Fallaciously inlove

Fallaciously inlove

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Having been raised in a very hostile environment since young, when given an ultimatum Nelly Smith chose to move out of the family home and persue her dream of becoming a musician, and to build a life for herself and her baby sister. In the process of building herself, she falls pregnant with man she did not know, nor has heard of. Would she be able to balance raising her kids on her own and building a career for herself?

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28 Chapters
The competition
As she sat at the back stage nervously holding hands with the other contestant patiently waiting for the winner to be announced, tears started flowing down her cheeks. " Don't be sad Nelly, you know how good of a singer you are, surely you will get the prize." Alwyn the guy holding her hand tried to comfort her, he too knew how good Nelly was, so he wouldn't be surprised if she came out first. He held her hand even tighter as a way to affirm what he was saying. " Even if you don't get the prize, I can speak to my Uncle and get you signed with Electrotainment, that way your career will only go up from there as that's a very reputable company in the whole country." She was not sad or anything like that in fact she was proud of herself at how far she had come, even if she did not take the first prize, to her that was also a win, the runner up prize that she would get was enough to change her life and for her to bring her sister to the big city. She smiled gently and looked at Alwyn
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Buried trauma
The following morning when Nelly woke up, her body was aching all over. She tried to recall all the events of the previous night, she remembers that foreign feeling she had, how she yearned the company of a man for the very first time.But she had managed to escape from everyone so that she could suffer alone in her room, ' so what went wrong?'This is the question she had in mind, but then again remembered the blurry tall man who entered her room while she was naked and took advantage of her. She wasn't sure who it was but what she knew is that the hotel owed her an explanation."Mhmm"She moaned in pain as she couldn't take the pain she felt through her entire body, it was as if her lower body was about to be disconnected from her completely.As she sat up on the bed, her eyes landed on the man who was sitting on the couch not far from the bed, elegantly crossing his legs. Although he had a cold intimidating look on his face, that did not stop Nelly from noticing his handsome facial
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A fool
He looked at the third card key on the table with his eyes darkening, he then took out his phone and dialed a string of numbers."Come here, now!""But Eric, I'm already at the office now." The man on the other side of the phone answered but soon gulped down the large lump of saliva that had been stuck on his throat.He knew the moment he saw Eric's ID on his phone that he was in deep trouble, so he dared not see him that day, but now the man was asking to see him."Do you want me to come over there myself?"That question on its own sent a shock wave throughout Rob's body, hence he agreed to drive back to that hotel immediately."No, no need for you to come over here brother, I'll be there in the next few minutes."After hearing that, Eric ended the call and sat on the edge of the bed, but his eyes landed on that piece of paper that the little girl had refused to take.He picked it up and looked at the sum of money that he had written on it."Is she planning to get even more than t
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where they belong
"Hey what do you think you are doing? You are just as useless as that sister of yours, How can you mess up something as simple as soup! Why don't you just die?"Vivian's voice was so loud that the cab driver probably heard what she had said.Hearing the shouts Nelly was so insensed that she could not hold herself any longer, she pushed the door open and rushed in right at that moment."Nonto come here, go get your things and follow me!"She said that while looking at the Vicious Vivian who could not believe how Nelly came out of nowhere to challenge her."Nelisiwe Smith! How dare you come in to this house and challenge my way of doing things, do you think you are better now just because you are wearing new clothes. Who ever gave you those must be out of their mind and straight foolish to even lend you clothes when you can't even feed yourself."Nelly was surprised at how her Aunt thought but then again it came to her that they didn't have any television in the village, so how would th
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Stepping stone
Tony got even more irritated as he heard his wife speak so harshly about Nelly, so he took out his phone browsed the winner for the recent season of the comperition, indeed a clear picture of Nelly holding her cheque with conffeti falling on her from the ceiling."Tell me if this is not her?"Asked Tony in a bold tone, leaving both Vivian and their daughter in disbelief."Impossible dad! I'm way better than Nelly, more prettier and much deserving of success but why does it have to be her? I should be the one who is famous and not that orphan out of all people!"" Shut up!, at this point you should've realized that she can be your ticket to success. Once you are done with beauty school you can be her personal makeup artist use her as a stepping stone and there on, nobody can stop you. You will be working with even more prominent people in the industry, wake up and stop being so stupid. "Vivian reprimanded her daughter forgetting the fact that they were not in the best of relationship
