The Lycan King's Broken Mate

The Lycan King's Broken Mate

By:  Ashy Maree  Ongoing
Language: English
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Every day, I am abused, tortured at the hands of the monster of an Alpha we have. Sophia had been an orphanage ever since she could remember. Both of her parents had died in an accident, but Sophia had never believed this. She counted down the days until she could leave this god-awful pack. Alpha Cyrus was handing over the pack to his son, who was coming of age. It means that he is the new Alpha in training, and you guessed it that means daily torturing by him as well. The beatings were getting worse as the days go by. I swear they are going to kill me before I can get out of this hellhole. I am close to getting my wolf and finding my mate. But I feel I am too weak to get a wolf. The Moon Goddess doesn’t like me. It is like she had turned a blind eye to what happens to me. So I decided a long time ago that I was going to be in charge of my own fate. If my mate was in this pack, would I really be able to reject them? Could I survive as a rogue? I had no other choice if I wanted to stay alive? The only thing that was keeping me going was the idea of revenge on that bastard Alpha and his son. What happens when Sophia becomes of age? Can she really bring herself to reject her own mate from the pack that has never stuck up for her, abusing her on a daily basis? Will she be able to find out who killed her parents, leaving her as an orphan? Is she too hell bent on revenge that she becomes the very monster that she has sort out to kill?

