arms of her manager. Her manager noticed the presence of the staff and she instantly glanced at him. "What are you doing?! Hurry up! Call an ambulance!" The staff member came back to his senses and hurriedly took his phone from his pocket. "Hello! Yes, we have an emergency here! Please send an ambulance right away! A patient fell unconscious. Please, hurry up!" "Are they coming?!" Everly's manager asked. "Yes, they will be here in less than 10 minutes."
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