A Game Of Deceit with the Billionaire

A Game Of Deceit with the Billionaire

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Completed
Language: English
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This is the tale of how the sexist remark, "Men are scum," was delivered to me on a scalding plate! Guess what? It all started with a birthday surprise party for my boss's fiance, but I was slapped with horror when I saw my boyfriend of two years being kissed by my boss with an engagement ring around both their fingers. Turned out I had been the side chick for two bloody years! Funny enough, I wasn't served a heart break alone, my boss had also been toying with the emotions of Cole McPherson, and together we swore to take revenge. Would I still scream, "Men are slime!" at the conclusion, or will my beliefs alter in the process of seeking revenge alongside Cole?

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155 Chapters
The early morning breeze skimmed across my flushed cheeks and my heart fluttered in anticipation as I held the gift box in my hands. I stealthily made it into the palatial compound and my eyes filtered past the shrubs, standing tall on each side of the pathway that led to a giant entrance door.From the corner of my eyes, I sighted my boss sneaking out of what I assumed to be their backyard. I turned to face her with a warm smile that graced my lips and she waved, looking like a doll in her Mickey mouse pajamas.She glanced over her shoulders and back at me, causing her brown hair to whip her in the face as she scanned the massive compound again to ensure nobody was present. "Hello!" She whisper-yelled and crinkles highlighted the sides of her blue eyes. "He's still asleep, what about the saxophonist?""They're outside, I wanted to come in first to make sure it's safe," I whispered back, feeling giddy. "Get them in." She collected the gift box from me and I rushed back to the gate
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The walls of my throat burned and I forced saliva down my throat. My chest constricted, squeezing my heart as I watched the duo make a mockery of me and Cole that they had tagged as poppy love. Tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to burn a path down my cheeks. How could Sheldon?My colleague let go of my waist and gripped my shoulder, asking, "Are you okay?" "Yes," I managed to say, unable to take my gaze off the couple who had an uncanny resemblance. "I thought you were different," Cole said with a brittle voice and I noticed the veins that appeared on his forehead. "I loved you with the whole of me, Lola.""Oh, please. Stop lying to yourself, Cole." Lola rolled her eyes and encircled her arms around the neck of Sheldon. I shut my eyes, taking in shaky breaths as I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart. "This is the only man I love."I opened my eyes and caught sight of the two sharing a kiss. My jaw ticked. Cole walked out of the house, but I was unable to move because shock
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"What do you mean?" I asked, sizing him up with utmost disgust as he stood before me, clad in a pair of jeans and a white polo T-shirt. "Mama," he began, darting out his tongue to wet his bottom lip. "The thing is I'm not in love with Lola."My eyes narrowed into crinkled slits as I drilled holes into his forehead with my molten gaze; bile rose in my throat. "B," his gruff voice tickled my ears and ran a cold phantom finger down my spine. "You're the one I'm in love with."The volcano in me erupted and waves of anger wracked through my body. Acting on impulse, I raised my hand in the air and let it fall, striking him in the face with all my might. "How dare you show up your ugly face to feed me with lies?" I snarled. The force of the slap tilted his head down and he shut his eyes, tightening his dental bone."Babe, give me a chance to explain." He locked gazes with me once again and I couldn't deny that he was pleasant to look at with his white skin deepening to red on his cheek f
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The distant sound of a clock ticking, steady and precise drew closer until it roused me from my sleep but my eyes were still latched. My duvet seemed warmer than usual and my air-conditioning flattered my face with its cold licks.Smiling, my eyes fluttered open and I parted my lips to yawn, stretching my hands over my head. My smile disappeared when I felt a bastard headache making its way up my head. Blinking a few times, my vision was still hazy so I turned to the other side of the bed and got the biggest shock of my life when I made the shape of an even bigger human lying beside me with his back turned against me. What the actual heck?! I swiftly cleaned my eyes with the back of my palms and widened them only for my heart to skip at the reality beside me. "Oh, no," whispered me, gripping the sides of the blanket and pushing it up to glance at my body. My muscles tensed, why was I naked? I dropped the covers, scanning the room only to notice it wasn't mine. The walls matched
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His head was bent and his eyes were glued to the screen of his phone. He looked even more handsome than I remember and he seemed to have gotten a fresh haircut. The sides of his hair were lowered and his beard connected from the side of his head to his mustache, looking like they were securing his face in a box. My stomach tied itself into knots, and I gulped. "Alright, I'll take it from here." He dismissed the secretary with a wave and she left. My fidgeting hands pressed themselves against my thighs in a bid to dry off the sweat that made them clammy. "Your name is..." He trailed off, dropping his phone on the desk and raising his head to meet my gaze. "Vanessa," I answered, not missing the glint of shock that flashed in his eyes when he beheld my face. "You..." He drawled, knitting his eyebrows into a quizzical frown. "Sit."My legs shook internally as I maneuvered my way around the chair opposite him and sat, chewing onto my bottom lip with heat spreading up my neck and devo
