Alpha Twin's Rogue Mate

Alpha Twin's Rogue Mate

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“I won’t ever belong to alphas like you!” I said as they replied, “You can’t change fate. Our destiny are tied together. You have nowhere to go.” For Arya, a rogue leader’s daughter, love has been hard to find. And when she’s presented with two alpha twins as her mate, she’s not sure who to pick. After knowing that her father the rogue leader and her supposed mate was killed by the Alpha Twins, Alpha Kaizelus and Alpha Zeferion she tried to hunt them down. And when she knew that she’s their mate, she wants nothing but to kill them and at the same time, had a deep connection with them. Will she abandon her own revenge and give in to fate? Or want her revenge to take over? Book 2 of Destined Series (can also be read as standalone)

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15 chapters
1 Prologue
The misty clouds bellowed over the dark forest, trapping me. It just rained, perfect to hide my scent and not leave a trail. I huffed, going deeper into the forest. I shifted into my wolf to go faster and trained my legs to maintain endurance and last a long time. Long enough to get away from them. I don't even know where I'm going. I don't care as long as it's away from the two of them. I looked behind me and sighed in relief when I saw that they were not following me. Good. I kept on running and running, yet the forest seemed endless. I feel like a mouse caught in a trap. A hamster stuck in running a wheel and ending up nowhere. I looked in front and instantly stopped at the two figures waiting for me. Damn it. They caught up. The fog hid their faces, yet I could clearly hear their voices. I looked to the right to see a cliff. I gulped. The cliff or back to the twin alphas? "You can't run away from us forever, Arya." said a voice against the fog. "I
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2 Bountiful Harvest
I closed my eyes and felt the soft water as it cleansed my entire being, but stopped when I felt it. Someone is watching me. Again. You know that feeling when you can feel it in your bones when someone is staring at us? That is exactly the same feeling. With my wolf senses, I could easily tell there was someone out there. I went into this river, which is just near our house, and chose this as my usual hangout place. It is nearing nighttime, and I'll soon leave this. I always went here to calm my nerves down but these following days, those stares I could feel from nowhere are irking me. This is the day I will confront that person, whoever he is. "Show yourself," I said bravely. "I can feel you staring at me. I know you're there." Silence fell as the wind brushed past. Am I talking to a ghost? What if there really wasn't one? My werewolf senses tell me that there are two of them... Just then, I stood up and grabbed the towel to cover my body. I looked at the bus
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3 The Twin Alphas
"But-" I interjected. "Mayhem-" "Nob buts. You'll be my partner soon. We have to protect our soon-to-be pack." he said and leaned in to kiss my nose. "Alright, make sure to come back." I said, "Promise?" He smirked and ruffled my hair, "Of course, I'm strong enough." I wonder how he could stay calm at times like this. Only Mayhem could do this. "Dad!" I yelled for my dad, even though I already knew the answer. He had already shifted in his black fur and stood beside me. He flashed me a sad smile but stood still, "Protect everyone in my stead." I blinked, knowing what he meant. "No, dad, I'm not going to let them attack us." "Just evacuate the weak. Let me handle this!" I did as he told me and ushered the women and children to our safe place, "This way!" I looked at our place once more. We already had memories here in our short time. Even though we had been going home after home and transferring here and there, this was the safest place. How come enemies got to
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4 New Life
I woke up in an entirely different place. There was a soft mattress I was lying on, a soft rug around the room, and the window was open. I expected to wake up in a dungeon with stinky rats and dark cells, yet here I am I, in a beautiful room like a princess. How long was I asleep? My flashbacks of the event came to my mind, replaying and bruising my heart's wounds again. Mayhem. And dad... I miss them already. I hate these twins for killing them in front of my eyes, but what I hate the most is me, just standing there weakly and not having any power to fight back, knowing I can’t win, yet Ever since I knew they were my mates, I couldn't even believe it and refused to acknowledge it. There is no way that is true, right? I promised to be their slave, to do anything for them. How stupid was I? How could I know I was able to perform what they’ll want? What if they want my soul, right? Yet I ended up being their mate. The door opened and I was greeted by the twins. “You’r
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5 Game on
“No, he’s busy enough helping Alpha Kamilah and Alpha Magnus from the other continent,” Kai said. “Then give us a protection spell, anything-“ “No, it’s too late. I don’t wish to be involved in your trouble.” Kai instantly grabbed his neck and said, “Remember the time we protected you? Why not return it or else my fangs will be buried deep in your neck, old man.” “I can’t go against the moon goddess's wish-“ “That’s bullshit, do anything you can.” Zef threatened. The necromancer sighed, “Alright, I have this temporary protection spell I might try. Remember, once the Lycan King gets you, don’t blame me.” And he chanted a few Latin words, and a bright light appeared and left Alpha Kai and Alpha Zef’s chest. “But what about this mate thing? Can’t you just change-“ “It’s the moon goddess’s job. I can’t change it. Unless you can go up there yourself and talk to her.” He said, “Which is impossible to do.” Kai rolled his eyes at him and said, “You’re useless. Come on, we’re wasti
