Chapter Fifty-Two

“It’s going to be okay, sunflower.” Stolas whispered, their steps were loud in the quiet hallway as they rushed towards the clinic.

Opening the door, Candy stepped into the room. Her steps sure and swift as she led them past her mother’s small office to the set of rooms that had been setup for births. She looked back at Stolas as he sat Annie down in the birthing area. The dimly lit room dominated by the large birthing tub.

“Turn the water on as cold as it will go.” He said helping Annie pull her dress off as she looked up at him with glassy eyes and flushed skin. She pressed herself against him, grabbing him by the front of the shirt and pressing her lips to his.

Candy adjusted the taps above the large tub. She didn’t understand what was going on. She trusted Stolas. As the water started to fill the tub she pulled out her phone, scrolling through the contacts until she reached her mother.

“Who are you calling?” Stolas asked as he pulled away from Annie, guiding her to the water as he
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Damn??? is Abby feeling any of this?
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Hunter Cook
need more!!

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