Alpha King's Damsel in Distress

Alpha King's Damsel in Distress

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“Your body, your heart, your soul. everything is mine, Kira.” He whispered into me, his breath fanning my ears and his voice was deep enough to send shivers down my spine. “So I would appreciate it if you stay away from anyone. One wrong move and I’ll kill them.” Said Lycan King Ace. Kira Itzayana Fernandez considered herself an orphan the moment her life went down. Her mother’s death, her step-mother is abusing her, and she only has a crazy aunt in her care. She has always been unfortunate, but she strives hard to make her ends meet. Kira did not expect her life to turn out weird. Her cat disappeared, and she woke up one day to be the luna of the ferocious, Lycan King Ace. Alpha Ace couldn’t take his pride knowing his mate is a human but tries to make it work. With enemies going after them, and Alpha Ace’s beta Mark taking a liking to his mate, Kira is put to choose between the two. Book 3 of Destined Series (can also be read as standalone)

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27 Chapters
1 New Bruises
Kira’ Itzayana’s POV A loud scream set me apart, waking me up from my deep slumber. Judging from the cries, I don’t have to guess that it was my aunt, my mother’s sister, who has gone crazy from being too depressed, according to my father. I instantly sat upright and ran to her room. Since my room is just beside hers, I could quickly check on her. I passed by my mother’s picture in the hallway, and I paused to look at her beautiful face. Her hazelnut hair matched her chocolate brown eyes and stood out from her fair white skin. Her soft pouty lips and rosy cheeks melted to the sun and the white dress she was wearing had softly flown. But most of all, her gentle smile and her gentle expression calmed me down. I was only a toddler, and I could only vaguely remember her face as it was etched in the back of my memory, slowly fading as time went by. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, just a quick sunny side up, sausages, and toast paired with milk, which is for my aunt. I grabbed
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2 None of your business
I felt electricity. I have never seen him here. Is he a new student? He just walked away and my brother just raised his eyebrows at me and said, “Look at where you’re walking sis,” He ruffled my hair and waved at me, “I’ll see you at lunch,” “Don't bother, I'll eat in the bathroom.” I retorted. “I’ll find you there and force you to eat with me. You're not going to say no to me.” I just shook my head and went to my biology class. It's a good thing that I hopped in my brother’s car as I just arrived on time. It was boring as usual, as I’m not some genius, I’m just on the average level. The next period was physical education, and I went to the locker room to change. “Bitch.” I rolled my eyes as I heard the familiar high-pitched voice from behind me. “Oh Stef, what a lovely day to see you.” I sarcastically said, and she pushed me to the lockers. I felt the sharp metal graze my skin, and I could feel it was going to bruise later on. “Stop lurking in my boyfriend's room.” She
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3 Finally safe
He took a deep breath, trying to control his temper as I could see his jaw clenching and unclenching. “There is no cool in acting strong.” I pushed the pizza away and grabbed my bag before standing up, “I’m finished eating. Is this all? Then I need to go.” I started to walk away and I somehow anticipated for him to stop me and throw some lectures at me but he didn’t. Instead, he was quiet as I was leaving. I closed the door behind me, and I caught sight of his emotionless face watching me. I couldn’t even read his mind, but that’s none of my business now. The sky was blue and there were a few students left at the school at this time. I don’t mind going home at this time, but I could think of the time and couldn’t help but imagine all the bad things that my stepmother would do to my aunt. My feet instantly hastened with just the thought. I go on with my plan again. This will be the last time I go to this school. This will be the last night we’ll spend the night there at my ste
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4 Alpha Ace's POV
Alpha Ace’s POV “Do 20 more push-ups. I’ll assign you to your partners later.” I ordered my pack, training all the new pups. “How are the things I ordered?” I mind-linked my beta, Markus and he appeared later on from behind the trees. “It has arrived, Alpha.” He replied in my link. I looked back to my members and ordered my pack warrior to train them in my stead. I motioned for Markus to go to my study, and as soon as we arrived, a silly smirk played on his lips as he looked at the official papers that he presented to me. “Here are the documents you asked for, Alpha.” His eyebrows furrowed, “Are you sure this will work?” I sent daggers to him, “Are you questioning my decision, beta?” He’s the only one in my pack who would dare to mock or tease me, and he should be thankful enough that I consider him my friend. Markus shrugged, “No... but it's strange... why did you pick that school?” He asked, “Not like I’m complaining...” I sighed. Here comes his way of getting things d
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5 Captured
