Yang Eun Bi

"Mother I am not having this conversation with you!!" Eun Bi walked out of the kitchen in anger.

"Where can i find peace mother peace!!?"

she yelled once more making her way to her room up stairs.

"Stop right there young lady, you don't walk out on your mother" she said pissed off at what she just did

"My mother needs to start behaving like what she truly is, my mother" she said with tears in her eyes.

She was an emotionally weak person, she broke at any little thing that caused her pain, which was why she didn't see herself married to a total stranger for any reason at all.

Her father wasn't the best person either, everyday she was reminded that she didn't belong to the family, no matter how much her mother had tried to convince herself that she did.

The reason was what she couldn't phantom.

"This is for the best, it's what your father wants and you know that what Yang Tae Hyun wants Yang Tae Hyun gets"

Her mother said convincingly but obviously the young lady blinded by love couldn't care less about what Yang Tae Hyun wanted.

"Mother I just can't, I really can't" she said as tears flowed down the side of her eyes, she only did that when she felt defeated and the fact that her father had insisted on it for days had given her the idea that even if she didn't want it, it would be shoved down her throat.

"Your father insists, and darling look at it this way, your father would never do anything to hurt you, he is going to give you the very best, if Park Man Shik wasn't a good man, he wouldn't have insisted on this marriage" she said as if what she had just said would make any difference to her.

"Good for him mother but not for me, has anyone ever bothered to ask how I feel or what I want, it has alway been one person insisting on how I should or shouldn't live my life, my life

.. mine!!!"

"What is all this ruckus I hear going on" that was the thick voice of Yang Tae Hyun resounding from the stairwell.

Eun bi was just at the edge of the stairwell when she heard her fathers voice, she immediately wiped her face and adjusted her facial expression trying to put up a smile.

In the face of the devil the best thing you could do was smile, sometimes she wondered how she ended up with this kind of father, who couldn't care less about whether she lived or die.

"Oh honey, you're awake" she said with a bright smile making eye contact with Eun bi telling her to look for something to do.

"Yes I am, I heard some noise on my way down here, is anything the problem?"

"Problem? Not at all father, we are completely fine" she said staring daggers at her mother.

There was only so much Yang Ae Cha could do, her daughter wasn't willing to understand that in the real world especially with elite families marriage of convenience was predominant.

The last thing Eun bi wanted to do was understand, to her, there was nothing to understand.

She walked angrily up the stairwell to her room, there was no justification to ruining her life,

if this was how they wanted her to live they shouldn't have bothered bringing her into the world in the first place.

The mansion of the Yang's was one of the best in the country, not as beautiful as the Park's but still rated top 10 most beautiful mansions in korea

Each corner of the wall was beautifully carved, and the designs were made carefully. With the combination of lemon and spotless white paint, it was looking like a palace from the fairyland. Greeneries around the mansion was adding more beauty to it, it was a classical home, the art painting hung on the wall of the mansion was exquisite, Tae Hyun often paraded himself proudly in the light of those painting, it wouldn't be wrong to assume hat he had spent all his investment on making his house beautiful just to wow his guests.

Eun Bi's room was nothing short of beautiful, she had always liked bright colors, her walls were made of pink, mixed with sky blue that gave the room a fairytale look, her wardrobe was lined with shoes and clothes made by various designers, she had a lot of shoes that she could wear twice once in one year, every occasion had an outfit, and speaking of a proper princess it was Eun bi despite having all that, the last thing she was was happy.

No one has the right to tell me how to live my life, I could deal with a career choice I don't want obviously, but what I can't deal with is someone else Making such an important decision for me.

"Have you seen the news?" Tae Hyun asked with a bit of excitement i the his voice.

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