The Blood Moon Luna

The Blood Moon Luna

By:  Artemas J R Broyles  Completed
Language: English
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Smart and feisty Nikki is the daughter of the pack's female lead Warrior. Devilishly handsome and kind Frankie is the Alpha Heir of the Cold Moon Pack. Nikki has a crush on Frankie but she is not on his radar, yet. Frankie is looking for his Luna. Recently their pack is experiencing an increase in rogue attacks. So when they are thrown together in pack training, Frankie quickly learns that Nikki can pack a punch. A simple critique leads to that 1st touch and the chemistry is sizzling. Does this budding romance stand a chance against death, deceit, and an indecent alliance proposal? Will Nikki get her man? Has Frankie found his Luna? Only time will tell if this couple will be blessed by the Moon Goddess or destroyed by lies and betrayal.

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152 Chapters
Secret Crush
Nikki POV It was the night of the blood moon and my friends and I had decided to go to the clearing to see the moon at its peak. At least, that's what I said was the reason to go to the clearing on the hillside. Usually only those 18 and older go to the clearing to find their mates under the blood moon. I convinced Charity and Silvie to go on the pretense of ‘seeing the beauty of the blood moon better’. My real reason was Frankie, I wanted to see if he found his mate. Frankie is the Alpha's son, he's 6 foot 4 with broad shoulders and muscles for days. His brown, almost black hair hung to his shoulders and his eyes were so blue it was like staring into the sky on a sunny afternoon. Not that he'd ever notice me, my dark blonde hair and brown eyes were ordinary at best. I was short and barely a B cup, I did have a little junk in the trunk though. That didn’t stop me from praying to the Moon Goddess that Frankie wouldn’t find his mate tonight and maybe she'd save him for me. “You know N
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Rogue Attack
Nikki POV As we took off down the wooded hillside my heart was pounding and I was trying to think of how to get someplace safe. Charity, Silvie, and I don't have our wolves yet so we aren’t going to be any help, instead we’re a liability. The sound of paws thundering against the ground was ominous and it made it difficult to think clearly. The warriors were charging towards us heading for the clearing and we needed to get out of the way. “Over there is a boulder! 100 feet to the right!” Silvie called out. That would at least get us out of the way of the warriors coming this way. So we dashed to the right and ducked behind the boulder just as the warriors went running and leaping past. As we quickly tried to catch our breath I said, “We still need to hide somewhere safe until the all clear is sounded.” Charity was bent over hands on her knees and huffing in and out and looked up and said, “What about the old mine. It is at least out of the way and most people forget it is even there
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The Old Mine
Charity POV “NIKKI” Silvie and I shouted in unison. She didn’t see the slight drop just before the mine and went slightly airborne. Then she crashed and burned. “Nikki, are you okay?” Silvie cried out. I bent down to roll her over and saw the gash on her head. There is a lot of blood, but I know that the head bleeds more than other parts of the body. “Is she breathing?” Silvie asked as she went to her knees next to our friend. “Yes she’s breathing but she is out cold. I know normally we shouldn’t move her in case of neck injury, but we have to get into the mine.” I replied. Silvie looked over and said, “We don’t have a choice, it’s less than 10 yards. I will grab her feet and you get her under the arms and support her head as best as you can.” “On 3, ready? 1… 2… 3 lift.” We counted together. We got into the mine entrance and I could feel a wall to the foreman’s office, now to feel for the door. I tried not to think about what bugs and other creatures could be in here with us as I
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Found but Wounded
Frankie POV “Who are we looking for again? Marcus asked. “Nikki and the twins she hangs around,” I replied. “Oh, those girls are hot.” Marcus replied with A grin. “And not yet 18, hornball,” I said. “Hey a guy can dream, who wouldn’t want a mate with a twin? Wouldn’t get in trouble for staring too long, because you’re just trying to make sure you’re talking to the right twin.” Marcus chuckled and with a lopsided grin. “Tatum, why so quiet dude? I know you like guys and stuff, but I thought you liked girls too?” I asked. “I am just listening to the two of you and trying to see if I see, hear, or smell anything.” ‘That and while you’re into the twins, I am into Nikki’s other close friend Jonas. Not that the mouthy twin wasn’t hot, I just don’t know much about her other than she doesn’t have a filter.’ Tatum thought to himself. “I just linked Nikki’s mom to see if they had made it back, keep looking and try to think of a place they may have hidden. Bill, Xavier, and I are heading bac
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Head Injuries
Frankie POV “I just messaged the Alpha that we found the girls.” Marcus said. “Good. Is everyone okay here?” I asked. “Nikki is unconscious, she lost some blood. We don’t know if there are any more injuries yet.” Charity replied. I took two strides and was standing beside Nikki looking down at her still body. I removed the torn piece of cloth from Nikki’s head and could see that it was still very lightly bleeding. I bent over and began to lick the head wound, “What are doing, that’s gross Frankie.” Silvie said with absolute disgust. “Alpha saliva, Silvie. The saliva of a true Alpha blood or a mate can help healing. And since she isn’t old enough for a mate and I am the next Alpha of this pack, I can at least stop the bleeding.” I answered. “Are you two girls okay?” Marcus asked. “Would you lick me if I said I wasn’t?” Charity replied. “Oh, I'll lick something alright. Except I am Gamma blood and since you aren’t of age, the most you’ll get is moaning out my name when I do.” Marcus
