Chapter 1170 She Is A Vixen

Jiang Sese had been in the hospital for a few days now and her wound had recovered well. The doctors allowed her to return home to rest.

“Sese, when you go back, call for the maids if you need anything. Don’t do it yourself, okay?” Madam Jin told her as she packed up.

Jiang Sese laughed helplessly. “Mom, don’t worry about it. I’m not a child.”

“In my eyes, you’re still a child. Fengchen, Fengyao, and Wanwan are all children.” Madam Jin gave her a bad tempered look.

Jiang Sese smiled helplessly and did not say more. Her heart felt very warm.

Because she still needed to look after Song Qingwan, Madam Jin did not go home with Jiang Sese, and instead let Gu Nian send her home.

“When Wanwan goes to the confinement center, I’ll go home.” Madam Jin patted Jiang Sese’s hand.

Luckily, Wanwan was to go to the confinement center tomorrow; if she was not going, she did not know if she could take good care of Sese. Something could happen.

“Mom, we have the maid at home to take care
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