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"Of course I'm happy, nothing can make me happier than this," he said, as he stepped forward and stood in front of Mila. Yet, the thing that man did next made Mila widen her eyes in surprise. The man her lips! ============== Fifty years ago, Mila fled from the clutches of Liam, the vampire king, who would make her his bride, because of the death of her sister. Mila didn't want the position as the queen because Anna should have occupied that. It's just that her sister was killed by humans and Mila had to come forward and replace her, as she came from vampire aristocrats family. On her run, Liam sent Aaric to catch Mila and bring her back to the kingdom. However, the situation got more complicated when they were attacked by humans and Mila was arrested to be the object of the latters' research. It wasn't until fifty years later that Aaric finally managed to find Mila. Aaric's mission was now more complex; he had to get Mila out of the research center, but he couldn't return to the kingdom of the vampires and give up the girl he loved.

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She stood there alone, her long white hair fluttering in the cold, dry night breeze. She was not an old woman, her face was as clear as moonlight and skin as smooth as jade ... body so petite with a slender waist and delicate fingers. There was nothing strange about this woman until one took a closer look and noticed the blood dripping from her chin, staining her bare neck and chest. The girl's front was covered in bloodstains which didn't seem to be hers. It was too much blood for her to still be alive and stand steadily if it was her that was injured. The truth was, she wasn't.  However, right under her feet was a man, lying lifelessly and drenched in blood that was gushing out of the gaping wound on his neck … as if someone had just plucked a chunk of flesh from it. Unfortunately, there was no one else aside from the white-haired girl. She stoo
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For a moment the man didn't answer Mila, he frowned and looked like someone who was deep in thought before he said a name. "I'm Roy," the man replied. "I'm your friend. I'll escort you to a warmer place. Come here…” he said in a slightly trembling tone. However, Mila could not be sure, whether Roy sounded a little uncertain because of the cold night that made his voice shudder like someone who was cold, or he was indeed hiding something from Mila. With watchful eyes, Mila walked closer. The distance between them was quite far with the man's corpse in between. But, suddenly Mila stopped walking when she saw about five more people coming from the same door, where this man named Roy had come earlier. Her gray eyes stared at them with displeasure. From the gestures of the five people, Mila could feel that they were going to do something to her. "Come
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The thing that made Mila wake up from her long sleep was the crackling sounds and the voices of several people speaking nearby. Who are they? Mila couldn't recognize a single voice and when she thought about it, Mila didn't really meet many people besides a man named Roy and five other men who didn't speak at all before they ambushed her. As well as another man that had died at her hands, it was certain that he could not speak either. After all the memories of that night returned, Mila still didn't open her eyes, pretending to be asleep so she could hear more about what they were talking about. But, the clearer her consciousness came to her, the more voices she heard, they all sounded just like some bees buzzing right in her ears, getting louder and louder and more chaotic with each second. When the sounds became more annoying and made her head spin, Mila cou
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Mila was shocked for a moment before she violently pushed the man's body away from her. Apparently, the man didn't intend to insist, as Mila could easily break free and jump away from such a dangerous person. “Damn it! What are you doing?" Mila shouted angrily, she brushed the back of her hand against her lips roughly, annoyed that the man had treated her like this, especially when she noticed the grin on his lips, the same lips that had touched hers just a moment before. "Kissing what's mine," he replied lightly, then sat on the edge of the bed, which Mila had been sitting on. "You don't think I forgot to lock the door, do you?" He asked, as he followed Mila's gaze, which was fixed on the door, brewing plans to run away. Knowing that she didn't have a chance to escape, except by knocking the annoying man in front of her unconscious, Mila moved backward, until her back was pressed against the s
