Chapter 30


“This better be fucking good.” I growl as I walk into the council room still in my tux. I untuck my dress shirt and unbutton my top two buttons.

I roll up my sleeves as I sit down with a scowl.

“I take it things worked out?” Mateo grins.

“Yes, and it would’ve been even better if Owen waited about a half hour more.” I glare at him.

“Duty calls, Peter. Mate bonding can wait.” He says smugly.

“Says the unmated male.” I grit.

Darcy chuckles. “Ok. Ok. Let's get this going. All of our evenings were ruined by Owen. We can kick is ass after he tells us what this is about.”

Owen stands at the table. “Since Zander and Ricky aren’t here, I’ll be leading this mission.”

I roll my hand in front of me as I lean back in my chair. “Yes. Yes. Owen, we got that.”

He narrows his dark eyes at me. “Ok. South of Morgan is a human town called Augusta. In the town is a building that looks like some sort of headquarters. With the help of Mica, our flyers sent us this…” He hits a button on a laptop.

The video plays on the large monitor behind him. It shows men in red suits entering a building in groups.

“They also travel the city pretty freely.” He stops the video.

“Miranda?” I ask.

“No sign of her. She may be keeping herself separate for the sake of the council.” Owen informs.

“So what’s the plan?” Graham asks.

“Well, obviously we can’t attack a city filled with humans…” Owen leans in the table.

We all look at each other.

I cross my arms and rock in my chair. “We go fishing.”

“What?” Darcy looks at me.

“We go fishing. Set a trap. Lure a few of these guys out and trap them. Get them to tell us what we need to know. We just need the right bait.”

“Like what?” Owen arches a brow.

“They’re hunters right?” I lean forward with a smirk. “Lets give them something to hunt.”


After flying out to Falcon Ridge and driving the hour to Morgan, we’re standing in the woods between Morgan and Augusta.

“You sure you want to do this?” Mica stands with his arms crossed.

“Why not?” I ask.

“These hunters don’t play games. We’ve been fighting them for years and barely gain ground.” Mica says.

Mateo stands beside me. “We’re not taking them all on, just grabbing a couple and roughing them up a bit.”

“Which will piss them off. Look, these guys are professionals. Their hands are in everything. Just think if that’s what you want brought down on you.” Mica holds is hand out to us.

“We have no choice, Mica.” I say. “It’ll be simple catch and release.”

Darcy grabs Sam’s cheeks. “Be careful.” He looks into her eyes.

She smiles. “It’s humans, baby. Hardly a threat to me.”

“Even so. You make your mess and leave. Got it?” He tilts his head.

“Got it.” She gives him a kiss. She walks over to our circle. “Ok. I’m ready.” She smiles.

“Alright, so you smoke in, throw some magic around. Smash a few windows, shift and run like a bat out of hell to the woods.” I instruct. “Hopefully, word will get out and they’ll follow you here. Then we make our move.”

“Right.” Sam smiles. She stands and looks at us all. “Lets kick things up a notch.” She smokes out. We all wait.

Zane comes into our circle. “Here. Traffic cams.”

He holds the tablet out.

We see Sam throwing out magic at shops and patios. Humans are running and screaming. She walks down the middle of the street, lifting up parked cars and dropping them on other cars.

“Ooo…that may be a little excessive.” Darcy says.

Mica scowls. “You think?”

With the swipe of her hand she sends entire patios down the street in rolling piles.

“Ok. Call her back before she levels the place.” Mica growls.

“What’s that?” Darcy point in the top corner of the screen.

“It’s them.” Mica looks as his mouth goes small.

Sam is smoking in and out. The Hunters shoot crossbow bolt at her. She’s throwing her magic and dodging.

“Darcy. Call her back!” I say.

“I’m trying, she’s not listening.” He says in a panic.

“Damn it.” I say and turn back to the screen.

Sam throws out more magic and shifts. She runs off camera. Zane pushes more buttons and flips to another camera. We see Sam running. She trips and falls.

“SAM!” Darcy yells.

She gets up and hits the woods.

We prepare for her to show up.

She smokes in and falls to her knees, breathing heavily.

“BABY!...Oh God…Baby!...” Darcy runs to her and falls to his knees. She has a bolt through her shoulder.

“Ok. It’s Ok. You’re fine.” Darcy says, inspecting it.

Mica falls down beside her. “Can you smoke it out?” He asks.

Sam swallows and shakes her head. “No. It just comes with me.”

“Ok. I have to pull it out." Mica says. “Darcy." He nods.

Darcy holds onto her head. “It’s Ok. I got you. I love you so much.” He’s kissing her hair.

Mica places a hand on her shoulder and pulls the bolt out fast enough to be quick about it, but careful enough to not cause damage.

Sam screams and whines out her breaths.

Darcy holds on to her. “We’re going on a big trip after this. Would you like that?” He lifts her head and smiles.

