Wolves & Magic (Ambersky Pack Series Book 1-3)

Wolves & Magic (Ambersky Pack Series Book 1-3)

By:  Valencia Robertson  Completed
Language: English
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Sierra desired everything out of life; love, happiness, and a family. She always assumed everything she wanted was within reach and worked her hardest to achieve it. However, life threw a wrench into her plans. Thus, it changed her entire perception of the future she desired. Little did she know that wasn't the only problem she would endure if she followed the path of her destiny. Alpha Sebastian, bereaved and distraught following the death of his beloved mate and Luna, forsook love and happiness because he believed they were anything but what he deserved. Regardless of his feelings about having a second mate or accepting a chosen mate, he could not deny his pack’s fate now laid with a mere human. One unexpected evening, their paths crossed. What would happen should Alpha Sebastian discover the truth about not only his mate but also his father’s death? What would happen when Sierra learned that everything she believed and knew about herself was untrue? Could they potentially heal each other’s wounds, or would their pasts continue to stand in their way?

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>"What did I do to deserve this betrayal? After everything I did for you, I stayed by your side when you had no one, and this is how you thank me—by killing me? How callous must you be to murder someone who simply wanted the best for you?"Unamused, she cocked her brow and tilted her head to the side. "You wanted what was best for me?" Her throaty chuckle overshadowed her contemptuous comments. "It's funny you mentioned that." She stalked closer to me and kneeled at my level, waving the bloodied blade in my face.I winced from the pain in my side, edging away from her and more towards the bed. Pain coursed throughout my body. "Were you there for me when my mother burnt me with a cigarette bud? Maybe when she flogged me for refusing to sleep with one of her men. What about the time she abandoned me in the middle of the night, starving? Were you there for me, then?"Tears stung my eyes, and my lips trembled. The stored tears continued to flow and the sobs wracked
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[Nightmare]SIERRA>Images replayed in my mind on repeat. Like a loop. A sense of loss and emptiness washed over me, creating a lump in my throat. Unable to breathe, I gripped my chest. Yet nothing helped ease the tightening in my chest.In a fraction of a second, a bloodcurdling scream broke from my lips, drowning out the hammering of my heart against my ribs. What started as a whimper became a full-fledged outcry, forcing my body to quiver and my lips to quake."Sierra, sweetheart, it's time for you to wake up." Someone shook me awake, and a soft, familiar voice soothed me, breaking through the fog of my somnolence.I sprang up in bed, my eyes wide with tears streaming down my face, and my trembling hands fisted at my side."You are okay," my mother reassured me, rubbing her hand over my back in a circular motion, attempting to soothe me from the nightmare that kept plaguing my dreams. Her short, salt-and-peppered hair had become disheveled during the night, n
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[Backward or Forward]SEBASTIAN"Sebastian, you can't keep living your life like this, in tatters, dishonoring Sasha's memory. She would not want you to live like this, son. Round-the-clock intoxication, having countless women in the same bed you previously shared with her, none of it. Neither does your pack. And frankly, nor do I. Something needs to change... or else." My mother and Ambersky pack's former Luna stated with disgust."So, mother, what would you have me do? Would you rather I pretend it never happened? Continue to exist in the absence of her? Is that what you want me to do? Or would you rather that I choose a replacement for her?" I peered at her, observing the same shattered reflection I saw every time I looked in the mirror. She, too, had lost her mate, my father, former Alpha Dimitri Maddox."That is not what we want for you, son. Yes, we want you to be happy, but this is not happiness," she retorted, taking a few steps toward me. "It hurts. I understand the agony you
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[Making Claims] ARIANNE “Why do you continue to torment yourself like this, Ari? You are in love with a man who only sees you as a plaything when he needs a release. Alpha Sebastian can never love you. He is an Alpha, which means his second mate is somewhere out there, and so is our mate,” Sable, my wolf, growled in my head. That did not sit well with me. Sebastian and I loved each other. I would wait. Even if it took him years to see what I could offer him, he was worth every second I had to wait for him to come around. He needed me, and I needed him just as much, if not more. “Sable, you do not understand; you are a wolf. You have never been in love. So, you will not comprehend the heartache. You do not know what it is like to seek their touch, to wish to see their smile; if only it could make your day bearable. That is what Sebastian is to me. He is the center of my universe.” I peered out at the tannin-brown woodland with skyscraper-like trees. The morning stars sparkled like
