In Love With My Uncle

In Love With My Uncle

By:  Diana Chiduku  Completed
Language: English
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Mona, calm down. " I looked at him through narrowed lashes. "I have a name and that is Ivy. " I let my hands ran in my hair. "what exactly should I call you, brother, uncle or lover " He just watched, he stood there like an eucalyptus , seeing me this hurt yet he did nothing . He knew, yet he f

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49 Chapters
Chapter one : Easter Suprise
Chapter one mom who did you say is coming for the Easter dinner at grandma " She smiled at me "Ohm your uncle Mark. You know its been long since I had seen him. My baby brother. He was just a tiny little thing when I last saw him." Her eyes lit as she recalled his baby form. " He was so little yet so handsome just like you. dad, like his dad." She swayed to the other side of the room and I managed to catch glimpse of her tear. Briskly she wiped it off and smiled. " you know..." she swiftly turned to face me, a small smile plastered on her oval face. " Never mind baby, get me the cane in the garage I want to give it to my mother." I nodded as I dashed out of the room. An involuntary sigh escaped my lips as I grabbed the cane from the far corner of the room. Its shiny armour was the only thing that could help me determine its position. " you know Ivy, he was so cute when he was a baby, I bet he now has muscles and girls drooling over him. He was so cute and handsome." Those word
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Chapter two : the stud
Chapter two I slid down the slippery stairs, feeling the air leave my lungs a little before l landed perfectly with a simple thud. I dashed through the leaving room to the dining table. “Fuck" I stopped abruptly, assessing everyone sitting at the dining table. I crossed my dangling slicer watch and it was only 6.30 and they were already gathered here. ‘Fuck' I did a little breathing exercise, I rubbed my sweaty hands on my sweaters. I slipped into the chair next to Blue eyes, those dreamy eyes. I swayed my eyes to my mother who was currently set like a statue, her head lowered. Swiftly I moved my gaze to everyone, they all had their heads bowed down. I shrugged my shoulders as I grabbed a bowl full of potatoes, and dished a handful. I cleared my throat as I shoved the food into my mouth. “Dear Lord" She historically dropped her hands on the table and clutched the table cloth a little. Grandma ‘eyes went out of their wrinkled sockets. “Clara what on earth did you teach your
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Chapter 3: Midnight surprise
Ivy” I heard someone shaking me, I was deep in my slumber. “Ivy” I groaned as the whisper got persistent. I pulled the blanket over my head. “Ivy “the voice was deep and whisky as it pulled the blanket away from me, I bolted upright, and switched the lamp near my bedside. “what do you want?” I nearly screamed, “shhh, you are eligible for clubs right” I looked up to find Mark staring at me. “it’s late Mark, let me sleep,” I said as l pulled the blankets over my body. “are you this boring? Let’s go to the club, I don’t have a partner, I promise I will bring you back before morning” he said as he pulled me out of the blankets. “fine wait, I need to wear clothes first” he gave me an overall look and went straight to my monarch. He opened it and threw the first thing he came across. “wear that, I am running out of time,” he said as walked out of the room. I sighed as I pulled the skirt and top. “let’s go?” I said as I closed the door. He didn’t even bother looking at me as he saunt
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Chapter four : fifty shades
The day dawned crispy and clear. The morning sun poured through my window forcing me to squint my eye as I pulled the blanket over my head. " A minute, just a minute" I whispered to the morning gods. " Ivy" the shrilling voice of my sister brought me anguish. Won't she let me sleep? " Ivy wakes up, your dumb ass," she said as she shook me awake. " Lizzy just a minute" I groaned as I sank into the bed. " A minute! Are you crazy, it’s after one!" she said as she pulled the blankets away. " you went to the club and came back drunk," she said and she scoffed. " And you left me, me your sister. Since when did you start doing things I don't know about, huh?" I groaned and opened my eyes slowly. " Lizzy doesn't open the window," I said as the mid-afternoon sun blinded my eyes. " why? It stings in here" she opened the windows. " But since when did you and Mark go out at night, huh? ". She said as she walked closer to the bed. Even I was wondering the same thing. Had I done something
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Chapter five : Sweet Nightmares
Shit Ivy you are wet.” The voice was distant. It felt good as that hand creased my breast. His other hand was on my wet thong. “How can you be so wet and so.” He didn’t finish his statement as he mouthed my left breast. I let out a moan. ooh fuck I was enjoying this. He moved his mouth from my swallowing breast to my neck. His tongue explored my neck. I arched my back. His tongue was doing wonders on me. “Mark what are you doing. Someone may come in and saw us.” He moved away from my neck before I even processed what he was doing. The hand that was on my left mound breast moved to my belly. It lingered there causing butterflies in my tummy. “No one will come in.” He said as he made his way to my thigh. He planted a kiss on my thigh. “aaa” I screamed. He quickly inserted his fingers into my mouth. I sucked them. “Naughty girl. you are making too much noise” he mumbled under his breath as he kissed my inner thighs again. How am I supposing to remain quiet when he was doing thi
