Dangerous Ceo's Wife: Behind the Mask

Dangerous Ceo's Wife: Behind the Mask

By:  Shu_Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Min Jung witnesses the brutal execution of her parents over a plot of land that was family's inheritance which her father had refused to sell for a vicious business man, Chairman Park Du Yi who wanted to build a huge infrastructure on the land since he discovered it could be rich as a result of the minerals contained in the land. The hatred for the little girl he spared in his execution of the noble family living at the end of the city brewed as she watched what use to be her home become one of the most successful part of the Park Coporation at the expense of her parents blood, sweat and tears. Helpless little girl is taken in and trained by a notorious criminal and rises us as the only female assasin in the empire, with enough money and influence she sets out on a job drafted out by Mr Kang the leader of the cartel. What happens when the job makes her marry the Son of the Family she is determined to destroy, what happens when the very heart of the "dark fox" is melted by the fire of love of the CEO of park Coporation Park Man Shik. Will Love triumph Revenge?

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6 Chapters
You are now me!
Yang Eun Bi was pacing back and forth in the hotel room, her heart thumped, there was somewhere else she'd rather be than this stupid engagement party. she had all she needed to make this work"No No No!!! This can't be happening to me" she cried out"Is she going to stand me up, maybe she changed her mind, God please let that not be the case, I can't do this, Min Jing I beg you with everything you hold dear come" she pleaded talking to herself like she was about to go psychShe stared at her wristwatch frantically looking at the time One would have thought that if she stared hard enough, the time would stop.She could already hear the sound of the musical interlude from the hall downstairs, "The party was going to start at exactly 8:00 pm, it was already 7:00 pm and Min Jing was nowhere to be found. Just when she was about to break down into tears she heard a slight knock on the door, they had agreed to meet up by 6:30 in one of the rooms of the hotel, she had done a good job wi
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Once broken can't be fixed (2 Weeks back)
2 WEEKS AGO"Mother!!!!" "Father!!!!"*Father Coughs deeply*Mother!!! She screamed once more at the top of her lungs, coughing right after"Run!! Go get help, run away from here" her father managed to say coughing as the fire increased and the smoke worsened "Min Jung, you need to go, leave here, run away you can't die here, you... can't" He started coughing once more before he could complete his sentence"Go!!!" He said coughing as the thick smoke filled the room, they lived in a small house inside the county of the North District of Gangeol, their small but comfortable 3 bedroom apartment was surrounded by a large farm hence the closest neighbors were miles apart. she ran as fast as her feet could carry."Haaaaahhhh" she stood up from her bed where she was lying down"It's just a dream" only that she knew betterIt wasn't just a dream, this was her dream, everyday she would find herself running, just running without direction, she was meant to get help from running, to sav
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Yang Eun Bi
"Mother I am not having this conversation with you!!" Eun Bi walked out of the kitchen in anger."Where can i find peace mother peace!!?" she yelled once more making her way to her room up stairs."Stop right there young lady, you don't walk out on your mother" she said pissed off at what she just did "My mother needs to start behaving like what she truly is, my mother" she said with tears in her eyes.She was an emotionally weak person, she broke at any little thing that caused her pain, which was why she didn't see herself married to a total stranger for any reason at all. Her father wasn't the best person either, everyday she was reminded that she didn't belong to the family, no matter how much her mother had tried to convince herself that she did. The reason was what she couldn't phantom. "This is for the best, it's what your father wants and you know that what Yang Tae Hyun wants Yang Tae Hyun gets" Her mother said convincingly but obviously the young lady blinded by love
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Park Corporation
"The news?" Ae Cha asked with a slight frown on her face, her husband rarely ever asked her about that, he knew that she really didn't care about what the news said or didn't say"Yes the news he repeated" in a calm toneOne thing that couldn't be denied was that Tae Hyun loved his wife so much which was why Eun Bi felt it was strange that such love wasn't extended to her"Is there something, in particular, you would love me to see in the news?""Of course!!" he exclaimed If her husband was this happy, she knew it had to be business-related he was never this happy "Okay... Chairman Park had an interview" "And...""And he has announced working in the rail line construction project with us, he is going to invest in us and your daughter just made that possible""Our daughter honey 'our' daughter" she repeated"Whatever, you have to convince 'our' daughter to make this work, I don't know how you want to pull that but she has to agree to this, what better way exists for her to show he
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Min Jing
Min Jing stood in her secret room where she had pinned the newspaper that featured the unfortunate fire incident 12 years ago, the picture of chairman Park, his wives and children pinned to the dashboard, with red thread lining the board, she had used it map out the model at which she wanted to kill them, she needs him to die lastly, she needed him to watch everything taken away from him one by one, from his wealth to his family, he would pay for everything, she had wanted to use today to reminisce about it all and clear her thought and her mind when she received a phone call from Mr Kang.The last person she wanted a phone call from, but also the person she couldn't ignore,"Fox" he called with a croaky voice"Good morning Mr Kang, it's not good to hear from you""Hahaha" he laughed, the boys around knew he could only be talking to one person to laugh that hard, the apple of his precious eyes Min Jing, she had won his heart with her resilience, he had done terrible things to her whi
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Dark Fox
Min Jing could feel the stares from the window of her apartment, she knew them, she knew they always did that, stared at her from the window, she wouldn't blame them tho, and she knew she was quite irresistible.If she didn't know those guys stared at her every morning she wouldn't consider herself a good agent, she smiled and looked at the window, as her eyes met with the eyes of Cheong, she had ample amount of information about all the tenants that lived in her apartment including the owner of the apartment, but she couldn't care less about how they saw her or if they adored her, that was not her main concern, what she wanted was how to get Heol where the Kang Mansion was, that mansion was one of the most complicated in the country, it was massive enough to carry out all her activities and house the hardened criminals that carried out the underground jobs even for the reputable men of the country, but they weren't without rivals, and the Gwan empire competed with Mr Kang for drug de
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