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Waking Paralyzed
Nikki POV The darkness is interrupted. I can't open my eyes yet, but I can see light behind my eyelids. I can’t move any part of my body. I am in pain, my head is throbbing. I am alive, I can hear voices, one sounds like Alpha, another like Frankie, and mom she sounds like she is crying. I am paralyzed, that must be why mom is crying. OH GODDESS NO! Please no, don’t let me be paralyzed. If by some chance Frankie ends up being my mate at the next blood moon, he will surely reject me! I have to wake up! I can feel tears streaming down my face as this terrible nightmare rolls through my head. I slowly manage to get my eyes to open, just a little because the lights are so bright. I can see my mom talking to Dr. Lynn. “Mom?” I managed to croak out. “Oh Thank the Goddess, you’re awake!” Mom said, as she rushed over and placed a kiss on my forehead. I shift my eyes slightly to the side, because I can feel a strong presence on the side opposite from mom. OH MY GODDESS, it’s Frankie! I am
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Planning and Recovery
Frankie POV “At this point,it looks like the rogue attack was not random last night. It appears to be provoked, however we don’t know who and why yet.” Alpha Kieran spoke to the group of current and future leaders of the pack. “Okay then, How do we protect our borders against an unknown enemy then?” Beta heir Tatum asked. “Sometimes, The best defense is a good offense. We train every able body to fight. If they are not able to shift yet, then we focus on combat in human form.” Alpha Kieran stated. “But don’t we pretty much do that now, Alpha?” Gamma Xavier stated. “We have up until now left it optional for females under 17 and males under 12. I think it would make us stronger if we started all pups at 8. Pups under 15 would see no battle at all and pups 15 to 17 would be our last line of defense, essentially there to defend those heading for the bunkers, on the chance that enemies could slip through the warriors and those with the ability to fight in wolf form.” Alpha Kieran replied.
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Training and a Phone Call
Nikki POV Monday morning is here and I am totally dreading Frankie seeing me all sweaty. I dress in my favorite teal sports bra, a pair of tight black leggings, and some joggers and head over to the training grounds. I am already not feeling it, because all I did was lounge around this weekend. I see my friend group and walk over to them. “Hey guys.” I chirped, with false enthusiasm. Charity grumbles “Hey”, Silvie smiles and says “Hey back at ya”, and Jonas, as usual makes an inappropriate comment “Well if it isn’t the founder of the ity bity tity committee.” “Knock it off Jonas, someone could hear you!” I growled as I smacked the back of his head. “Oh come on Nikki, I was just playing. Besides, isn't the saying, ‘More than a mouthful is a waste?” Jonas teased. “Okay well if we’re all done talking about our friends body parts, we can get this training started.” Frankie said looking directly at us and I know my face is a deep shade of red. Beta Bill says, “Pair off and spar.” “Okay
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Fated vs Chosen
Alpha Kieran POV As I hung up the phone with Alpha Hollis, I mind linked my Beta and Frankie to come to my office. Frankie was now sitting sprawl legged into one of the chairs in front of my desk, while Beta Bill sat tensed in the other. “I received a phone call from Alpha Hollis. He wants to set up an alliance, but was reluctant to tell me the terms by phone. He and his heir will be here at noon tomorrow. I can’t say that I am not concerned that he didn’t want to talk terms over the phone, but I want to us to be prepared for him to drop a metaphorical bomb on us.” I told them. Frankie sat up and said, “Why is he bringing Kendall? He’s almost as much of an asshole as his father is and as worthless as tits on a bullfrog.” “Well son, I don’t know, but I think it would be best that you were here as well. Bill, I want you and Xavier posted right outside the office, so whatever adjustments need to be made for the training schedule needs to be decided and posted immediately.” I answered
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Allied Mate?
Alpha Kieran POV ‘Alpha, we have just cleared Alpha Hollis and his heir through border security.’ One of the warriors mind linked. ‘Thank you’ I linked back and looked at everyone in the room, “Alright team, it’s showtime. I will leave the link open for Bill and Xavier to be able to hear the meeting, despite the soundproofing. I had the desk chair brought in from Bill’s office, so you can sit behind the desk with me Frankie. It will be your space soon enough anyway. I don’t expect any difficulties, Hollis isn’t an enemy, but I don’t necessarily consider him an ally either.” I said as I gave last minute instruction. “Agree to disagree or peacefully coexist?” Frankie replied. “Exactly.” I said. As Alpha Hollis was shown into the room, pleasantries were exchanged and then seats offered to the guests. Kieran: “I hope the trip over was uneventful?” Hollis: “Yes, quite. 45 minutes through neutral territory, looks as though the humans are doing a festival of some sorts.” Kieran: “Ok en
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