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I walked into my eyes carefully wondering what was happening but nothing seemed unusual except the cellphone on the dinning which I recognised to belong to Jerry.

Okay this is quite unusual, Hilda is not here watching movies as always or did she go out? How did Jerry get in then? 

I looked up the stairs and there was no sign of anyone, I decided to check Hilda in her room maybe she can explain all these.

As I walked up the stairs, I noticed something but fought my head for such thought, it just can't be.

I found a piece of clothing on the floor, a black shirt! No way! I haven't seen any man with mama of recent, I just kept praying I was wrong with my thinking.

"No, no way" I muttered to myself and quickened my pace, I have to get this settled. Opening the door to mama's room, I met the shock of my life!

"How dare you?" I yelled. They both jumped and started rushing to get dresses, I mean he could not have cheated on me with anyone but mama? What a douche.

"What do you mean? Can't I have a man in my house?" Mama asked in annoyance, she doesn't get this I guess.

"Of course you can but not a man your daughter's age who happens to be her boyfriend" I yelled, she looked confused, of course she couldn't have known.

"Daughter? God Tunica, I never knew she was your mother" That bastard just has to talk uhn? Defence? I shake my head in disbelief.

"Well, that just takes it all away right?" I asked him and he shakes his head ready to defend himself but I yelled at him.

"If you don't get out of here now, you will completely curse the day you were born" he ran out of the room, picking up his shirt on the way. 

Another heartbreak but why? Am I not worthy of love? I turned away not wanting to look mama in the face, if she weren't my mother I will have pulled her out by her hair. 

I got to the living room, Jerry was just leaving but Asher walked in, confused.

"Who was that?" He asked, confused.

Ok, I know it is crazy my best friend doesn't know my boyfriend but that is just it, I wait till everything is balanced before telling anyone anything and I was starting to think it was time. Foolish me!

"Mina and Mama's boyfriend" I replied with disgust, he looked even more confused. I thought he was busy though!

"You kid a lot Tunes, he could also be my mom's boyfriend" he joked, the fool doesn't even have a mom yet he said that? I gave no reaction and he realised I was serious.

"Really" he asked with his eyes wide but instead of replying I fell into the couch and cried.

"Why am I so unlucky with love Asher? They always break me!" I cried, he quickly came to hug me.

"Come on Tunes, whatevers happened to the 'I will never cry over a man' Tunica?" He asked.

I heard footsteps from the stairs, she just had to show her face uhn?

"Tunica darling" she called out, I broke free from Asher's grasp, she was really pushing her luck.

"Yes mother? Might I remind you of your age? What does a 39 years old woman have to do with a 24 years old man? Are men your age finished? I yelled but she stayed silent. 

"I said to get a man not to hire a jigolo! I wanted a father figure MOTHER! I grew up without a father and dont need some crazy guy in his mid twenties showing up here! Oh mother, I'm sorry I ruined your youth, I'm sorry you had to have me when you did but might I remind you that it's not my fault the 16 years old you could not close her legs!" I told her in tears and anger, must she be irresponsible to the very end?

"Well it's not your fault I had you at sixteen and it was not your fault that I could not bear to abort you, it was all my fault for keeping you and I do not regret it because you are my daughter and I love you so much!" She replied in tears. This was too much to handle, my mother was having an affair with my boyfriend!

I walked away, I could hear Asher call after me and mama crying but I just don't care anymore at this moment.

I got into the shower, took a quick bath and changed into a tee Asher had given me that reads "my best friend it trouble" and a bum short.

"Tunica" I heard Asher call hitting my door hard. I wanted to send him away but I could not, no matter how hard I try to hide it, he is still the best friend ever!

"My best friend is trouble" he read from my tee, if it were to be on another day we would have started bickering. I shook my head.

"My mother is" I said more like a whisper.

"She is not" he said quietly and came to lay beside me pulling me in his arms.

"She is too, she was the cause of Carrick cheating on me with Whitney. She wanted to TEST them and now Jerry!"  

" But she is your mother! Remember 'Ive got the best mom, shinning as ever, she got the best smile, young as eve......"

"Don't" I yelled at him, I'd always sing that to mama, she has always been more like a sister, I loved the closeness! I love her.

"I'm moving out, it's about time" I told Asher who was in utter shock! He looked at me like I have grown horns. Okay this is kinda awkward, Asher is not teasing me, he is not arguing, he has not been Asher.

"Oh mama's girl is moving out? You could stay and get married here you know?" Ok, Asher is back.


"I told you a million times to move out but you did not want to leave mummy" he said, really pissing me off.

"Get out!" I yelled at him.

"I'd call your boss that you love so much and tell him you are sick" he said caressing my hair 

"Thank you Asher, you are...."

"I am the best I know, now time to eat! Remember we are not crying over any man again" he said and I nodded like a baby.

"But I'm not hungry, tell me about your date" I said changing the topic.

"Disaster, the lady stinks" He said disgusted making me laugh.

"Not funny Tunes" He said but I was laughing real hard, at least mama won't have the gut to fight him this time. "But seriously you need to introduce her to your strawberry scent, tell her how you do it"

"I know you always love my scent" I teased. "It's your addiction"

"It's my addiction" we both said together and laughed, even though I was not really happy!


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