Happily Not Chosen

Happily Not Chosen

By:  Ansu Barkhuizen   Completed
Language: English
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Follow along with Anne, Liam and everyone else when we see how her biological mother makes the toughest decision of her life. Elizabeth needs to decide if they will be keeping both the twins or only one as Arnold wants and manipulates her to do. She finally decided to keep the boy giving up the girl and setting her life in motion. We meet Donald and Juliet in their toughest time and we experience joy when they receive a baby girl. Anne grows up as a daddies girl and a start singing and makes a career out of this. She meets Liam, the love of her life and want to introduce him to her parents only to have her dad's plane crash on an island. Throw in Genetic cancer to the mix starting Anne's journey searching for her biological parents to warn them not knowing they have met before when she came for training at Jones Incorporated. Years later at the wedding of Alexia, Anne and Liam's daughter, by miracle Donald comes back from the dead to find Juliet happily married to Harold. He later on meets Rachel and remarries happily. Alexia and Luke happily married with their son and Darren meets the love of his life Natasha. Follow along with Anne as we explore her life story of love, happiness, sadness and most importantly of all drama, the twists and turns. Shedding tears along with her when she is sad and being happy along with her in times of happiness. Through the hardships and happiness bestowed by fate on to her path of live.

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69 Chapters
The story begins when two star struck lovers meet for the first time. Madly in love with each other up until something changes their whole lives as they know it, Elizabeth is sixteen and pregnant with twenty two year old Arnold as the father.Surprise surprise as they find out that it is a set of twins.Despite all the roadblocks in their love for each other Arnold and Elizabeth have found a way to be together at last but not before Elizabeth had to make the hardest decision of her life while listening and being manipulated by Arnold to choose his decision. Her choice being the influenced one affecting and changing the life for her own daughter whom she doesn't get to meet or know until later in her life.We meet Mr and Mrs Jones and get told their troubles in life and the exact moment when Donald's gift for Juliet arrives making their lives change for the better.They finally are able to also be parents to a beautiful little girl.W
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Chapter 1
Hi. My name is Anne Jones and this is the story of my life. The story doesn't begin at my birth or one or other special birthday or something like that but way way back, back to where my biological parents met, the troubles and roadblocks in their way that influenced my life from the start of my breath and subsequently my life journey as consequence to my biological mothers decision. Well let's get started.Elizabeth's P.O.V (Anne's Biological mother) I met the love of my life. We have been together for 6 months and it is just amazing. He is just amazing. We fell in love and I fall more in love every time I see him. Life is just great... although my mum doesn't seem to agree with my point of view of Arnold. You see he is a little older than me. I am only sixteen and he is already twenty two. My mum feels that he is only in my life for one thing and she believes that once he has gotten what he is after he will be dropping me like a hot potato and scurrying off to go and enjoy the res
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Chapter 2
Working up the courage to even go to the pharmacy to buy one of those pregnancy tests was hard. What is there was someone that knew me or mum in the shop? They would tell her and then I would have to please and explain what I was doing buying a pregnancy test for when she is under the impression that I haven't even lost my virginity. Not like I would be trying to talk to her about anything that happens in my life anymore as she had told me the last time that I was basically just a burden in her life at the moment and that she would be kicking me out of the house as soon as she lawfully and possibly could. She is more interested in spending time with her current flavour of the month and only asks me questions she deems necessary to establish to her standards that I am not messing around and doing some things that would have her fork out anymore money that the absolutely necessary. Finally decided that buying the test would ease my worries even if only for a little bit. I went to the
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Chapter 3
Arnold's P.O.V (Anne's Biological Father) Waiting for Elizabeth at the coffee shop felt like the longest time of my life. I was so stressed and worried that I arrived an hour before we were supposed to meet, thinking that the time would pass quicker if I was already at the coffee shop. That isn't what happened. Finally I saw her coming through the door and looking around to spot me. I give her a quick wave and then see her going to the counter to order her drink. I wonder if her favorite drink is still the same as what it was two months ago. I used to love to tease her about having a new flavor each and every time they released any new flavors and she would blush and mumble that there really wasn't a way to choose between some of them. Those were the good old days. The days I have gone to miss extremely since she began ignoring me. I would come to the coffee shop hoping to catch a glimpse of her sitting at one of the tables with her drink doing her homework or just reading a book.
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Chapter 4