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64 Chapters
There is not much that I remember about my parents or how we came to this god awful pack. I am told that it was an accident, but I have never believed that. How could werewolves die in a car attack? Nobody knew where we came from. But all they knew was that I was a curse. Well, in their minds, I was.From the age of about four, they forced me into being the pack’s slave. I was the most hated wolf in this pack. The Alpha beats me on a daily basis and now his son Angus is following in his footsteps. Every day is a struggle for me here. There is someone here, though, who always seems to save me. I don’t know who it is? I am not allowed to know who it is.It will be my eighteenth birthday in a few weeks from now and I will finally be able to leave. I already packed my bag with what little things I own. Miss Cindy, the teacher in charge of the orphanage, has been giving me enough money to escape when my wolf finally comes through.See, when we turn eighte
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Blow To The Head
Sophia’s POV Six more months and I could be out of this hellhole, see my parents had died when I was younger. I was put in the orphanage no one wanted to adopt, which I didn’t care about. But for some reason, Alpha Cyrus hated me and so did his son. I would cop daily beatings for no reason. He has tried to beat me down for the last sixteen years, but it hasn’t worked. I will not allow him to break me. He is a d*ck. He treats our Luna like crap; I feel sorry for her, as I know she gets it worse than I do. No one at school likes me. The teachers hate me and so do all the kids; I have no friends there. All I try to do is study and keep my head down. But the stupid Alpha is training his son up on how to beat me in public. No one can actually watch it, except for the sick kids, but hey they are all like that. I don’t feel the pain anymore. Knowing what is coming for me, I retreat into my head. My body becomes numb. I swear that one of these days I will kill him and his son
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Will I Survive This One?
My eyes fluttered open. I winced from the pain as I tried to move. Not even sure where I was, or what was going on. The last thing that I remembered was Mr Owen tying me to the table and whipping my back. What an asshole. How could everyone just sit there and watch? F**king Angus. He was going to pay for everything that he has done to me. “Sophia, try not to move too much, alright. You were whipped so badly that the whip broke through your skin to your bones. But you have started to heal ok, quicker than you normally would. So I think you will be ok.” Miss Cindy says to me. “Thank you, Miss Cindy, for always looking out for me. I think I would have died if it was not for you. Who brought me here? If I am allowed to ask.” I ask her. She looked like she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to say anything. So I didn’t ask her anything further. Not sure what else to do, I go to move off the table that I was on, but my back itched and the pain was bad enough that I didn’t wan
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That Scent
Derek’s POV“Honey, I need you to go to the pack and see what evidence you can collect.” Mom's voice came through the phone. I knew she was going to ask me to do this. No one else wanted to go and see that a**hole. He was good at hiding all evidence, well I just felt that he had his pack too scared to come forward. My beast was stirring for the first time in a while.“Mom, seriously, there must be someone else that can do it. You know I will kill him if it comes down to it. But you know I don’t want to kill anyone else after what happened.” I sighed, blocking out the memories of that horrible night. I could never take back what happened, but I knew I would not do it again unless there was enough evidence.“Derek, no one blames you for what happened. But you had reason to do it. They killed your mate and your father.” I could feel the sadness from Mom without her even having to say anything.“Ok Mom, I will do it for you. But it still doesn’t mean that I am ready to come back. I will ke
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Rejection And Death
Sophia’s POVThe blackness was still there, but it felt different now. It was like something was happening to me, something was running through my entire body, fixing me, making me powerful.“Just hold on Sophia. I am your wolf, Bria. You must fight the darkness. We are almost there. We are one of the last of our kind, Sophia. We have super strength and live longer than most wolves. We are quicker than most. We are the last bloodline of the original werewolves, Sophia, so you must survive. It is your destiny.” Bria says in my head and I could feel the ancient blood coursing through my veins.“That’s why my parents were killed?” I said out loud in my head.“Sophia, that I do not know. There is more to us, but I don’t know what it is. But it made everyone hunt us down and kill us all. But if you die, then you will never know. You need to survive to reject our mate.” She said to me.“Who is our mate?” I asked her.“One of the ones that did this to us, Sophia. You must reject him so we ca
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I could sense that something was wrong with Jarrod, Adeline and Carla as they were running silently beside me, I had rejected the pack but somehow I could still link with Jarrod but what I didn't expect was to be able to hear the conversation between Jarrod and Adeline.“She is different, Jarrod. Are you sure you want her to come with us? She might be the reason to slow us down.” Adeline said to Jarrod. Jarrod slowed down as no one was in thier wolf's form yet.“Jarrod it's ok. I was never going to come with you. I owe you my life many times. I will lead them off as far as I can. So you can get out of here with your family. If you ever need me, please come and find me and I will repay the favour." “But how did you know? Sophia, I am sorry to do this, but my family is everything to me.” It was like he was trying to find an excuse to leave me, but I owed him my life.“Goodbye Jarrod.” I said to him through the link we still shared, and I took off in the other direction. After all, the
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“Um, what? How is he dead? I just spoke to him the other day.” The man said to me.“I killed him.” I said, getting a little nervous now as my mate was standing there laughing at me.“How could you kill him?” I could hear his mocking tone in his voice and I was getting angry now. Who was this man to mock me? He was exactly like Angus. The Moon Goddess really didn’t like us.“I KILLED HIM BECAUSE HE ABUSED ME FOR YEARS FOR NO REASON. HE KILLED MY PARENTS BUT I CAN’T PROVE IT. HIM AND HIS B*STARD SON NEARLY KILLED ME THEY BASHED MY FACE IN. THEN JUST LEFT ME FOR DEAD. THEN I FOUND OUT HIS SON WAS MY MATE SO WE REJECTED HIM TO FIND OUR TRUE MATE, WHO TURNS OUT TO BE AN A*SHOLE AS WELL. SO I KILLED HIM AND GOT THE F*CK OUT OF THERE.” My blood was boiling, I was angry at this man, that claims to my mate, but yet again I am getting screwed over and I was sick of it, this was meant to be my escape.“Bria, we need to reject him now.”“NO WE WILL NOT SOPHIA, IT IS AN ACT. HE THINKS WE ARE TRICK
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You Will Die
Sophia’s POV I woke up screaming. How long had I been out for? Looking around the room, I couldn’t tell where I was. My hands went to my neck. The silver had gone. But I wasn’t where I thought I would be. The room was padded. It looked secure. There was an enormous bed with a sitting area near it. It had a kitchenette, plus there was a shower and toilet as well. Nothing was hidden. The entire room was open, including the bathroom. I could feel him staring at me. Turning around slowly to look at him, I backed up against the wall. His face was softer this time. What the hell was he doing? “I am sorry that you had to meet my twin brother, Sophia. He got out of his cell when he heard about you. He wanted to take you for himself and take you away from me.” “Where am I Steven?” “In my safe house, Sophia. No one but me knows you are here. Tobias thinks I toke you back to Angus.” He explained to me. There was no way I was going to trust him, but in all honesty, a werewolf could tell if ano
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I Will Protect You
Derek's POVI still couldn't believe that she was here in front of me. I was so sure that we had lost her. But the Moon Goddess must have heard our prays. “Derek, you sure you don’t mind looking after her for a while?” Jason's voice said to me through the link. He didn't seem to sense anything yet. So this was the act I was going to have to go with.“Yeah man, it's fine. It will be good to have some company around here, plus she doesn’t seem to know what I am? Or who I am? Has she ever come across a Lycan before?”“Honestly Derek, I have no idea. All I know is that Cyrus used to abuse her. He nearly killed her once or twice and then Steven wanted to do the same thing.” He explained to me.“And what makes you want to help her? Is she the one that your mate has been trying to find out about?"“She is. That’s why I had to get her away from Steven. She is special. You should
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Upsetting The Lycan Prince
Sophia’s POVI woke up from the most peaceful sleep that I had in years. Sleeping in Derek’s arms had felt so right that I had fallen asleep within minutes. I looked around the room and he wasn’t there; the bed was cold so he must have been up for a while. Feeling better, I got up to go to the bedroom I was staying for a shower. Remembering what Derek had said about the clothes, I decided to check out the wardrobe first.After finding some clothes that I thought would look nice, I went and had a shower, feeling content for the first time in my life. Not sure what I should do now. I decided I would explore the house. Making my way down the stairs, I smelt bacon, my stomach grumbled at the smell, so I thought I would go and find where the kitchen was. Turns out the house was bigger than I thought it was. I found the kitchen finally after around half an hour. It was on the ground floor, right at the back of the house. Not sure if I was actually allowed to leave the room I was in, I made
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