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[Secrets] SIERRA "What are you on about?" I stared at her as though she had grown an extra head. "I’m saying I caught Jensen with someone else who wasn’t you. Sierra, he doesn't deserve the sweet and kind person you’re, and neither do you deserve to be treated this way." I shook my head in bewilderment as I laughed dumbly. "No! No way, Katie! Jensen wouldn’t do such a thing. He'd never cheat on me." I couldn’t help but wonder if I believed the words as they left my lips and lingered in my head. Once upon a time, I would have believed it. But I wasn’t so sure anymore. "Have I ever lied to you? Sierra..." Her words trailed off with a heavy sigh. "It's obvious you don’t believe me, and that’s fine. You have given this man something you have never given away so readily before. Therefore, hearing this would be unacceptable." "Jensen has been there for me in ways that neither you nor my mother could. He’s gentle and sweet and makes me smile like I’m the only girl in the world. How wou
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[Memory] SEBASTIAN What would I tell my beta and everyone else about what Sasha told me? But wouldn’t that sound insane? Repeating everything she said, word for word, ‘to find her.’ While it was crazy, I had no other way of stating it other than how she said it. In my mind, that sounded insane. Still, they needed to know. I stood by the window in my office, my hands knotted into white-knuckle knots, perplexed, and detached. Regardless of her warning, I had to admit that seeing her again since that day made my pulse race and a similar dread gripped my gut as if she had told me something I didn’t want to know. It just made little sense. Find her. But who? Whom was I meant to find? The pain coursing through my body transported my whole being backward, back to the past, when I lost her. It seemed like an eternity in my heart. However, in actuality... THREE YEARS AGO “Why must it be you, Sebastian? You’re the Alpha. Why don't you send Rory instead? I’m sure the contractors will not
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[Betrayal] SIERRA I sat in my car, my head on the steering wheel, for an unknown amount of time, hoping the tears wouldn’t fall. Jensen wouldn’t hurt me. I wanted to believe that. I wanted to trust that the man I committed everything to would never destroy everything without remorse. My chest heaved with pain, and resentment wrapped around my heart. With all this pain, it was pointless to hold back the tears. I couldn’t sit here any longer. I reached for my phone and redialed Katie’s number, but she didn’t answer. Despite her absence of a romantic connection, I would have considered her advice. What would she even suggest, though? Since I knew her, the girl had never been in a relationship. Without Katie’s help, I fished for my keys, but they weren’t in the car or on my person. That implied they were in Jensen’s flat, maybe on the sofa. “Crap!” a grunt rumbled in my throat. Frustrated, I whacked my hand on the steering wheel once, twice, and a third time, wincing at the discom
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[Apparitions] SEBASTIAN His concerned voice resonated in my ears as the words left his lips. Rory’s tall and muscular frame stood a few good inches over me. Black, medium-length hair framed his chiseled cheekbones and tan features. He guided me to the couch, pushing me down onto it. He then dashed over to the pitcher of water on the desk and poured me a glass, handing it to me. “Sebastian, what happened? I came in here to find you screaming. I’ve not seen you this distraught since...” he trailed off; his crestfallen face parallel to the carpeted wooden flooring. Sip by sip, I emptied the glass and placed it on the center table. My speech faltered, uncertain of what to say first. Everything was a jumbled mess, and my tongue felt heavy. I buried my face in my hands and expelled an exasperated sigh. “How do I begin?” I grumbled as I leaned back on the couch, my back thudding on the velvety sofa. “Rory, what happened that night? I know we had gone over it a thousand times, but it s
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[Sexcapades] ARIANNE I arrived outside his bedroom door and began unraveling the bow from my oversized trench coat, exposing my matching black lace bra and undies. From where I stood, no shuffling emanated from his room. But I knew he was in there. The sounds of his thumping heart didn’t elude my ears, nor did his mumblings. A minute later, the door opened, and my heart leaped into my throat, stealing my breath at the handsome God that stood before me. Expressive large pools of jade green paced up and down my body, lingering on my breasts before his ambiguous stare latched onto my crotch. His gaze returned to my face, flitting between my eyes and lips. I was confident I detected something resembling desire. “Alpha, did you see something you like?” I crossed my arms, but they pushed my breasts forward, eliciting a smirk from his perfectly defined lips. Dark eyes studied me as he stood there saying nothing, his arms resting on the frame at our sides. Sebastian’s silent gaze dug i
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[Second Mate] SEBASTIAN Dumbfounded and out of my mind with worry, I stared at the open double doors that led to the balcony. I remembered locking them earlier, and I knew Arianne’s exhaustion forbade her from leaving the bed. So, the question remained—who opened the doors? Arianne had spotted something by the door. I knew she did. That frightened grimace contorting her features was enough confirmation for me. She, however, refused to tell me what it was. Whatever had terrified her had made her unwilling to disclose what she had seen. “What if it was Sasha again?” Atticus intercepted my ranting. Before I reacted to his interruption, the thought of seeing my mate again sent my heart racing. What if it was her and when she saw Arianne, she left? “I warned you not to get involved with that bitch. You never listen to me, Sebastian! Just like that day when you left our mate and went into the city. Supposed we had lost more than our mate? Like our entire pack, for instance?” “Woul
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