Chapter 22

Nerezza's Point of View

Reginald was in his office as always. His glasses rested on the tip of his nose. Brows scrunched in concentration. I had opened the door silently and watched him from the shadows. Bags lined the bottom of his eyes. Cast him ten years older than he was. The sight was heartbreaking.

I may have grown up hating anything authority but Reginald had changed my mind about it all. About him. I saw a side to the ferocious king that no one else did. Saw his more tame side. The heart that beat beneath that hard exterior. I knew the conflict with Reggie had taken a bite out of him. Left him feeling bare. Any father would feel that way after fighting with their son but this was a particularly sore spot.

Reggie had never kept it a secret that he wanted the throne more than he wanted his father around. Power-hungry and simple-minded, Reggie would do anything to gain his father's crown. Which hurt Reginald beyond comparison. The

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