The Forsaken Alpha

The Forsaken Alpha

Oleh:  K. K. Winter  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Selena:Fear them. Respect them. And never enter the woods. I should have listened to my mom but it was too late when I entered the forest that night. A human would stand no chance against wolves. Kane:I never intended to choose a human; I did it to piss the indifferent rulers off. Her fear of my kind runs deep, I can't tell her we've met in the woods. Getting close to Selena is like eating sand in the desert while all I need is water. She becomes my bit of Hell, a challenge I can't overcome or give up.

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I told you I'd find you a virgin after I took yours.
SelenaI should have known better. Of all the people I know, I am the one who should have known better than to take the shortcut and choose the woods. Ever since I was a kid, my parents have been telling me how dangerous the woods are, even in broad daylight. But what was I supposed to do? Risk everything to get caught walking down the streets when I'm well aware I can't do that? It's illegal for humans to leave their homes after dusk. Still, I couldn't resist the temptation. The professor let me attend the lecture of a lifetime, and there was nothing that could stop me from going. Sure, there were, and still are, a few risks involved, but it's worth it. Knowledge is the key to success, and if I want to help others, I need to gain more. My foot lands
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I hope you choke on that caviar.
Kane "Mother," I groan, pinching the bridge of my nose. "You don't seem to understand what I'm trying to tell you." The endless battle between my mother and me seems to bring out the worst in me. For years, her psycho husband has led the pack like a dictator, and even though I'm well into my thirties, he refuses to step down from that title because he knows I'll bring far too many changes with me. "Amon, he's a lunatic." My statement finally catches her attention.  Mother rolls her eyes and snorts. "My husband isn't a lunatic. He is a righteous man and has brought so much freedom to our people; we should be grateful for all he does." She finally turns around to face me. I've been standing behind her for hours as she concentrates on covering her face with layers of makeup.  "Is that so?"
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Please, please, don't follow me.
Selena Tears run down my cheeks as I watch the two men change positions. The shorter one grabs my wrists so tightly his nails pierce my skin. If I ever get out of here alive, I'll have to deal with the loss of the last thing I valued and a darn infection.  "No, you don't have to do this, please. I haven't done anything to you; please let me go." I plead with the men, but my desperation only amuses them.  Gabe positions himself between my legs as his eyes take me in. I wish I could blackout so I wouldn't remember these horrible events, but adrenaline is pumping through my veins; it's impossible to pass out.  He grabs my coat and rips it open; the same fate befalls the sweater and shirt I'm wearing underneath. Even though it's the mid
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Oh, you'll see.
Kane  The poor thing radiated nothing but fear. Thank the Moon Goddess I arrived on time. If I'd come just a few minutes later, she'd be raped by two rogues. Damn, I hate those creatures with a passion!  It was way too easy to get rid of the first one; the guy was too engrossed in his sick fantasies to notice me approaching him. Honestly, his friend wasn't any better, but his punishment was instant death since he tried to get away with the human girl. The other may wander the woods for a few days until he drops dead, but at least I was merciful enough to give him that much time to live. I watched as the girl ran from the scene. Though I tried to call after her to ask if the bag was hers, she didn't listen to me, nor did I try to catch up with her. Understandably, after everything that h
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This is how you repay us?
Selena I feel dirty. I am dirty. I am disgusting.And it's no one's fault but my own. I shouldn't have taken the shortcut and entered those damned woods in the first place.  Even though I made it back home in one piece, relatively untouched, I've never been so disgusted with myself before. My mind was a mess, and I had no idea how I snuck home unnoticed. If my mother or dad were to catch me- the near-rape situation wouldn't seem so bad anymore.  I didn't bother to take off my coat when I got into my bedroom and rushed into the bathroom. It was the longest shower I'd taken in my life. The more I tried to scrape my skin clean of the dirt and phantoms of their hands, the dirtier I felt. Baca selengkapnya
Our families had an agreement.
Kane I stand aside from the crowd. Some people noticed my arrival and started gossiping no longer than a few seconds later. I knew something like this might happen because it's the first time I have shown up, so obviously, everyone would make a big deal out of it.  My mother and Amon walk around greeting any shifter near them but give the present humans the cold shoulder. I roll my eyes as I lean against the tree.  My gaze follows them as they take their places on the platform. Amon clears his throat as he steps in front of the microphone. "I would like to congratulate everyone who has come here today. It may seem that there aren't many people here today, but I can assure everyone that you will find someone special today." No sooner do these words pass his lips tha
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Underestimate me, boy, I dare you.
Selena Mom drags me down the street. Every time she pulls me to move faster, I have to adjust the straps of the stupid dress. I don't understand why I had to wear it- it's freezing outside, but I'm running around like it's the middle of summer.  Not to mention the dress makes me look like a corpse. Plus, mom put so much foundation on everything she deemed as imperfect- my legs and arms are covered in yellow spots. Her attempt to hide the "hideous" parts has resulted in me looking sick. We get to the ceremonial clearing on time, but I still have to listen to everything mom says. She whispers insulting things; I know the wolves can hear us- a few give me nasty looks. Why me when she's the one being unreasonable and rude? Baca selengkapnya
It's not like I asked him to choose me.
Kane As I carry her away from the ceremonial clearing, all I can think about is how much I'd like to see this woman wrapped in my sheets. I'd fucking love to see her fall asleep and wake up in my bed.  Although she's been mine since I chose her, there are a few rules I have to follow. I have to bring her home first and discuss when she can move in with me. It's a stupid tradition, but I can't change something we've been doing for centuries. I carry her to her house and let her stand back to her feet as soon as we approach the front door. Only when she raises an eyebrow, I realise I didn't ask her for the address.  "Great way to appear like a creep. Amazing first impression," my wolf laughs at me, but I blo
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Suck it up, snowflake.
Selena I don't know her. I don't know my best friend. The person standing in front of me is anything but the girl I once loved and adored. She has changed for the worse. And as if the yelling and accusing me of things I haven't done weren't enough, she slapped me. I stare at her wide-eyed, shocked beyond limits. But before I can regain my senses and say anything, my bedroom door is kicked down by the same man Kelly is so angry about. He ignores me and stomps straight towards her. I watch everything in horror. He grabs Kelly by the neck and forces her body against the wall. Her feet leave the floor
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One. More. Word. About. My. Woman.
Kane I'm seething with anger as I head downstairs to stop by her parents. Selena's father looks worried, while her mother is pissed off about something. "Tell her that today was the first and last time I'm going to take any shit from her." I clench my hands into fists to keep myself together. I don't want to cause more damage here than I already did. "I'll be back in three days; then, I'm taking Selena home with me, with or without her consent." I don't warn anyone anymore- every word that passes my lips is a promise.  Her parents watch me leave. I'm fucking furious. How dare she act out like this when she knows I'm doing her a huge favour. As usual, my wolf shows up when I don't need him. "Calm down, you scare
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