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“You belong to me, in body and soul.” His voice comes out rough, thick with emotions. “Do you understand or should I make you?” He trails his lips down my collar bone, every contact sending fire through me. *** Freya is an Omega. Yet she disguises herself as an Alpha girl and attends an elite high school only for Alpha bloodlines. If her cover is blown, the consequences will be death. With everything she has on the line, Freya needs to lay low but soon enough, she catches the attention of a golden boy, Silas Bloodmoon, Alpha prince of their pack. Troubles keep coming at her, and she finds herself falling for the playboy. Even though everything she's risked might be a simple game of his.

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“Freya!”The piercing screech rips through the air, as I cup my ears fast enough to block out most of the sound.She doesn’t give me a chance to recover from her attack before sending a large ceramic vase my way. Luckily she misses me just by an inch.Luckily for me, that is.The vase shatters into a million pieces against the wall behind me,a few slashing my skin in the process.I stagger back a bit, clutching the scarred skin on my cheek. It’s going to heal. I’m not worried about a scar, but it did still hurt a lot. However, I dare not scream — not in front of her at least.“You crazy bitch!” She yells out, seething violently as her chest expands and deflates from her heavy breathing.I smell something suddenly. Something is burning.A small cloud of clear white smoke suddenly floats up, drawing my attention to what’s actually burning.The steam iron that had been in my hand a few minutes ago is now flat against the beige shirt I was told to straighten earlier. Now, that shirt was b
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Since the day I took the elixir from the wizard, things have taken a very drastic turn. Mother and father had changed and not just them, my siblings as well. They still glared and scowled at me but they never made a violent move or raised a hand or their voices. It’s like a dream, like I had finally been recognized somehow.But deep down, I don’t feel so different. Deep down, I know that I’m still a weak, disregarded Omega. One who’s very good at pretending and playing the part of an Alpha. One who runs high on the risk of being exposed and killed if caught. I can’t afford to blow my cover or return to the meaningless life of an Omega.In a week’s time, my request to join Crescent Moon Academy had finally been accepted after an interview. It is a known law that any and every child from the Alpha bloodline must attend the prestigious academy befitting to their status, to hone their strengths and talents to the fullest. Nothing has ever made me feel more elated!And finally, here
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I only stepped out of that tiny supply closet once the whole crowd had somewhat dispersed.The rest of the day flew quickly, a brief tour round school and where my classes would be, some lunch because I was absolutely starving and then I was taken to my room.The wide space revealed three queen sized beds and beautiful furniture, giving the room a beguiling decor.I was introduced to my other roommate, Lila. Apparently, Elena’s best friend as well. I somewhat bonded with the girls over conversations on clothes, academy boys and a few topics I was clearly cluelessness about.Night fall came. I couldn’t sleep.my mind is overrun by anticipation and anxiety. Mostly disturbed by the fact that I’d exchanged words with that devastatingly handsome boy from earlier. Eventually, comforted by the flower murals on the ceiling above my bed, I let my mind wander on what the next day would bring.Before my alarm could ring, I was up and dashing from my bed, getting ready for school.I dash into my c
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Freya’s POVThe school bell rings and the entirety of the class begin filing out just as Silas and his entourage leaves.I pack my notes and leave the class, heading to my locker. I notice stares as I walk into the hall way. I feel their eyes raking over me, from my outfit to my looks. It’s like the whole school is trying to figure me out and I don’t like it one bit.I just want to learn and fit in but the rumors going on about me clearly says otherwise. Like the entire school is waiting for me to do something - anything to entertain them.I finally reach my locker, dropping my history text book. I hear a few mumbling behind me, followed by biting chuckles when I mistakenly dump a few things from my locker to the ground.Frustrated now, I pick them up and slam my locker shut, stomping away. I need just a minute to myself without anyone watching me or talking about me. I walk into the female toilet and dash into a stall, slamming the doors shut.I sigh in relief, experiencing perfect
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As soon as the bell rings for lunch break the next day, I’m out of my seat and dashing into the hall way. The main focus on my mind is successfully dodging Silas until the rest of the day is over. If I’m lucky enough, I can avoid him for the rest of the week till he completely forgets about me.Amen to that.I find a snack dispenser and move towards it, picking a granola bar. I should eat more as I’m pretty hungry but I’d take anything over stepping into the school cafeteria, where all the students are gathered - where Silas and Elena are waiting.After popping a few coins in, I pick my granola bar from the dispenser, turning to leave but then, I’m suddenly shoved. The force pushes me back and I stagger, falling on my butt.I groan in pain, wincing with my eyes shut.“OMG, I’m so sorry.”I look up to see a female student I haven’t quite seen before. Her dark blue eyes are heavy with worry and she helps me to my feet without wasting more than a second. My butt is sore and it takes a w