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chapter six: Busted
Chapter6 " Mmm Ivy you are drooling." Mark whispered as he walked past me. "What?" I placed my Hand on my lips. Nothing was there. Fuck, I am stupid. He just busted me and I just confirmed that l was looking at him. He laughed at my stupidity. Aunt Lisa just had the guts to look at me right now. My face was all red from embarrassment. "Morning aunt." I do not know how I managed to let that out. She smiled at me. She motioned me to sit. she placed a plat full of pancakes. "Morning sunshine. Did you sleep well." Lisa asked as she made her way to the cupboard. "She sure did." Mark chuckled. Lisa threw him a dirty glance "Stop teasing her." He chuckled and made his way out. " I was just trying to be nice" he raised his hand in surrender. " Women" he breathed as he shook his head, his messy hair wondering all over. How would it feel to get my fingers tangled in that? I forced myself out of the void of my thoughts. "Did you sleep well?" her eyes held a glint of joy "well not r
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chapter seven : stranded
Chapter 7 The car suddenly came to an abrupt halt. " did you hear that Ivy?" Mark asked as he tried to put the car into drive but rather it revised. " Something happened in the engine," he said as he stopped the car from going backwards. " let me go and check," he said as he got out of the car. I sighed as I swayed my gaze to my surroundings. " it's going to be a long day," I remarked to myself. I stared at the angry sky, I cursed myself that had gone out without checking the weather first. I always check the weather. I got out of the car and headed toward him. his muscles flexing as he touched from part of the engine to the other. " Find anything?" I asked as stared at what he was doing and those canal images flashed in my mind. I gawked at his hands wondering how they would feel on my skin, wondering how it would feel to trace those thick gains that were protruding on his arms. " I need to go back inside if you don't mind" I mumbled lowly. he only nodded at me. Going back in
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chapter eight. Sweet pleasure
Will sleep on the bed while you sleep on the floor" I smiled devilishly at Mark who only but stared at me. " I paid, I decide what will happen" I scoffed at him. This isn't a business deal where he gets to show dominance, I am his blood. And I will sleep on the bed and he on the darn floor. Tonight he will support Florida with his back " we will both sleep on the bed." Blood rushed to my face as I anticipated the unknown. No way was I going to sleep on the same bed as him. " l__" my throat burned, my pelvic ached for something I didn't know. Was it lust that I felt? My body betrayed me like that Judas in the book of Christians. How dumb was that men? " if you don't want to sleep on the floor, and if you don't want to catch a cold, you the one with sore throat." he said, his voice flat. Was he blackmailing me with my own medical record. Surely not. He would not have put himself in such trouble to find mare medicals. " I suggest you come and join me in bed" I stood there for a mome
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chapter nine: hot shower
Chapter 9 I step out of the shower, the cool breeze greeting my body, enveloping it with ice. I shivered as I unhooked the drying towel and careless hung it on my body. I strode to the closet to find anything warm. I fumbled on my body as I tried to get hold of the drying towel. The cold dry wind belittled my body, condemning it for not wearing. I swayed my gaze to find Mark clutching the drying towel. "What the hell Mark?" I said as I tried to get the towel from him. His eyes moved from the towel in his hand to my boobs, he scrolled down to the rosy petals in between my legs. I saw him swallow hard. I felt invaded, the dignity I had left was stripped away from me there. I covered myself with my tinny hands. He dropped the towel. He reached for my ass and grabbed it. Gave it a little squeeze. He drew me closer to him. I pushed him away from me, away from my body. My brain congratulated me yet my body trembled for more. Trembled for sins that were yet to come. Was this what is
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chapter 10 the forbidden fruit 1
Chapter 10 Mark’s Provo Fuck she was so tight when I entered her. She was a virgin. Never for once did I think she would be a virgin. How old is she anyway? Is she like seventeen or something. I watched her gasp as my cock entered. I saw her face flush with pain. I moved my hand to her breast. I stroked it gently trying to divert the attention to her breast. I watched her body accommodate my cock. I saw her starting to move her hips. I took that as a go-ahead. I pushed in a little more. “I am going to move Mona.” I doubted she heard me. I started moving. I heard her call my name. I stopped as she looked away from me. Fuck did I hurt her. She saw SK as fragile and the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt her. here it. “Did I hurt you Mona.” she shook her head “then look at me and tell me the problem” thank God I had not hurt her she slowly turned to look at me. Our eyes locked. “Help me,” she whispered. KKK I knew what I she talking about. “wrap your legs on my waist, like t
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