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6 Prize
Kai looked at everyone before grabbing my hand and saying, “Let’s go, Arya.” He directed me to my room. His dark gray eyes bored into me. I instantly stood up, but he calmly put his finger on his lips as he shushed me, “Don’t mind Sam. She's been obsessed with Zef all these years.” I nodded, “I’ve been through hell. Here, mere actions don’t affect me at all.” Well, Samantha trying to poison me is not a big deal. I knew I would survive as my father had made me immune to poison since I was a child. He said that I needed it in case of future events where cases like this would happen, and I guess he was right. Cases like someone poisoning me indeed came. I have to thank my father for that. Plus, growing up having to change homes every season gave my immune system a boost. Just remembering about my old life and with my father still alive awoken the pain in my heart. And what made it worse was how I was talking to his killer. Hatred is still in my heart, but his soft expressi
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7 Possessive and Competitive
What if I say I want my father back? Or Magnus? Or back to my clan. Surely he can’t get that to happen. This won’t become true. I bit my lip, feeling a bit tempted. No, it was Kai. He’s an alpha, and he’s one of my mates. Of course, he would have this effect on me. I can’t deny it. His intense gaze bore into me, trapping me at the moment. I met his gaze, not sure how I could escape his hold on me. The way his arms were grabbing me, I was almost an inch away from my chest. He inched closer, and I could feel his hot breath fanning over me. His hand caressed my cheek and stroked my hair to my ear. Out of nowhere, my hands traveled to his body, to his and he stiffened a bit. He breathed deeply, and I noticed something rock hard between us. I looked down to see that it was not just a rock. It was his…member. I swallowed hard, biting my lip as I knew this. I could feel my body heating up. Was it... because of the mate thing? I felt my pearls against my bra sensitive more th
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8 Closer
“You seem to go with anyone.” I could hear Kai asking beside me, breaking me from my thoughts, “What if something happens?” “I had already been through hell. What more could I lose.” was all I answered. And the next day had arrived, indeed, and I could see that Zef was already waiting by the door as soon as the sun had risen. My nose wrinkled from smelling his alpha scent lingering, filling in the void. I opened the door and see him grinning from ear to ear, “Goodmorning, have you slept well?” I bit my lip, nodding. “Good. Because I couldn’t sleep a wink.” He admitted, “I’m excited to take you to my surprise.” “What surprise?” He pouted, “It’s a surprise, why would I say it to you? Now go and get dressed. I’ll just be here outside.” I just stared at him, his ears red with excitement and his eyes gleaming and I chuckled. “What? Go inside now, or you want me to dress you up yourself?” I instantly closed the door, took a shower, and prepared. I could sense him leaving f
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9 Jealousy
We went inside and he made me put on some clothes. He would wait outside and talk with the store staff as I changed and I would go out from the dressing room to wait for his approval. But I have tried 20 outfits, and he only chose two clothes complaining that some were not my style, not suits me, or were too revealing. But I could not miss out on the slight hint of a smirk he has on his face. It’s obvious that between us,he’s the one enjoying this the most. “Can we go now?” He smirked, “Are you tired already?” I nodded but he shook his head, “Alright, let’s go now, but we’re not going home yet.” In the end, he paid for all the clothes I put on and even bought me dresses, heels, and bags. I knew I would not even be able to wear all of those considering how I’m planning for my escape from them. “You’re too lucky to have a boyfriend like him, miss!” Sealed the store staff. Another staff looked at me with envy and jealous stares but I just let them. Alpha Zef heard it and i
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10 Full moon
“By making me as part of your pack, you mean that by taking me forcefully right?” I said sarcastically, and his hands instantly clenched and almost tried to grab me but he held still.“You’re getting too gutsy.” He commented.What my mouth said the next came out unexpectedly. “No, you’re getting too egotistical. I get that you and your twin are having a competition on who could get me first but you are too full of yourselves to even think that I would let one of you get to me.” I huffed, letting it all out. “No, you’re getting too egotistical. I get that you and your twin are having a competition on who could get me first but you are too full of yourselves to even think that I would let one of you get to me.” I huffed, letting it all out. I mean I kind of told him about that but it is getting out of hand. Of course, I had a plan on making them lose their mind and let them get crazy to me. “Barging in my room will not even make any difference and make me hate you more.”He was quiet
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