She nods as tears fall from her eyes. Darcy kisses her.

Mica pulls off his shirt and tears it in two. He hands one to Darcy. “Pressure. She’ll heal.”

Darcy holds the shirt to the front of her shoulder and Mica puts pressure on the back.

“Get ready. They’ll be here soon.” I say.

We all stand and pull our weapons. Waiting for someone to show up.

We turn in circles around the woods. Analyzing every branch and trunk for any movement.

Hunter moves beside me. “Maybe they didn’t take the bait.” He whispers to me.

A sharp whistle came through the trees and Mateo goes down with a scream.

We turn and he’s growling at a bolt in his thigh.

“MATEO!” I drop to his side.

“I’m fine…argh…” He grinds and tilts his head back.

“No! We didn’t take your bait!”

A voice shouted from the trunks.

A big, African American man in a red suit comes out of the trees. His cross bow is on his shoulder. He steps out a bit and around fifty red suits come out behind him. All their crossbows trained on us. We had no idea they were even there or how long they were watching us.

He steps closer and takes off his black sunglasses. “But you took ours.” He ticks his head and grins a toothy grin.

We all look at each other and Mica is looking extremely pissed.

“Darcy…” Sam says weakly. “I can’t smoke.”

“What?” He looks at her.

She raises her shaking hand and her magic appears and fizzle out. She looks at him. “My powers are gone.”

I turn my head to the guy.

He lowers his cross bow and holds it to his chest in both hands. “Elijah Johnson and you’re coming with me.”

Mateo sits on his but and puts his hands on the back of his head.

I stand on my knees and do the same.

Hunter, Sawyer, Graham, Brody, Zane and Owen all fall putting their hands behind their heads.

Darcy holds Sam’s wounds as Mica stands. He walks to the front.

Elijah smirks. “Councilman.”

Mica stares him down. He assess the situation. Then he falls to his knees as well.

“Cuff em.” Elijah barks.

A few red suits jog to us with silver cuffs.

Elijah walks to us and squats. “Where’s the Zeta?”

“Not here.” I say through clenched teeth as my hands are grabbed and silver cuffs are slapped on. My eyes glow blue and fade as my wolf is suppressed.

“Does he know where you are?” He talks slow and moves his head slow around our eyes.

“Yes.” Owen grits.

Elijah stands. “Good. We'll be waiting for him.”

We’re pulled to our feet.

“Hey! Hey! GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF HER!!” Darcy fights.

Sam is cuffed and picked up bridal style. She groans, practically passing out. She’s not healing or getting any better.

“What did you do to her?” Mica growls.

Elijah walks up to his face. “We neutralized her. A gift from Miranda.” He smiles. “Get them out of here.”

“Get going.” I’m thumped in the back.

“Alright…fuck.” I scowl as I follow the Alphas out.

Mateo is held up and limping out. Gritting out his pain with every step.

“Be careful with her!” Darcy yells.

“Shut up!” A hunter hits him in the back with the but of his cross bow.

Darcy clenches and falls to his knees. The guys pick him up and push him.

“I’m going to shred you all to pieces.” He growls.

“Or I could shoot this bolt up your ass right now.” The hunter grabs his hair and pulls him back shoving the bolt in Darcy’s face.

“Darcy…” Owen looks back.

The hunter shoves him forward.

We’re led out of the woods to the town of Augusta. The Hunters surround us, their crossbows still pointed at us from the side as we walk up the main street. My eyes roll from one side to the other. Humans are cleaning up the damage and shooting looks of death as we walk by.

Sawyer leans to Owen. “What’s the plan, fearless leader?”

“Don’t die?” Owen response.

“That’s not much of a plan.” Sawyer furrows his brow at him then he’s hit in the shoulder by the hunter behind him.

We’re led to the back of a tall building, about fifteen floors, and through a set of open bay doors.

“How did you guys know we were coming?” I ask.

Elijah has his chin up. “We have our ways.” He says smugly.

“You have a snitch.” Zane scowls.

Elijah arches a brow and smirks.

We’re dragged through a set of double doors and through an office area. There’s red jackets everywhere.

Then we’re taken into a hallway which opens up to another administration area.

Elijah stops at a desk. “Table for…” He looks around at us. “9?”

“10.” Owen corrects.

Elijah smiles. “10."

The suit behind the counter nods and steps out. Leading Elijah and us down another hallway full of prison cells. He stops and two cells are opened. We’re split between the two. Mateo and Sam are left out as the doors close behind us.

“NoNoNoNo!!” Darcy runs into the bars. “Where you taking her?!” He growls.

“Unless you want her to die, back…the fuck…off…” Elijah stares him down.

Darcy backs off. His face full of concern and anger.

“Hands!” A hunter barks.

We turn with our backs to the bars. Collars are fit around our necks then the cuffs are removed.