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Lunch flies by like a breeze but not the smooth gentle kind that tickles your ears and dances in your hair. It’s the kind that gives you a sense that a storm is brewing.Now, the hallway is filled with buzzing muttering as I leave. They don’t even bother to hide their blatant gossips or whisper at least. I hear it in the hallways when I pass; I hear it behind me in class. They’re all on about Silas leaving Elena and showing obvious interest in me. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.I don’t even know this guy that well and he’s already ruined my school reputation. If only he’ll leave me alone and focus on his actual girlfriend. A part of me knows he’s definitely not going to, and my wolf seems thrilled by it.Damn you.The day drifts and I’m now numb to it all. To sun falls and the night emerges. it’s almost time for the Full Moon ceremony.It’s a ceremony held on the first night of a full moon in honor of the moon goddess. We change into our wolves and run free under its glow,
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It’s the longest few seconds of my life.His lips move painfully slow towards mine. In that second, I panic with varying emotions whirling within me, yet still unable to move or do anything.A torch light suddenly flashes in our direction and I regain control of my motor skills. I fly backwards, putting enough distance between us but lose my balance in the protest. Luckily, he’s still holding my arm so his grip prevents me from hitting the hard ground.“What are you two doing here?”The voice sounds like one of our teachers. I’m unable to see the face because the torch flashes in my eye. I say nothing, trying to shield my eyes. However, Silas remains quiet next to me, his jaw ticking in slight irritation - unfazed by the bright lights in his eyes.“Get back to the gathering right now! No loitering about school.”“Yes, sir. We’ll do just that.” Silas answers, being surprisingly respectful and the teacher leaves us sooner than expected. Perks of being the next Alpha king, I presume. If
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Our talons rip through the flesh of his upper arm, enlisting a yelp of pain from his lips but I don’t stop there. It’s followed by a blow from our claws, sending him flying a good distance away.Their scent is more pungent than ever and I’m more than sure what we were against.Damn rogues.A shriek suddenly echoes in the air right beside me. I immediately know something bad has happened to Freya.We turn swiftly, growling menacingly at the second intruder standing over her motionless body. My wolf loses sanity, instantly taking almost full control of our body and lunging forward at him.He changes, ripping through his clothes into a dark brown wolf smaller than mine. We brawl for moments; deadly strikes follow after the other. I lean in for his jugular vein but the first pounces unto us from the back, now its two against one.My wolf is fed up with this. He releases a deathly howl into the air that moves the winds and shakes the earth beneath us. The howl of an Alpha King reverberates
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I’m discharged earlier due to no injuries or scratches from the attack but still grateful for the brief opportunity to just rest from the whole school drama.The next day, however, I couldn’t escape from it. I am more nervous to walk down the school hallways but Xena had my back through most of it. We’ve grown closer with every interaction and I know we were destined to be friends.The sun is exceptionally hot today and worse of all is we have P.E. I’m mortified, not because I despise running - far from it. I had somehow managed to escape running infront of everyone else at the Moon ceremony but today, the sun was out and bright and the whole class were to participate in the running exercise. It isn’t a race but I couldn’t risk exposing my very inferior physical prowess.The run begins once the gym teacher blew his whistle. Into the vast green landscape of a backyard the school owned.It is somewhat a of jog. No one is supposed to be breaking a sweat, yet with much of my might, it’s s
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The pain from the impact stings the tip of my fingers, but the anger within me boils hotter than everything else.His face forcefully swerves to his right and freezes in place. He makes no move to run back to me or say anymore words. All his reaction does nothing but fuel my rage.How dare he try to get to me? I begin to wonder if the whole saving me from getting hurt was some ploy to use me as his next target? If this is just another one of his games. I wonder if he saved those other girls just to use them and toss them aside for Elena.For a moment, I had actually believed he is a good person.His head slowly turns to me and there’s nothing but coldness staring. It’s clear no one has ever dared slap some sense into him, but it doesn’t faze me one bit.He makes a move to speak but I beat him to it.“Look here, asshole. I’m entirely grateful for your help. Do I owe you now? Probably, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to play this game with you. You have a girlfriend, Silas. Stop reeling
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