(Free Book): The Bad Boy's Crazy Crush
(Free Book): The Bad Boy's Crazy Crush
Author: Gift Odulesi

One: Truth or Dare

Bella Thompson

"You like that dude, don't you?" Freya Hunter, my very dumb and only best friend smirked, wriggling her eyebrows at me as she playfully nudged my shoulder.

"Who?" I glared down at her with a totally boring and uninterested look plastered on my face.

"That cute lil dude, Brad." She cooed, nudging my shoulder once more and I swear I was fucking going to break her bones if any part of her tiny body fucking had contact with my skin again.

Freya gestured for me to look down the hall at the… Oh my fucking what?! Brad?! Geez… that dude was damn hot.

Common Freya, what do you think I am, stupid? Uh… actually, I was stupid, pretty much stupid but how was there any friggin female in this world that didn't like Brad. When I mean 'like', I don't mean the 'hey, dude, good morning' kind of like. I meant the 'I'd die without you kinda like.

Brad; the 6 feet 3 inches tall brunette with sparkling chestnut eyes and his glowing sun-kissed skin that could make you drool over him for like forever.

As if to make me go more crazy than I already was, he started walking towards us as I could literally hear his light footsteps against the hard floors. You know that kind of walk that those hot models walk when they want to advertise how glorious they look? Yup, that one. His perfectly beautiful fingers stylishly raked his black curly hair and what seemed like a smile that didn't last up to a second maneuvered its way to his goddamn kissable lips as he stared and me.

That single stare of him at me made my legs go weak and my face flushed red as I felt my throat stifle to form a lump which I swallowed and it exploded into butterflies in my stomach.

Guess what, people? Heavens decided to count me amongst the lucky ones today and made Freya focus her attention to her stupid locker that she was trying to open since it happened to be broken. Else, she was going to tease the hell out of my insane life for my current reaction towards Brad.

"Hey, beautiful." Brad Grego smirked then stopped right in front of us.

Freya raised a confused eyebrow at him then pointed her index finger to her chest, "do you mean me? Coz that'll be damn of a hell of a mistake." She chuckled.

"Ew," Brad wrinkled his nose at her words. "I'll rather throw myself off a 65-storey building roof like I did to my neighbor's dog than call you beautiful. I was talking to Bell." His lips embraced a lop-sided smirk. Damn, I'd have laughed at his words if I wasn't too much in an explosive ecstasy right now. Not that Freya was ugly, she was exceptionally beautiful but guys were mostly attracted to me than her since her glare warned them that she was taken.

How the hell did he even know my name? Damn, he was fucking hot! How could anyone be this beautiful and perfect? That was something illegal, right? It needed to be stated in the laws of the country that a person this handsome needed a lifetime imprisonment.

"You threw a dog down a 65-storey building?" Yup, that was my Freya. She definitely asked the question I wanted to ask but I was for some shitty reason, shy to ask it.

"Duh," he rolled his eyes. "The dog never missed a chance to piss me off and it was so annoying how it made that fucking puppy dog face at me, tryna look cute." Brad scoffed.

"Man, you're crazy!" Freya exclaimed. Girl, you better watch your mouth when you're talking to Fred around me or I'll shove a spoon down your throat if you scared him away. I internally threatened.

"I know I am but I didn't plan on throwing him down the roof. I just wanted to scold it and tell it to stop being so bitchy but what!… It fell down the roof and died; a very successful suicide it did." He threw his arms up in the air in a defensive manner. Gosh, so damn cute.

"I hope it tortures you till you rot in hell." She frowned. Watch it there, bitch!

"It dare not. My gorgeous looks will scare it away for another suicide; a sequel to its suicide." He smirked. Wow, so much ego, uhn?

The bell rang, indicating that we had to sag ourselves to that boring thing called a class.


Party time! We were all gathered at the popular, little, stupid, rich brat, spoiled, rude Stacy Stern's eighteenth birthday party. What else could we do than dance our lives out and get ourselves drunk like the losers we all were.

Here we were, after a large population of the people that attended this party had left, forming a big circle and playing 'truth or dare'.

"Belle, truth or dare?" The blonde and totally unfamiliar guy asked me with a smirk etching on his facial features.

The circle was so large that I didn't even think it was going to get to my turn but here I was, not having my turn but being 'truth or dared' by some git who seemed like he was ready to murder me by whatever it was he was going to ask me.

"Dare." I scoffed, rolling my eyes then wore my own smirk to look all bold, you know.

The guy smirked once more then leaned forward in his seat, intertwining his fingers and resting his chin on his knuckles.

The crowd went silent, waiting for him to speak, "I dare you to kiss that guy over there, Brad Grego," he said proudly which earned "Oous" from the surrounding students and he high-fived and fist-bumped a few friends of his. Stupid much?

My gaze travelled to the hot Brad Grego sitting by the extreme corner of the room with his frowning face glued to his phone as he angrily drummed his fingers on its screen as if to murder the phone by it. Chill dude, it's just typing. I thought.

Fine!" I accepted his challenge which made the crowd cheer and clap like the idiots they totally were.

Imma bitch! I don't care! This asshole blonde didn't realise that he had helped me out; he gave me the best excuse to achieve what I had been long-awaiting to do but didn't know how to go about it.

Thankfully, Brad was lazily sprawled onto the floor, not having a chair underneath his butt so I bent down, going on my knees with my palms on the cold tiles which sent a chill to run along my spine.

I slowly crawled to him but he didn't notice my presence until I was only a few inches away from him.

"B–Belle?" He called, looking as confused as ever.

"Just shut the fuck up and give me those fucking lips of yours." I smirked then leaned closer to him, smacking my lips against his, not in the gentle way though. Well, I was probably going to move away to a new school by tomorrow because the way his eyes widened like a gawk, alerted me that I was going to be in deep trouble if I stared into those chestnut eyes again, after this. Save me, holy gorillas!

~ Gift Odulesi~

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