BEE Sugar Baby

BEE Sugar Baby

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Alya has been living in her cocoon since forever that stepping into NYC calls for an adventure. Or rather, to curb her wandering mind of what it feels like to have something you've been dreaming of- married to someone who has all the criteria you've seen only in movies. She leaves her comfort zone and dives into a life that has been scripted since day one. It can be two things, either a liberating experience to be someone who doesn't have to think much and just live the way it's been laid out, or to feel suffocated by how much scripted and planned everything is. Yummy DILF has been living his life in pretence. But if money can buy imagination who are we to judge him on that? He didn't exactly ask for our money to live that way, so leave the judgement by the door and come in for a read if you feel like you're open to this absurd pretence. *** "I need you to come for me." He orders in a stern tone after I've let out all sorts of noise while he tongue-fucked me. It finally dawns on me that I'm being a desperate bitch I never wanted to be when I first accepted this job. What have I become? "Come for me, B." His finger is pressing me into following his order to which I reluctantly shake on his mouth. As quiet as it began, it ends in the same way as he helps me with my thong and pulls down my dress to its original state. Stepping in my view he smiles at me smugly, "See, being my wife isn't always so difficult."

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    It was my first weekend in New York, after a rather boring week since all I did was go to the office, walk back home, cook dinner, and sleep. Hit repeat.I landed here last Saturday, all the way from my home country that is so different from this big city. Born in Jakarta, grew up in Jakarta, attended uni at Jakarta, worked at Jakarta; my entire life is stamped with Jakarta all over it that stepping foot here is like a slap to my face. My parents are the kind of people who prefer their kids to blend in with the surrounding community so despite the abundant amount of money they have, they sent my siblings and I to a government school instead of those private ones. I'd like to think myself as a lucky person considering the amount of procrastination and lazy-ass attitude I've been practicing since forever that somehow, along the way, I always, always managed to get away with everything. Lucky because I was granted a full scholarship for my bachelor degree at a local university. To be
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    It takes three days for me to surrender. Once I reach home, I run to my room and look for the bag I used last Saturday searching for that specific white card because today, my boss has officially called for a war. She publicly criticised me in front of seventy executives during our monthly meeting. At first she was just introducing me to the team but towards the end of her speech she told me -fucking mentioned my name with her eyes directed to me- to be better than what I've been this one week. "Maybe it's a slow week for you since you're still settling in but I expect better from now onwards." Last week, on my third day here she called me to her office to ask me to step up my game. Because apparently, according to her, I'm lacking at delivering impactful results. She expects to get the job done yesterday if she's asking it today.That's how I became determined from that moment onwards to be more efficient. I worked eight hours every day compared to what I used to back in my home
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    "You'll be taking a role as Scarlett Monroe." "What do you mean I'll be taking a role as Scarlett Monroe? Where is she? Why do I need to be her? Is this like Vanessa Hudgen's Christmas movies at Netfl!x? Taking over somebody's role just because they have the same face?" "Pretty much," Drey nods, "But you'll be getting money out of this." "And Mr Gunn is fully aware you're not the real Scarlett Monroe." "Mr Gunn? Who's that?" I'm getting dizzy with all these shocking information. From the pictures I have in my hand, Scarlett Monroe seems to like dressing up, and always has herself put together. Unlike me who'd wear anything to the office if I'm too lazy to plan my outfit. Especially on one of those weeks when I hibernate. I have this tendency of going all out after spending weeks at home. I'd go out, hang out with friends, and after a fun, tiring weekend with them I'd hibernate for weeks until I'm ready to come out and play again. "Mr Gunn is Scarlett's husband." "Ooohhh?" Inte
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    This is officially my fourth week in New York, and I'm getting used to being here. Wearing hijab is a norm in Indonesia but here in New York, especially in my office, I'm like a rare species simply because I'm the only one who wears it. I've received multiple questions from my colleagues that sometimes I wonder if they ask because they genuinely don't know about it or simply to mock me; “Do you sleep with it”, “Do you shower with it”, and the one that got me extremely speechless was, “Do you actually have hair?”I try to be positive and answer them with a smile eventhough sometimes I do wanna be spiteful and throw that “Of course I shower with it, I use Hijab and Shoulder”. But no, compose yourself Alya. Show them that Islam is beautiful, not condescending. "Oh wow," I hear a gasp next to me, "You look so much better without that thing!" I turn to her as I put another one of my friendly face, "Thank you." Is all I said then I get back to putting on my hijab. Sometimes this chiffon