I turn around and rub my wrists. “This is a prison.”

“Indeed.” Elijah replies.

“What are the charges?” I ask.

“Attempted murder.” Elijah steps close to the bars. “Of four billion humans.”

“What?! That’s bullshit!” Brody pushes on my back.

“It’ll never stick, Brody.” Owen says.

“Well, that all depends on you.” Elijah smiles. “Have a nice day.”

He turns and walks down the hall with his suits behind him. When the door closes we all turn and try not to freak out.

“I haven’t killed anyone that didn’t deserve it!” Brody growls.

“Brody, calm down. Ok. We don’t know the whole situation.” I put my hand up to him.

“Owen we need some leadership here.” Graham stands with his hands on his hips.

Owen shakes his head. “I got nothing. Until we find out what they want…”

“OK…” Mica interjects. “If this is a formal imprisonment, which is highly unlikely, they can only hold us for 72 hours according to the treaty. After that they have to hand us over to the shifters.”

“If its not?” Zane asked from the next cell. He’s leaning his hands on the crossbars.

“Then we’re fucked.” Mica says scratching his brow.

I hold my hands out. “Ok. Look. Zanders still out there. He has pull. The High Council can’t entertain this.”

“Excuse me. Did you forget?” Sawyer stands beside Zane. “They want him too.”

“Zanders not that stupid. Once he finds out we’re missing, he’ll get Falcon Ridge to get us out.” I say to him.

The door opens and we all go to the bars of our cell.

“Mateo.” I call out.

He’s being dragged by two suits. His head is hanging off his shoulders.

They walk past my cell. I see blood dripping from his head.

“What did you do to him?!” I yell.

One suit stops at the next cell and hits its cross bow off the bars. “Back up!” Darcy, Zane, Hunter and Sawyer back off.

They open the cell and throw Mateo in, closing the door behind him.

Mateo is groaning on the floor.

“Mateo?...Mateo…dude, you ok?” Sawyer asks checking him over.

“Do I look fucking OK?” Mateo holds his eyes.

We all stood at the bars of our cell.

“Mateo. What did they want?” Owen asks.

Hunter helps him to a sit. He wipes the blood from his face with shirt, then leans his head on his hand and his elbow on his knee. His thigh is bandaged.

“The other pieces.” He groans.

“How the fuck do they know about that?” Brody scowls.

Mateo shakes his head. “I don’t know man, but their going to ride all our asses to find out.”

Darcy squats in front of him. “Where’s Sam?”

Mateo raises his head to him. “I don’t know, brother. They took her to another area. I didn’t see where.”

“FUCK!” Darcy shoots up holding his hair in his hands.

“Hey, Darc. She’s fine, ok. They said they were going to make her better.” I walk with him along the bars as he paces, scrubbing a hand down his face.

He stops and points at me. “If they lay a finger on her, I’m tearing this fucking place apart.” He snarls. His eyes shooting flames as he stares at me.

“I’m sure they know she has nothing to do with us. Ok. Just keep it together.” I nod while looking back at him.

He sucks in his top lip and nods. Turning around, he sits on the cot and leans on his knees, holding his head.

“Mateo. Did they say why they wanted the pieces?” Owen asks.

“Not clearly. Something about the end of everything as we know it. Like it’s apocalyptic if we have them.” He wipes more blood from his nose.

Graham jumps in. “Wait. So if we help put Eternity away, the world’s going to end?”

“They can’t possibly know that.” I say crossing my arms.

Mateo gets to his feet. “They don’t just know it, they believe it.”

Sawyer steps in front of him and crosses his arms. “What did you tell them?”

“The truth. I don’t know where they are.” Mateo checks his nose and puts his hands on his hips.

“OK. So they can’t know who the warriors are or where the pieces are. Nobody says a damn thing. Agreed?” I look around the cells.

“Agreed.” Everyone confirms.

“Um…what if the world does end?” We turn and Brody has his hand up. “What if it’s true?”

I look around to all my friends. “I’d rather die with you than watch you die by Eternity’s hand.”

“Amen, brother.” Mateo says.

“Amen.” The rest of the guys nod.

The door down the hallway opens and we go to the bars.

Three suits walk to my cell. We back up.

“You.” The point to Brody as the open the cell.

“I swear. I don’t know anything.” He protests as they grab him.

“Leave him alone!”

“Fucking let go of him!”

“He doesn’t know anything!” I grab the suits arm and try to pull it off.

The other two suits aim their cross bows and the guys put their hands up.

Another suit hits me in between my shoulders and I go down on pain. “Back off!”

Brodys dragged out. “I don’t know anything! Guys, tell them!”

“Brody, it’s fine! It’ll be ok!” Owen yells from the bars. He turns around. “Fuck me.” He rubs his forehead.

I shake my head, wincing and rubbing my shoulders. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

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