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Mystery woman
Once they were all out of sight Nelly wiggled herself out of Eric's arm, she Certainly didn't want to be held by that man. "Uhh thank you for helping me back there, but Mr Jonas, I'm afraid we need to go to our cab now." Not even once did Nelly look at the man next to her, she only address Robert, the one she respected. Rob on the other hand noticed the gloom on his brother's face and knew right then that he needed to do something. For the fact that Eric voluntarily held a woman's waist was a clear indication to Rob that his brother liked that girl. "Come on, it's still early and I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind some good food so why don't you just come with us. You don't mind right lady? I promise nothing will happen to you guys." Robert begged with a goofy smile filling his face and just when Nelly was about to decline the invitation as she was erked by the presence of the man next to her, her sister Nonto beat her to it, "Yeah I don't mind, Nelly we can go since we didn't pla
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A leech
The group of people walked out of the restaurant without even noticing that they were being watched.Instead of entering the car with the Jonas brothers Nelly took a cab back home along with Her sister.A few months past within a blink of an eye for Nelly as she was fully booked for appearances as well as the performance of her new single which was released during the final stages of the competition.It was only after seven months when she was released from her duties as her secret was close to being revealed to the public.Her belly had started showing and she too had started feeling tired easily."Could this be the one? What do you think sis?"Nelly asked her sister as they finished touring the last townhouse, it was located on a newly developed estate which had only a few houses readily built, the house was spacious compared to their rented apartment and was beautifully laid out and what topped it off was the fact that the townhouse was fully furnished, all they needed was to final
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Was abandoned
The room was left in complete silence, none of the two people said a word, it was as if they each were immensed in their own world.Too many questions ran through their minds but none had the answers to them."Was that woman really our mother?"Finally Nonto broke the silence as she wanted to piece together the dots that seemed to have confused her. She too wanted clarification."Our mother died when we were young, that woman is nothing but a stranger to us."Her anger had clouded her mind as she responded to her younger sister, although she had said that, deep down Nelly knew that was not how she truly felt about the woman.Even tthough she was still fuming and slightly confused by the event which caught her off guard, Nelly still regarded Adelaide as her mother but she wasn't ready to admit to it."I'll bring out the bags then."When Nonto heard her sister she knew right then that it wasn't the right time to argue and bicker
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one for the team
As the sisters enjoy their evening of bland food, others were being tortured at an office building in the business district. "No Rob this is not it, we can't take this anymore, you need to talk to the big boss." " yes Mr Rob, you are his brother and he will listen to you. I mean we've been over working ourselves for the past few months, the company has been doing well and we definitely aren't complaining about our salaries but we need some rest." As the employees gathered in Rob's office complaining about being over worked, he felt like throwing himself over the building. 'Heck I too am being over worked, not only do I have to deal with his tantrums here at work but it's even worse at home.' He was so frustrated that he wanted to yell at his employees but he knew better than to do that. "He's the boss and calls the shots, I'm as scared of him as you are. Why don't you guys just go ask him yourselves?" When they turned to look at him and how haggard he was, they felt that what
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Missed me
Some time had passed and Nelly's savings were now running low, taking care of three people wasn't an easy thing to do.She had chose to sacrifice her career in order to take care of her twins for more than a year while also using some of her savings to pay for Nonto's tuition fees as well as the family's expenses.She had been missing from the public eye and most people had even forgotton about her. Her contract from her previous company had expired and they refused to renew it, as she had not been generating any income for the company."Don't worry sis, I will look for a part time job at one of the restaurants near our campus that way I will be able to help out with the expenses.""No don't be silly, you need to finish your studies in time. I'm sure something will come up, it always does."Nelly had a strong faith that she'd be able to get in to a recording company soon, even if it wasn't as big as the one she used to work for, that would be able to help her take care of her family.
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