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    "Mr Gunn accepts the first two conditions," Miss Collins announces on the follow-up meeting after I laid out five things to be brought to him prior my agreement to the contract, "But he won't tolerate the remaining three." First, I will never, under any circumstances, have sex with him be it oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, fingering or hand jobs, dry humping or genital rubbing, or masturbation. Fucking wrap your junk and hide it from me. Second, I will not sleep with him even without any physical contact. Because satan is always beside us to influence us towards sinful acts. Third, I will only be available during the weekend. Fourth, I will not live with him.Fifth, family is off-limit. Be it mine, or his."So I have to live with him full-time?" That would be impossible, "I have my day job. There is no way I'm gonna apply leave from work for three months straight for him." Even if it guarantees me a hundred and fifty thousand dollar.That's 2.1 billion rupiah. I will not just b
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    I thought he'd be proud to know I've memorised all the utensils on which to use for what but he's a tough one to please because I stutter the moment he asked me to demonstrate on how to use the spoon for soup in case it's hot. "You do it half moon crescent," he runs his spoon in the soup in front of him, "Not blowing it as if you're playing trumpet." I giggle again and pick up my soup spoon, copying his act, "Like this?" "Make sure your spoon is facing the other way when you dip into the soup." I sigh, "I'd rather not eat soup in front of people my entire life if there is so many rules to follow." I'm sure he'll faint if he sees how hard I blow my instant noodle and slurp it loudly whenever I‘m eating it. No, not eating it. GOBBLING it. After we're done with the food etiquette class, it's the styling class next. It's a miracle no matter how many hours I've spent with him for this particular class, there will always be something new to know about Scarlett, or being a rich woman i
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    "Is it laundry day?" My sister, Dian teases me in Indonesian as she munches on her snack while watching me button the tweed jacket I've just put on. "No, no, no. Wrong question. Is it pay day?" Oh I know what she meant by that. Being sisters means we share our clothes despite the difference in our size; she's two sizes smaller so she can wear mine but I can never fit into hers. That also means she knows every article of clothing I own, and this two-piece skirt suit is too obvious for being a brand new expensive-looking item I just owned. "Whose is it?" "Not mine." "Yeaaaaa I know it's not yours, obviously," she rolls her eyes at the last word, "But who's the designer? How much is it?" To be honest, I have no idea how much does this skirt suit cost. All I know is Drey specifically asked me to wear this on my first meeting with Mr Gunn. Uhh, I mean Honey. "Uhm let me check," I walk to my bed and grab the skirt I laid there, wanting to inspect the tag at the back to which she ga
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    "Go to the penthouse, meet him there. Have dinner with him. Off you go to your own bedroom to end the night."Step one is completed, now onto step two. Honestly, I'm prepared to give him two kisses a day, as per Drey's briefing. One would be in the morning, when I send him to the door before he go to work. The second would be at night, right before we depart to each other's bedroom. And those kisses were supposed to be lip-locked but being a hard headed, I made it a non-negotiable condition on top of the two he agreed earlier before I signed the contract, that I will only kiss his cheek, unlike the previous Scarletts who would have no problem to kiss him on the lips. I'm a Muslim, remember? But that, was unexpected. I thought I have at least an hour or two to decide if I'm pulling myself out of this charade but one minute in, he already marked his lips on my body. My hair, to be exact. "Bee," the way he calls me as he goes down the stairs gives me this certain vibe, as if I'm r
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    "Tell him I-love-you as much as you want, that's part of your job description. And don't worry, he won't fall for you." "He never fall in love with any of the Scarletts?" "Nope. Every time we have a new Scarlett he has no problem to switch them up." "You mean he currently has a Scarlett? Like right-now?""Her contract will be terminated just before yours is activated, as in your first day with him." "What? I thought you said he's nice?" "He is. But this is a business transaction. If we have a new product, of course he wants the latest version.""So we're like iPhones? To be changed every time a new one is available? He's a jerk alright." I still remember that conversation I had with Drey, and the remark I made of calling him a jerk. But when he said ‘I love you’ just now, he doesn't seem like he's lying. Like he's not the jerk I thought he was. "I love you too, Honey." I reply sweetly, silently knocking my head to remind me that I'm on the clock. He said I-love-you to Scarlet
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    This is harder than I imagined. To maintain Scarlett's image, I get out of his penthouse in another designer skirt suit and a pair of Louboutin with matching Hermes Kelly. My hair as instructed by Drey, is kept in a low bun."Scarlett will always wear a suit to work, be it a pantsuit or a skirt suit. Bag, always Hermes either a Birkin or a Kelly. Shoes, make sure they're at least four inches high. Hair, in a bun. A professional bun, very much different than a formal dinner bun. And lastly, red lipstick." I am struggling over here to remove this pencil skirt that will be replaced with a pair of slacks. My slacks. Because it'd be weird to wear a headscarf with a skirt that stops a little over the knee. God, it's so hard to have double personalities. Once I'm done with my pants, I put on my hijab to cover my blonde hair. Then I swipe the red color off my lips and use my usual nude lipstick. Lastly, I replace the Louboutin with my Salvatore Ferragamo flats, the one I always opt for wo
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