His Deplorable Mate

His Deplorable Mate

By:  Palos Verdes  Ongoing
Language: English
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THE WORST FEELING IS FEELING UNWANTED BY THE PERSON WE WANT THE MOST!! Werewolves love is dreamy for everyone. Everything is perfect, first time looking in each other eyes, first touch, first fast heartbeat right? But what if the one loving the most, gets the most heartbreak? Let's read and find out what fate has stored for our lovely and beautiful Ava Sapphire Chantria.

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Hey guys! It's my very first book on Good novel. I am hyped and excited at the same time lol.Let's go on a journey of supernatural, love, betrayal, and heartbreak.If you came across my book and liked it, please vote and comment. It would mean the world to me. You guys are free to pinpoint any mistake. And please make sure to leave your feedback, it will help me improve myself and be motivated.Trigger Moments: It's a rejection story, so obviously, there will be some trigger moments. • The female is Kind and innocent not pathetic. There is a thin line between being kind and pathetic. She will be getting strong as the story unfolds. You see, not everyone is strong and badass. Some people go through something in life that makes them Strong. Love is not the same for everyone.Read it at your own risk, if you don't like trigger moments. Please vote, comment and share.Love Y'all's 💕
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AUTHOR'S POV:The light of dawn seeped into the room and reflected on her angelic face. There she was sleeping peacefully, looking like a fairy. Thick eyelashes, button nose, green mesmerizing eyes, fuller lips, milky white skin, and most importantly, her beautiful and kind heart, an epitome of beauty.“Wake up Sweetheart,” Her mother said lovingly to her only daughter while stroking her hair, waking her up."Good Morning, mom," rubbing her dreary eyes, Ava smiled at her mother. “Good Morning honey, Now wakey-wakey. Today's your first day of high school. Aren't you excited,"? Her mother inquired. Ava nodded enthusiastically but was still sleepy. Her mother smiled, kissed her forehead, and left to make breakfast.After her mother left, Ava lazily looked outside the window. The weather was beautiful, and the dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Ava looked at the clock, beside her bed. “Oh shoot, I'm getting late for school,
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Ava's POV:Standing by the window and gazing at the glinting orris-silver moon, I was thinking how my whole world has changed just in a matter of hours.I'd always loved the moon. The way it shines in the dreary sky, surrounded by millions of twinkling stars, alone but still holds the power and beauty. The moon came to the sky as a mother comes to sing a soft lullaby to ease her children into a star-filled night. It graces the sky as if she'd had some bright idea, something brilliant needed to shine upon the earth. It has always mesmerized me, but today it didn't, I wasn't feeling anything. There was a numb pain in my chest. My mind was black just like this night.Once again, gazing at the sky, thinking, Is this how you feel when you find your mate? Is this how your first night with your mate's supposed to be? Many questions were swirling in my mind, many questions I had, that I wanted to ask him but for the first time in my life, I was afraid of the answers.Turning my tearful and hel
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Ava's POV:3:00 AM! But still, there was not an ounce of sleep in my eyes. Another sleepless night, I sighed and changed my side. It's been a week since that day. Agony-filled heart, sleepless nights, and thousands of questions in my mind. Staring at the ceiling, I wondered, how will it be to be loved by him? There are so many things that I want to tell him, so many questions, I want answers from him. I wanna hug him tightly and ask, why he's doing this to me? When will he free me from this agony? How ironic, sometimes our salvation is the person who's responsible for our agony. How do we find comfort in the person, that broke us. A lone tear escaped my eyes. I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to take over me.The alarm went off at 7 AM. I lazily opened my eyes and shut it off. Pulling the duvet off my body, I dragged myself towards the bathroom. After doing my morning ritual, I went towards the closest to get ready for another dreadful day, But something on the bed caught my eye.
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Ava's POV:I turned around and saw a big brown wolf, snarling at me. He was huge with big red eyes and saliva dripping from his sharp yellow cannings. He was growling, and ready to pounce on me. I took a step back, trying to make a run for my life. Never in my life, I had countered a rouge. He was taking slow, hunting steps towards me. Just as I was making a run, he pounced on me and Digg his sharp claws in my arm, slashing me. I screamed in pain, blood started dripping from my wound, involuntary my hand was placed over my mind to stop the pain and the bleeding. The wolf again aimed for a bite but I evaded him. I kicked him in the face, he snarled back, I sprinted towards the woods. I was running as fast as my legs can take me. I tried to shift into my wolf but the pain was too much to bear. I tried mind linking Cora and fleur but I couldn’t. I heard snarling, and heavy paws battering on the ground. I speed up, but now, I was deeper in the woods. While running I tripped over a lo
