Caught Between the Vampire and the Alpha

Caught Between the Vampire and the Alpha

By:  Jilguera  Ongoing
Language: English
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When 17-year-old omega, Robin Douglass falls discovers the true reason her pack went to war with the vampires, she must decide what to do with that knowledge. Give her loyalties to her mate, the alpha’s son, and the pack that treated her like she was nothing, or to the vampire master who showed her who she really was and helped her power grow. Before she or her heart can choose, the alpha is determined to keep events of the past war hidden, even if it means starting another war.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1
“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging and try filling it instead” stared at me in big blocky white letters. I stared at the motivation quote with the backdrop of an early morning beach of some crystalline blue ocean and wondered why I thought tacking that up in my locker was a good idea. I wasn’t even sure it made sense. “Robin Douglass, you are an idiot,” I whispered as I shook my head. That would explain why I’d think tacking up some silly quote would somehow change the insignificance and dullness of my life. I put the text books I didn’t need into my locker, hiding most of the idiotic quote from my sight. Just as I closed my locker, I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and my heart raced, just like the first time I saw Shaun Hunter back in kindergarten. He was everything an alpha could ever hope for in a son. With his matching chocolate brown eyes and hair, tall but not too tall, strong, but not overly muscular, Shawn was the definition of hot. On top of all that, he
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Chapter 2
I stared up at the top of the hole. When did a group of fanatical hunters set up their torture shop around here? Why didn’t anyone warn me they were in town? It seemed impossible for a group this dangerous was in the area and the alpha didn’t know it. My stomach tightened. Had he warned everyone and my aunt chose not to tell me?No.I shook my head from side to side, trying to toss away the dark thoughts. My aunt may blame my dad for getting my uncle killed and she may place that blame on me since Dad wasn’t here, but she wouldn’t put me in danger like that. And none of this mattered right now. What did was I had to get out of here before those crazy humans came by to check on their traps. My breath and heart raced as my mind thought of what they might do with me if they found me here. I stumbled back as my head grew light. Suddenly mom’s voice, or what I remember her voice to sound like, surfaced and echoed in my mind. ‘It’s okay to be scared, Robin, but never let that fear turn to
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Chapter 3
Hurt, and out of time, I closed my eyes and willed my wolf to the surface. I grit my teeth to stop myself from crying out in pain. It was a painful process, made even more painful in the fact I was in a hurry. Brown fur sprouted along my arms and chest as I undressed. My fingers changed, making it more difficult to shove my clothes in my backpack. If I survived this, no way was I walking home in my birthday suit!The whimper of pain turned into a growl as I finished my shift. I heard and smelled the hunters now. It was some comfort that there weren’t only four of them and judging by how their voices carried, still some ways off. I didn’t have much time, but I could still escape before they reached the hole. With my backpack in my massive jaws, I dropped low to the ground and tensed my muscles to prepare for jumping.‘You can do this,’ I told myself before I pushed off from the bottom of the hole into a leap for the top. Claws out, I reached the top and grab onto the ground. A thrill
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Chapter 4
“Ah, the little wolf.” A hint of a smile appeared on his bloodied lips as he took a step towards me. I hunched down on all fours until my belly grazed the grass. To get away from him, I took a small step back, but in the blink of an eye, he was right behind me. I yelped, turned to face him with a growl. That hint of a smile appeared again on his face as he began walking in a circle around me, looking at me as if I was a bug that had just crash landed in his drink.“Little wolf, little wolf,” he said as he encircled me. “What to do with you?” I didn’t think he actually wanted an answer, so I did my best to stay low and keep my eyes on him. “I should kill you,” he said, but this time he sounded like he was talking more to himself. “Can’t have you running and telling your alpha about the big, bad vampire.” He clicked his tongue as he shook his head, still walking around me like a shark waiting for the perfect moment to strike. “Though, by the look of you… I don’t think anyone is going
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Chapter 5
“Uh… what is it you want me to do?” I asked, feeling like I was going to regret this. The vampire put his hand to his pants pocket, the flash of fang gone. “Simple. I want you to use you to discover who I can trust and who I can’t in my coterie.”“Right…” I said, dragging out the word. Was he serious? How exactly was I going to do that? “Uhm, despite this might put my chances of surviving this encounter to an all-time low, I can’t do that.”“You can’t?” The vampire almost sounded surprised. “No, that’s not how werewolves work, especially me. I told you I’m an omega. I barely above a human level.”The vampire stared at me, his face a blank slate. “I see,” he said and clicked his tongue. “Yeah…” I said slowly, preparing myself to run. I didn’t think I could outrun a vampire, but maybe if I was able to get back into the alpha’s territory, he wouldn’t dare trespass. “You don’t know what you are, do you?”My brow furrowed as I stared at him. “Uhm,” I started. It was stupid to argue wit
