Author: Lil White Fox
Chapter 1

Blood stained her stunned form, her face was filled with pure horror from what she had seen, leaving her feeling sick and deprived of air.

Just forcing herself to breathe hurt her lungs as they pressed against her chest, she remained frozen from seeing the form of her best friend lay on the remains of her parent’s glass table.

She never knew how it happened or why, all she could understand was that it did.

She trusted him and yet maybe it was the beer he brought talking, but he had come on to her.

They had known each other since secondary school and now they finally graduated to achieve what they truly wanted, finally able to enter college in order to achieve their own dreams.

Dreams not many people knew of nor cared to ask, but now.

Now it had to be postponed indefinitely and all because of this.

It was odd though, she never did think that it would happen.

Maybe a little strongly for her liking but she did trust him, he would never hurt her but that didn’t stop the voices in her head.

We told you he was dangerous” an eerie voice whispered in her ears.

And yet… you never listened” another eerie voice added sounding as if it was scolding her as no voice left her lips, breathless still as reality of what happened continued to haunt her mind.

Staring at the body with no face, nor was it recognizable due to the fact that it looked like it had been torn to shreds by something she knew nothing about.

To think that what was once her imaginary friends- the voices would cause such a scene.

Some voices even as she grew up had left her shivering thanks to how eerie they were as they spoke.

Some voices sounded sinister leaving her almost screaming in fear at times, but refrained from doing so thanks to where she was.

Occasionally one voice due to how close they were would rarely pass through her, leaving her unable to tell when to avoid one or know where it was coming from.

Their thin hair like touch always left her shivering as one she assumed had gone through her body or had at least touched her somehow.

At times they were cold and rough leaving her uncomfortable of being alone, however it didn’t matter if she was alone or not she could always hear them.

Due to how they were it would often leave her uncomfortable and deprived of sleep.

Who were they she didn’t know but what she did know was that everywhere she went, she was in danger leaving her worried about what would happen next.

For she had no one to help her deal with something she cannot see, only hear.

Things would happen and now something happened, something that left her more shaken and traumatised.

This time her friend had paid the price for her ignorance, or should she ever call him that after what happened.

How could he assume that she wanted to become more than mates?

It was too much even for her to take, she wanted to move.

Help him even, but she just remained shaking despite the fact the house was warm.

The girl was left feeling as if she was living a nightmare, hoping that she would wake up and see her parents sighing at her overactive imagination.

However instead of ‘waking up’ her mind went back to what she saw.

Blood followed by death filled her eyes, frozen in disbelief she watched him cry out in pain while his hands covered his bloodied face.

Shooting up from the beige sofa quickly, he wailed in pain until his legs collided with the glass table.

This caused his front side to land on to the glass table resulting in a loud heart wrenching smash.

A loud gasp ripped from her lips as she stared in horror, forcing herself to stand up on her shaky legs.

“…Harry?” she croaked weakly as she stared at his now frozen form, he wasn’t moving as the broken table remained completely in pieces.

Not one part of the table was intact but that was the last thing on her list of concerns.

Her friend was lying in a pool of his blood and was no longer moving nor was he making any sounds.

Harry… are you okay?” a panicked cry left her lips as she started to panic, her heart pounding harshly against her chest as tears formed in her eyes.

Please answer me, why won’t you move?” she asked as she tried to stop herself from crying, feeling torn and on the verge of breaking down.

“This… it has to be a prank right? Harry this isn’t funny you can get up now” she said with a shaky laugh as she stared at his motionless body, blood still continued to stain the carpet and table pieces leaving her worried about what people would say.

“Harry come on why aren’t you answering me?” she asked as she knelt down and shook him slightly, she soon felt something warm touch her right hand causing her to move her hand back and look.

Crimson red stained her now trembling hand, tears now unable to hold themselves stained her face as she wept loudly.

HARRY?!” Chloe screamed loudly as she moved her hands shakily towards him in order to shake him once more.

She stopped just near his back, instead she took a shaky step back and began to shake like a leaf.

Her tear stained eyes grew wide as nausea settled in as she covered her mouth.

We did tell you he was dangerous” an eerie voice had said once again causing her to shiver violently.

But why though? What made Harry so dangerous? Sure he picks fights but he’s behaving, he’s turning his life around so why?” The girl shivered and whimpered even more before the sounds of her house door opening finally entered her ears.

This caused Chloe to turn to the door, a broken sob left her trembling lips as she now saw the shocked faces of her parents.

“M-Mama! I-I don’t know what happened!” she cried weakly, her shaky voice forced to work.

Her parents who were frozen to the spot from seeing the body soon looked at her petrified face.

“Oh Chloe” The mother immediately rushed towards her and pulled her into a hug, that in turn left the girl breaking down as she hugged her mother tightly.

Not even her mother’s soothing tones could soothe her woes, how could it when her friend was now dead?

Bottles were on the sofa and floor leaving anyone who could see them with ideas that were no doubt unpleasant.

But it’s not like she attacked him, she would never attack him, he if he had been able to talk would no doubt vouch for that.

Especially since he would often call her a ‘frightened little mouse’ who wouldn’t lift a finger to hurt someone, even if the thought arose.

At times he would joke about it, but it was harmless and she would never hold it against him.

Only now… what could she say?

He was dead…

And it was her fault.

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