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Ava's POV:I was staring at the scene unfold in front of me… Just imagine you see a dark, scary boogie monster in your dreams and wake-up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and now you’re in the hurry to switch on the lights but it didn’t work and instead you see the same boogie monster in front of you, smiling evilly and being ready to eat you alive, to scare you with the lights on… “BANG,” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I and cora screamed and jumped out of the couch. The popcorn flew in the air and came down as moon goddess blessing her favorite couple with beautiful lilies. Fleur were laughing her ass off, cora had popcorn in her mouth and hair while I was on the floor with sheets tangled in my feet. That was the scariest jumpscare I have seen or maybe I’m just not used to horror movies as my heart was threatening to jump out of my chest. Today, fleur decided to have a PJ party at her house as me and cora were so happy with our loving mates so she decided to celebrate u
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Ava's POV:I look at myself in the mirror and deem that I look beautiful – ready for the night. Today, dad’s friend and his wife from high school are coming to our home for a family dinner. Why am I anxious meeting them, right? They’re the obsolete alpha and Luna, Xavier’s parents. They always had been traveling around the world. And now handling the alpha title to Alpha Xavier, they’re always in their honeymoon mood. After looking at myself, one last time in the mirror, I had successfully avoided him in the past days but tonight I have to face him. I wore a beautiful, black lace dress, that reaches above my knees. And paired it with black silhouette. Despite, wearing a beautiful dress, perfectly styled hair, I wasn’t feeling beautiful. They say that the value of beauty is in the eye of a lover. When a ladylove gets ready for her beloved, she admires herself in his eyes. With his love, she becomes more beautiful. Tears stung my eyes thinking about my mate. Ava's dress“Ava, come
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You’re the only one I wish I could forget… Although you break my heart and put tears on my face… But you still live inside of me… So, tell me how is that? ----------------------------Ava's POV:“Have you ever laid in bed at night? And thought about everything? Want to scream and cry but can’t. Instead, you just sit there and the pain just breaks inside of you.” “Have you felt like your whole universe collapsed? That you’re in a nightmare, you feel suffocated, want to scream but couldn’t, want to move but can’t. A thick lump formed in your throat, you want to speak but can’t. That’s how I’m feeling right now, staring at my mate. ----------------------------FLASHBACK:As Xavier was answering dad, he stopped and looked up. He was mind linking someone. He opened his eyes and whispered, Jessica. He whispered so lowly but as I was sitting close to him, unfortunately, I heard it. “Dad, I have to go. There’s been a rogue attack near the shopping mall,” Alpha Xavier already running outsi
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Shout-out to: Those two sweethearts, who added my book to their Library on my very first day. Please comment to let me know how much you're liking my story. Your love and support Means aload to me. Keep loving and supporting ❤️🤗 ---------------------------I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands. ------------------------- AUTHOR'S POV: Deaden, broken, stymied. That’s what Ava was feeling, standing in the middle of the forest. Xavier, was gone long ago but she couldn’t move an inch due to his confession. Did he really remembered all that? Did he really noticed her all that year’s ago? Then why’s he hurting her in the most horrible way? Will it always be Jessica? Or will she get the happiness that she deserves and is her right? With heavy heart Ava started walking outside the forest, to her home. By now, the pack omega’s has cleaned the place but she was too numb to notice anything. She still remember, the day Alpha Xavier took her heart. -----------
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Ava's POV: Hump! That was close! Cora mumbled as she parked the car in the school parking tract. Today, we were late and came just in time of the bell ringing. Quickly sprinting out of the car, we fled inside to our respective classes. Classes went by in a blink, and it was lunch time. Fisting out my phone, I tried phoning Cora and fleur to meet for lunch, when I bumped into something rather than someone and the phone fell to the floor and cracked. “No, my phone,” I quickly stoop down and took the phone to check but it was cracked. It was a gift from my dad. I looked at the culprit, to give him a peace of my mind. People says I’m very kind but I can be a bitch when rubbed in a wrong way. I opened my mouth, only to close it. The person in front of me wasn’t someone expected. I was looking at him with wide eyes and mouth open a gap. “What’s he doing here,”? “Close your mouth sweet Pattie or else I will think you missed me,” he said and chuckled.
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