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Chapter 6
Shaun and I walked down the quiet residential road. As we walked, I kept stealing glances toward at him. Shaun Hunter was walking me home. I swear the way this day was going, not even aliens landing their flying saucer right down in front of me would surprise me. “Oh,” Shaun said, breaking the silence. “Uhm, so the school librarian told me you have their copy of Monday’s Trouble.”My brow furrowed. “Uh, yeah, I have it,” I replied, not sure why he was asking me about a book. “Cool. When you’re done with it, can you give it to me? Been wanting to read that one for a while.” Was he serious? Not only did Shaun read books, but he wanted to read that one? That was like the top tier ‘nerds only’ type of book. Okay, so perhaps today could still surprise me. I smiled at the weirdness of the day. Weirdness I survived. “Yeah, of course. I can bring it to school tomorrow. I’ve read it like a hundred times by now.” “Yeah?” He looked excited by the idea. My smile grew. “Yeah. No problem.”“Gr
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Chapter 7 - Shaun
Before leaving my room, I stopped to check myself in the mirror. I usually didn’t do a mirror check before heading out, but Robin said she’d bring me the book to school today and, well, I wanted to look good. The thought of Robin made my heart race with excitement and my stomach twist with guilt. I should’ve told her that we were mates by now.I knew it was wrong to keep it from her. It’s not like I have a problem with her. No, that not it at all. Robin is perfect. Dad. Dad is the problem. He can’t stand weakness and with Robin being an omega, I was afraid he’d insist I reject her.Just the idea of rejecting Robin made my soul hurt, and if I refused to obey an order from Dad… I shook my head to get rid of those kinds of thoughts. What Dad thought of Robin was a problem for another day. For now, I’d just enjoy what time I got to spend with Robin. As I left my room, I took the elevator instead of the stairs. On the way to the ground floor, I flipped through the book I’d just finished r
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Chapter 8 - Robin
I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. When was following a vampire ever been a good idea? The darkness underneath the trees didn’t help settle my nerves at all. The day had been a deeply gray with bouts of rain. Oddly enough, the thought that if it did rain, the trees would keep a lot of the water off me helped settle me some. “So,” I said, drawing out the word. “What exactly am I going to be doing?”“You’ll be learning to run, little wolf,” the vampire replied. He looked nearly the exact same as when I met him yesterday. Did he have a change of clothes?“Right, could you be less vague, maybe?”“No.”I scowled at his back. “Then at least tell me where we’re going?”He glanced back at me with a look that screamed. ‘Are you an idiot?’ before answering me. “To my territory.” The tone was nothing short of condescending. “I know what your alpha is capable of, and I will not spend a minute longer near his borders than I have to.”What he was capable of? What did that mean? I tried t
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Chapter 9
I couldn’t lie to Shaun; not only because, as an alpha, he was even better at detecting lies than the average werewolf, but as sad as it was, Shaun is the closest thing to a friend I have. “I, uh…” I started as I tried to think of a way out of this that didn’t end with me being kicked out of the pack. Yes, I wanted to leave, but I didn’t want to be exiled. That was making me unwelcome in any other pack. With no better solution, I fell back on my usual tactic — lie with the truth. “I was meeting up with him.”Worry marred Shaun’s face. “Why?”“He’s hired me for a job.” And before he could ask, I quickly added, “Nothing that’s going to hurt the pack. I would never do anything to hurt us, but he has some things that he doesn’t want his people doing, so…” I shrugged.“Are you insane?” Shaun snapped, looking at me as if I was in fact insane.His expression and tone kinda hurt, so I snapped right back at him. “No, I’m unemployed in a town where no one will hire me.”He looked surprised, but
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Chapter 10
My lips met with Shaun’s and his surprise echoed through me. His lips were soft and warm. That softness and warmth echoed through me when he not only didn’t pull away from me, but kissed me back. The surprise was gone in a flash and instead turned to attraction. He most definitely liked me. Knowing that made our kiss all the sweeter. I closed my eyes and let the emotions, both his and mine, fill me and I forgot about everything. I forgot about school, my uncaring aunt, horrible cousins, and Alec the vampire. It was wonderful. Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach and my heart raced. I could stay like this forever and be happy.When the kiss ended and Shaun took a step back from me, it was all too soon. His eyes were a darker shade than before the kiss started and he gave me a smile I’d never seen before as he rubbed the back of his neck. It was a small, kind of shy smile that made him seem almost bashful. It was something I’d never seen from him. “We should get you home,” he said
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