10. Excuses, Excuses.

Ashton reached the office and took the elevator to the VIP floor. As he didn't saw Jules' car outside so he thought she didn't come today.

He decided to arrange her table meanwhile. As he was about to open the door, he overheard the conversations of two people.

One was the voice of Jules Bernand and she was talking to a female.

"No, grandma. The least I can do for you is to marry Conor," she said with a rage in her voice.

"But what's wrong with him? He's a nice guy." Jules argued in a despairing tone.

"Oh, yea? Ask me. He's not... He's a total playboy. Don't get me started because I know his biodata more than you do." the granddaughter argued back.

"Alright. If not Conor then it might be someone else. But kid, don't you think the topic of your marriage is closed." Jules said in a neutral yet sweet voice of her.

"Uh-huh.. not yet." Billina shook her head in disagreement.

"Alright.. grandma. Let's keep this argue for the next time. For n

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