Dragon Son In Law

Dragon Son In Law

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As the son in law of a rich family, everyone thinks that I am useless crap, However, I will prove myself to be a King of Dragon!

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Chapter 1
live-in son-in-law"Can't you make an effort for our life?" Ava Smith stared at Allen Peterson who was sitting opposite to her. She suddenly gets up to march towards the door then slams the door, the side of her eyes still have some tears!Allen saw her leaving he sighed because he also wants to work hard.But Allen agreed on ten years before the period is not completed, he cannot expose his identity!Recently, because of the pressure of competition, the business of Allied Pharmaceutical Company under Ava's name is not good. Seeing that she couldn’t do anything so, she stormed out of the room.Allen is a little afraid of Ava doing some kind of silly things. He picked up his coat and strode after her, only to find a black Mercedes parked in front of Ava, inside the car was a man!What's going on here? Allen's heart sank.As soon as the door opened, a man with some greasy sunglasses walked out from the car and saw Allen, took off his sunglasses and wiped them with a handkerchief. It seem
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Chapter 2
"You!" The man's expression is thoroughly flustered, it was obvious that Allen hit the spot."Is what he said true, or are you going to let me have exclusive representation?""I. I. “Looking at his dodging eyes, Ava's heart sank, like falling into a hole in the ice.“You, get out of here now!” Ava pointed her hand at the man's face and said, "Don't let me see you again!""I’ll remember you, boy." The man pointed his finger at Allen, seeing Ava again, he got into the car and slammed the door. He fiercely stepped on the accelerator to rush out!The car slowly faded on the streets, leaving only Allen and Ava who were quiet."Don't be sad, at least you learn your lesson" Allen saw her silent, thinking that she was blaming herself.“You again, why should you be again?” Ava suddenly stared at him and cried wildly. Two tears slipped out of her eyes.“You have destroyed me, and my last hope. My company is ruined, it's all ruined!'"I ruined you?" Allen looked at Ava’s crazy expression, suddenl
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Chapter 3
When Ava and Allen rushed to Smith's mansion, they saw that the yard was full of luxury cars. The other children in the family had arrived before them!Entering the villa hall, they saw many people, all of which are the direct descendants of the Smith family.Seeing Ava and Allen on the front door, countless eyes simultaneously cast on them, with contempt and disgust!"Ava, how can you come here just now?" A little rickets of the middle-aged, looking at Ava dissatisfied said, "Everyone else is here. Except you! ""Dad." Ava looked at the old man and explained, "We went somewhere. After hearing the news, we hurried to go here!""What kind of business is it?" A strange voice came from the side, a 30-year-old enchanting woman, while picking her slender nails, said, "Cousin's career heart is so strong! Looking for such a useless husband, do not fight for yourself! "This woman is Anna Wright, granddad's granddaughter, she has always been snobbish, and she also despised her family.Next to
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Chapter 4
Ava looked at her father. She never thought that her father would stand on the other side instead of hers.Anna who was in front is more than ever delighted, and her face was full of arrogance and high-level look!Allen was enraged, and he couldn't bear it. Ava is still his wife, he cannot let anyone humiliate her!He looked at Anna and said: "Why apologize, she needs evidence, the BioVista Pharmaceutical company near the intersection should be in a lot of monitoring, and it will be known by asking them.""You!” Anna was a little bit empty hearted, and turned her anger to Allen and said, "what identity do you have, how dare you become reckless here!""I am Ava's husband, grand dad's son-in-law!" Allen smiled: "what about you, in our home, what identity do you have?"Anna is granddad's granddaughter, and naturally does not have the surname, Smith.But she was boastful of being one of Smiths. She has never been questioned before. Today Allen suddenly raised this question. The scene sudd
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Chapter 5
"What is this about?" Allen thought about the truth behind the incident."Is Grandpa testing these generations to see if they are filial or not?" The idea flashed by but he rejected it.As leader of a group, and the family leader of a large family, I believe grandpa’s heart is like a mirror."What is his purpose then?"Finally, Allen did not make any redundant action, stood up and walked to Ava and said, "Ava, we’ve seen Grandpa let’s go to the living room and wait for Professor Walker to come."Before Ava was able to stand up, there was a sudden noise outside. It’s a noise of chaos, a man ran to the door and said in a loud voice, "Professor Walker is here!""Lewis Martin is already here.” Grandma quickly got up, talking while making her way to the door to meet the doctor."It's a bit of a mistake." Allen muttered in his heart: “Lewis Martin is just a small section chief of the drug administration. How did he get a person like Professor Walker here?”With a little doubt, Allen followe