Two months laterElizabeth's P.O.V As he had promised he had gone with me to the doctor's office. After all the tests were done the doctor informed us that I was indeed pregnant. Arnold asked so many questions it made me blush and try to hide in shame. He even went so far as to have an extra copy of the first ultrasound printed out for him to put in his wallet to keep it with him always. I tried to remind him that there would be more ultrasound pictures to come but he said that this one is special as it was the first time he was seeing our baby.He even said our baby. He turned out to be so supportive and helped me without asking questions or looking back.At our next and second ultrasound, we were excited to get to know the gender of our baby. What we didn't expect was to find out that we would be having two babies. Turns out that our boy was hiding his little sister at the previous scan. They were both in perfect health and condition. Once again Arnold had an extra ultrasound pictu
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Chapter 5
The day of the birthElizabeth's P.O.VMy baby boy is beautiful. I don't know what the girl looks like because the adoption agency took her right after the nurses cleared her safe to leave the hospital. I didn't even get to meet her or see how she looked. It would have been nice to know which character traits she got from me and which she got from Arnold. Speaking of which, he couldn't be happier. He doesn't even seem to be bothered by the fact that his daughter had been taken away as he has been staring at our son for the past two hours. It luckily wasn't a hard birth and it didn't take as long as they sometimes show in the movies and series. Mom made no effort whatsoever to be in my life anymore, so I had to make the hard decision and start forgetting about her in the long run. Arnold left soon after, as he had a shift to cover at work and as I lay there in the hospital room looking over my baby boy I was starting to feel reality sink in that I have this little person depending
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Chapter 6
Donald's P.O.V (Anne's Adoptive father) My dear Juliet hasn't stopped crying since we got the test results back confirming that she could indeed not have children of her own. Secretely I have applied for us to adopt a little baby and went through the whole process to get us confirmed and listed as adoptive parents looking for a baby. I couldn't bare see my lovely wife in tears any longer and did what was needed to be done. If she felt the need to hate me for it, then so be it, but I did what was necessary to get my wife back to eating, living her life and being there and present for me to love and cherish her. Ignoring the heart wrenching cries and sniffling I heard coming from the room again, I went to check the mailbox hoping to have a letter of approval in there that would hopefully get my wife's back to me. Hoping has become my only saving grace each time I have walked to the mailbox the last couple of weeks each and everytime just to have my hope crushed and having to continue
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Chapter 7
Seven years laterJuliet's P.O.V (Anne's Adoptive mother) Anyone ever feel that time just goes past way too fast? I feel this way today. It is hard to believe that it has been seven years that I have been a mother to dear Anne. It really does feel like only yesterday that we were blessed to adopt our beautiful baby girl but in fact today is her first school day. Me and Donald love her so much and we would do anything and everything for her. Only the best is good enough for her. Even with saying this we will be making sure that she grows up a kind hearted soul and not a spoiled brat. We took a while to decide in which school we would be enrolling Anne and we finally after visiting them all decided on a small private school near our home. Anne looked most happy there and the teachers are competent in doing their jobs.Donald made sure that he would be able to provide for his family. He started out as a bell boy at the local hotel and worked himself up from there until he owned it. He
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Chapter 8
Juliet's P.O.VI was so worried when she asked about pregnancy and that she wouldn't love us like she has these past years when she would find out that we weren't her real parents that I had to quickly think of something to tell her so that she didn't keep on asking too many questions now with me all alone. Donald was the calm and collected one in situations like these and he would know how to answer her to the ability of her understanding everything. We aren't naive and we knew that sooner or later she would either start asking questions about why we don't really look alike or something might happen and that would have her asking questions. We were prepared to tell her but we thought we would have a little more time to prepare before we would need to tell her this. After she picked her photos to use for school I went downstairs to put away the photo album. I heard footsteps in her room so I knew that she was busy in there. I quickly called Donald and told him what had happened and
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Chapter 9
Donald's P.O.V We went up to go and tuck Anne in as we had promised her before she went up. I first had to get the tears out of me and wash their trace from my face. I didn't want Anne thinking that she had made me sad when in fact they were happy tears. We were walking down the hallway when we heard this beautiful voice sing the one song that I would call special. It was the song that Juliet and I danced to when we got married first and it was also the song that Anne has loved to be sung to her when she was restless in the evenings. Mind you we weren't singers and it was off key but at least we got the correct words in and she seems to have learned and memorised them. I turned and looked at Juliet. She had tears in her eyes and she was smiling so bright. We started quitely walking to her bedroom where we stood just outside the door as quietly as we could while she was singing the last part of the song. She even added some of her own dance moves in. I doubt she knew we were stan
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