I gasped, feeling like the air was being sucked out of me. My heartbeat was beating like crazy and cold sweat fumed over me. I remember being followed and almost getting robbed, but being clawed and almost by a... monster. Was it... a dream? I thought it was a dream. Looking around, I was back in my room. Confusion laced over me as I could not remember how I got here. I tried to gain balance, but my feet clamored and I fell to the floor. If it was a dream, why are my feet so weak? And I feel like I just ran a marathon. I breathed deeply, the house was eerily quiet. Just then, the door opened, cutting my own thoughts. I could see Bryce, my stepbrother coming in and he sighed in relief, “Thank goodness your awake, Itzy.” He then helped me up, “What are you doing on the floor?” I cleared my throat, “I was just... trying to stand up.” I said, and I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know how I got here in my room?” He nodded, placing me on the edge of my bed and grabbing a glas
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6 Human Mate
He looked somewhere my age yet he was rugged, which made him a bit more mature. “Good evening. Is Kira Itzayana Fernandez here?” the man asked. “The Al-I mean master is already waiting for you.”As he said that, I felt like he was familiar. I looked back one last time at the people who I call family. To my father who was avoiding eye contact, to my stepmother who was wiping her fake tear, and to my stepbrother, who was the only one decent enough to feel sorrow as he grabbed my arm, not wanting to let go of me.“No. This is not true. You’re not going.” He said firmly, almost begging. I looked at him in the eye, making sure he would see how dead I am, and removed his hands from me. I turned back to the man in front of me. Sucking in a deep breath, I bit my lip and feigned courage to even walk to him.I have to accept this. I have to. He then nodded at me and directed me to the black car waiting outside. “You won’t bring anything with you?” He asked curiously. I shook my head, “I
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7 Sparks
“You know, I’m not here to play around.”He clenched his jaw, “Neither am I. You think I like having a human as my mate?”A scoff came out of my mouth. A human as his mate? He must have read too many werewolf stories in his past times for him to think it is like this.“That is not the point. The point is you telling me you’re a werewolf. I mean we’re in the 21st century, Mr. Jones.”“Ace. Call me Alpha Ace.” He corrected, standing tall and towering over my figure.I didn’t dare quiver but instead stood my ground as I faced him, “That alpha word again. I heard that from Mark too.”I didn’t dare quiver but instead stood my ground as I faced him, “That alpha word again. I heard that from Mark too.”Hearing me say that made him clench his jaw as if I said something hurtful, something that hurt his pride. “Because I am an alpha, and I am the leader of my pack.” He said. “I already bought you, so you’re mine now.”Pack? The way he said strange words makes me doubt if he’s even sane.Goodn
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8 Infirmary
I closed the door and slumped back to the bed, feeling my eyes close instantly. This is just a dream, Kira. It will all be over soon…Except it wasn’t. When I woke up the next day, it was too good to be true. Or not.Mark was already waiting by the door with a food tray in hand. “Here’s your food,” said Mark, smiling at me. “The food is at the packhouse, and I think you are not ready to face the others yet.” This is what I hadn’t experienced compared to the time I lived in my father's and step mothers house. I guess I shouldn’t judge my new place. Although my physics teacher and schoolmate transferee are here and I’m confused, it's a bit…not disappointing.Instead, I’m expecting the worst. Be a sex slave?Although the “alpha” he calls him has assured me he won’t do anything like that, I can’t help but still feel worried for myself. I only have myself after all.“I didn’t know what food you like to eat so I chose everything that human likes. You can dig in now.” Mark left me to f
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9 Combats and Fights
“I’ll leave you alone with her. Just call me if you need me, alright?”I really couldn’t imagine…this would happen. My aunt is alive. I am not in my father's and stepmother’s hands.I am free.Except I am in a new place, not a completely new world with people telling me they are “werewolves.”Mark then decided to tour me around the pack but all I could receive were stares.Not cold stares but confused stares.It was both exhilarating and awkward for me…as someone who is not used to getting people’s attention…And the air smells full of tension. It’s overbearing that I could feel that I can’t breathe. all I could do was act normal as if they were invisible. “You’ll get used to them.” Mark mumbled, “don’t worry the pack members won’t eat you.”I paused at that, felt a bit scared for my life and he chuckled, “I am just joking. You’re too tensed up, and Alpha Ace wouldn’t want that.”“Why?” I asked.He smirked, “Of course, you are his mate. Everyone knows that here. They just want to
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10 Training with the boss
Can he just leave? Can he sense my discomfort? How uneasy I am now that he is here? How can I even start my training with him? I hope he just walked by and happened to see us and decided to say hi. And not stay here for long… But judging from the looks of it, I think not… I stared back at him, “Morning, Alpha.” He blinked as if not expecting me to greet him. He cleared his throat, “Morning. How’s the training?” “It’s…good,” I replied. “It’s just…new to me.” He glanced at Mark, “Are you even training her properly?” “I am. We were just going to get on the good part but you butted in.” Mark replied and I glanced at him… Uhm…as far as I can remember, Mark is working under him? How can he talk to his boss like that? It seemed to happen always that Alpha Ace let it pass. He must be used to it. “Move. I’ll do it personally.” Mark scowled at him, “Uhh, I thought you were in a meeting?” “They canceled it.” He simply replied, his sharp jaw clenching and unclenching. “Are you su
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