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Chapter 6
The scene suddenly fell into a strange silence.During this awkward atmosphere, Allen pushed the crowd aside and walked behind Professor Scott to go into the room and closed the door tightly."Who is he?" Mr. Green looked at his cousin and asked in a low voice."He's a doctor in the hanging wire clinic, who can't be on the table." Professor Scott answered,His cousin whispered, "Maybe the miracle doctor only needs an assistant. Ignore him.""But according to the tone of their voice, they obviously know each other and their relationship seems to be good.""No way! It may seem that we really needed people, but why him?” Anna refused to believe that the miracle doctor knew a waste and agreed with him disdainfully.She closed the door and there are only three people left in the room.Professor Scott looked at Allen with a kind smile on his face.He took Allen's arm and told him with a smile, "Younger martial brother, it’s really you, isn’t it?""Long time no see, elder martial brother." He
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Chapter 7
Green left with Professor Scott with a blue face.Allen naturally understood that the old man was nothing ill at all. Professor Scott said that he was helping himself, then he could not waste some of his elder brother's good intentions.They saw them leave until they're not visible anymore and only the guards were present. The old lady said, "Now that is the case. Allen, you will take care of your grandfather."It was like an order, and he was not going to ask for his advice."Grandma, are you sure you want this trash to take care of Grandpa?" Anna didn't want to see him show up in front of her family.Allen sneered and looked at her and said, "If not me, then will you do it?""How dare you say that?""Well, since Professor Scott himself said it, let Allen take a look at it first!" Said the old lady.Anna and Lewis stood coldly on the side, and felt as uncomfortable as eating flies.Today, Allen was actually exposed and Ava also earned a reputation!"Lewis!" Anna pulled his husband's s
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Chapter 8
Before she knew it, the door of the room suddenly opened. She was startled, was is Allen?"Why did you come back? It's not time to take care of Grandpa."Allen saw her eyes red, obviously cried, "What happened to you?"Ava shook her head, "I'm okay. You haven't answered me yet.""Oh." Allen closed the door and said, "Grandpa is fine, I'll be back.""He has been fainting all day and night." Ava was a little anxious, "I know you have suffered a lot of grievances from the Smith's house, but grandpa has always been good to you. Now the whole family is in a mess. Only grandpa is righteous, Smith family still has a heart!"Allen saw her mood getting worse and worse, so he helped her calm down and guided her to her seat. He softly told her, "Don't worry, grandpa is not ill at all."Ava stared at him when she heard him said that, "What did you just say?"Allen repeated, "Grandpa is not sick. He is well."Ava was shocked, but she quickly responded, "Did he pretend because Green always wanted to
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Chapter 9
"If you don't speak, I'll take it like you agreed." Allen, laughing, took the bank card into his pocket, but he held Ava and refused to release it."You... You let go first." Ava's face is red.What's the matter with this guy? Earlier he was just acting so rouge."I so deeply confessed. Wife, aren’t you moved? Shouldn't I be rewarded?""Reward your face!"Ava shook off Allen's hand, and returned to their bedroom to close the door of the house tightly."I gave you the chance. It's your choice." Ava leaned on the door and suddenly shouted, "If I go bankrupt, you will wait to go on the street with me."Allen went out to buy vegetables, and suddenly his phone rang. “What happened to the appointment I asked you to look up, David?""I’m back, young master, Erick indeed had a contact with Miss Ava, but they only ate, and has not been too much of an act." Said David.Allen replied, "I know, I am not asking this, tell me the point.""Yes, Erick has secret cooperation with Lewis, and this time G
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Chapter 10
Ava’s heart was startled, "Come in!"A middle-aged man introduced himself with a smile, "Hello, Mr. Smith. I'm the business manager of Jansen Medical Inc. My family name is Danford.""Hello.” Ava said and shook hands with each other, then she invited him to sit down."Manager Danford, I didn’t know you are able to come at this time.”Manager Danford said with a smile, “Well, President Smith, Mr. Alberts personally ordered me to authorize you with the exclusive agency right of Jansen Medical Inc. This time I came here to sign the contract!""What did you say?"She excitedly stood up and couldn’t believe what she heard just now was true.Ava was aware that she was a bit impolite. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, "Manager Danford, what you just said, is it true? But I'm not familiar with Mr. Alberts from your company!"“I’m not sure about that. But since Mr. Alberts told me he would give the right of agency to President Smith, he should know you. "With that, Manager
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