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Butterfly!" A childish squeal filled the mall, and it gained the attention of the fellow shoppers. I rubbernecked over my shoulder and glanced down to take in the beautiful sight of grey orbs, sparkling with excitement. "Hey..." A sweet smile graced my cherry lips as I recognized who she was, and she grinned, showing off her white canines. "It's you again."She manoeuvred her way to my front with her hands still gripping my thighs tight in a warm embrace. I placed a hand on her head and ruffled her pigtails. "Yes, me again!" She let out a shout of glee and a blush spread up her neck, staining her white cheeks. She released my thighs and reached her hands up, wiggling her fingers and gesturing for me to pick her up. I glanced around, looking for the father of the little child who had grown accustomed to me after meeting me just once. I heaved her off the floor and popped out my hip to balance her on it."Her daughter is so cute!" A teenager gushed to her friends from behind me, an
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I took one glance at the mirror to make sure I was good to go. I had on white office pants which hugged my thighs, making my hip dips even more pronounced than they used to be. A black Zara top was perched on my upper body and my hair was allowed to cascade down my back in curls. Grabbing my handbag and a small grocery bag which I had folded Cole's sweat pants and shirt, I dashed out of the house and left the locking of the door to Shelly. She had woken up with a fever this morning and she had phoned Lola to give her the day off. "Trenton's Inc!" I yelled to the moving cab and it stopped, reversing to where I was. "Where did you say, babito?" He adjusted his Gatsby hat on his head as he bared his gum at me. "Trenton's inc." "Get in." He gestured and I did that, hoping I'd reach there on time. I glanced at my wristwatch and it was seven-thirty! It was going to be my first day at work and I was already late. I drummed my fingers on my bag, occasionally glancing out the window, loo
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We arrived at the place and for the first time since the ride, I could breathe well. Cole's actions were doing numerous things to my body and everything he did came off as sexual to me, especially the way he gripped the gear and pushed it. "Shall we?" He sounded from behind me and walked past me. I followed suit, scanning the evergreen area. New York was beautiful, no doubt and the sun was setting, staining the sky with an orange color. "From Trenton's Inc, Coltran McPherson, and Vanessa Carter," Cole stated to a man who was behind a desk. The man who was on his journey to going bald wore a single magnifying glass which had a silver chain hanging from the side. He flipped open a huge book and traced his finger down the list of names. "Ah, here your names are." He pointed, meeting Cole's gaze. "Table one." We proceeded into the hall and the twin doors were held open by two men dressed in tuxedos. We were welcomed by the soft jazz playing in the background and the spinning of head
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I pulled up short when I got out of the building. I rested my palms on my knees to catch my breath as my vision became clear. My hand went up my chest to steady my uneven breathing, the man beside Sheldon and Mr. Arnold had been smoking a tobacco as fat as two of my fingers fused together, and I was very sensitive to smell. I stood, straightening my back and hoping my actions spiked Arnold's doubt for Sheldon. My plan was to get Lola's dad to not sign Sheldon's contract, but I disgraced myself instead. He was going to pay for calling me puppy love."Vanessa." A familiar voice seethed, tugging onto the strings of my attention. "What was that stunt you pulled in there?" Sheldon walked to me and pulled up short when he was a few inches away from my body."What stunt?" I asked, playing dumb.Sheldon knitted his eyebrows into a frown and glared at me. "What. Was. The. Meaning. Of. What. You. Did?" "I'm sorry, I thought you weren't aware of who I am, so why are you speaking to me?" I fir
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Cole's povDuring dinner with Vanessa, I couldn't get over the fact that she kissed a man who dumped her like she didn't even matter just for revenge.I didn't know why, but it felt like my heart was on fire because I had sighted them from afar but had chosen not to make a big deal out of it. However, the hurt resurfaced now.I had been away from Vanessa during the night, and not for once did that stop me from glancing at her even while I was chatting with other businessmen.She was an epitome of beauty in her royal blue knee-length dress, and her midnight hair swayed almost close to her ass as she discussed with Sheldon."Sir, are you alright?" Vanessa pulled me out of my trance; her hazel eyes gazing at her with smiles embedded on her lips."You're frowning." She became concerned, and I rolled my eyes inwardly. "Why was she pretending like she cared if she could kiss another man?" I held tightly onto the cutleries, and veins popped out on my hands."Sir, sir?!" Her words echoed in
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