Chapter 741 The Mae Family’s Decision

With her murderous tone, Mandy shivered abruptly. She dared not go against Yvonne, so she opened her eyes obediently.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she met Yvonne's impassive eyes. "You..."

She was interrupted by Yvonne before she could finish speaking.

Yvonne raised her chin, "Do you know? My life was like a joke for the first half of my life, so I swore that I’d definitely live a wonderful and powerful life for the second half of my life. No one can ever bully me or hurt me, but you actually succeeded once. You've crossed the line, so I’ll never let you go."

While Yvonne said that, she tightened the strength in her hand again, squeezing Mandy so hard that she yelled loudly.

Yvonne smiled when she saw that and she said, "I gave you a chance and I wanted to let you go, but you didn't appreciate it. Instead, you tried to seek death again and again. So, let me satisfy you. Look at how you ended up now. Do you regret it?"

Mandy's tears flowed down, her eyes full of horror.

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