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Even though Mila still felt a little strange and didn't understand why Aaric forbade her from taking the drugs, which were given to her by the people here, but Mila was not stupid to let those people force her to swallow something she didn't know either. Mila had just lost her memory, but that didn't mean she would not stay vigilant  with her surroundings. One thing that was certain and she believed it as true, which Aaric had also confirmed with her was; this place was the center of their research and the object of their research was Mila herself, even though Mila didn't understand what's wrong with her until they made her an experimental subject, but whatever it was, she felt that it wouldn't be good for her. However, avoiding their drugs intake wasn't easy, they would make sure that Mila took her medicine properly and wouldn't leave her until she swallowed the pills. Even after that, they wou
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A few minutes into closing her eyes, Mila felt the bed she was sleeping in, move slowly but steadily. It seemed like Aaric was going to take her somewhere else. But, where? To that padding room again? Mila didn't understand, but she said nothing and did what Aaric asked her to do. After passing through several alleyways and greeting a few people, then door after door that creaked open and closed, Mila felt like being surrounded by a lot of light and this made her forehead wrinkle a little because the lighting was too glaring for her own comfort. "Don't make any suspicious movements, otherwise the two of us will be finished." Mila heard Aaric's voice again, it sounded soft to her ears and so low, that she was sure only the two of them could hear him. After they passed that room filled with bright light, Mila could relax again when they entered another room wit
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Mila rolled her eyes dramatically. What's with this man? Why did he always act very strange? "Hey, you haven't answered my question yet," Aaric said, reminding Mila while waving his hand in front of the girl's face. "Seriously Aaric!" Mila pushed the bottle back to the man's hand, a little hard, but still this man didn't budge. "Why? Just answer it." Aaric raised his eyebrows questioningly. "Miss me?" "No," Mila answered in a stern tone, as if she didn't have to think twice about answering that stupid question. "Your words always hurt and don't match what you feel," Aaric muttered when he heard Mila's answer, as if that trivial thing really hurt his feelings. "Now, tell me. What's all this?" Mila spread her hands, trying to show the whole place, where she has been held all this time. However, Aaric did not answer her immediately. Instead,
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This guy often did unreasonable things, but what he's doing right now was outright crazy! Aaric was trying to kill her! What the hell was going on in his mind?! Mila screamed with all her might when she saw Aaric slashing the penknife, which he took out of his trouser pocket, at her swiftly. Mila was sure she didn't have time to dodge it and the knife scratched her skin. The first thing she anticipated was; unbearable pain from her injured hand. Yes, as Mila wanted to protect her face, she raised her hands as a last resort instinctively. "Stop screaming," Aaric said in a lazy tone when he saw Mila's exaggerated reaction. "Look carefully." Aaric's words were not immediately digested by Mila, but when she realized that the pain she thought she was going to feel was not coming, Mila began to slowly lower her hand to see Aaric, who was still
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Mila stared at the blood spreading on Aaric's hand with wide eyes in disbelief. "You said, you and I are the same!!!" Mila exclaimed hysterically when she saw Aaric's futile attempt to stop the bleeding, but it looked like the wound Mila had made was quite deep. "Then why are you bleeding now!?" At first, Mila just wanted to make sure that Aaric wasn't fooling her with stupid stories about non-human beings, or using a trick that could cut the hem of her shirt without injuring her at all, but now that she saw how Aaric was bleeding, Mila felt like she was indeed stupid to trust him. "Oh, shit!" Aaric cursed, the expression on his face was not one of a panic because of the pain from the wound on the back of his hand, as his eyes were staring warily at the door while the drops of blood continued to soak the special floor in this padding room. "Why did you attack me?" Aaric asked, sounding desperate. "Yo
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That night, Aaric said goodbye to Mila in a strange and very quick way, as if he was being rushed by something, also became the last time Mila saw him. The first and second day Mila didn't see him, she still didn't feel disturbed. The third and fourth days, Mila started to wake up almost every night, hoping Aaric would come, sneak in to see her again, but after the fifth and sixth day the strange man didn't come, Mila started to feel restless. Did something happen to Aaric? Or was he punished and transferred to another section? So they couldn't meet again? Mila began to blame herself for following Aaric's advice by accusing him of harassment. Maybe, if Mila told the truth, Aaric wouldn't have been punished too severely… But, maybe Aaric knew better about the situation here, so he chose that way to get out of the problem Mila has caused. Once again, Mila banged her head aga
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